I am a member of a search committee and am looking for the names and profiles of candidates graduating Calvin Seminary this year that are going to be eligible for call. Is this posted somewhere?

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Like so many people who have disabilities, Melissa Blake writes that people often sell her short. She is concerned that this marginalization will grow worse under the new president’s leadership.

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When did the Sabbath day start? Was it on the 7th day of the creation week? At Mount Sinai? Time of Abraham?

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Come join the fun at Inspire 2017! Coffee Break small group leaders will learn alongside church planters and Story Hour leaders alongside campus ministry leaders. Imagine the conversations!

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Do you have a favorite Bible app? Willing to share? I'm looking to purchase a study version that would also supply historically accurate maps, as well as cross-reference information. 

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This free resource on The Lord's Supper gives instructions for worship stations that connect people with each part of the prayer. You'll also find links to songs, ways to include younger children, and more.

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Westend CRC in NW Grand Rapids is looking to hire a new pastor. 

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I had the opportunity to take my youngest grandson, Connor, to and from Story Hour. Connor talked fondly of what his teachers told him and developed a “matter of fact attitude” about God. It is a blessing!

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"When I have the opportunity to be in a room with a diverse group of people, hosted by the CRC, and hear courageous conversations about race, I am hopeful." 

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Anja Noordam has been involved in Coffee Break and Story Hour for 27 years; that’s a lot of experience! Here are a few things she has learned about crafts, clean-up, and making Bible stories stick. 

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My parents always saw my sister and I as integral parts of their ministry, knowing that we had valuable contributions to make. And yet they did not force us to get involved; they extended an invitation. 

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As people who seek to follow Jesus, we cannot ignore the racial realities in our relationships and communities. We want easy answers and quick fixes but that's not how God intends for us to live. 

February 14, 2017 3 12 comments

To stand in solidarity with refugees and immigrants is not to politicize the church. It is to fulfill the exhortation of Christ in Matthew 25:45, “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do it for me.”

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Christianity Today recently published an article identifying the top 5 church design trends to look for in the year ahead. I'd love to know, have you seen these trends at your church?

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The free stand-alone Discover Your Bible lessons are offered in a PDF format that can be printed in the familiar booklet format, notebook size, or in large print.

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I think we should work harder at advocating a decent standard of living for people living with disabilities. Living in poverty places undue burdens on already vulnerable souls. 

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I am a retired pastor in the CRC that is willing to come to your church for a few months if there is a need. 

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As Reformed Christians, we can view “Canada 150” as a celebration of Canada as a nation, but we should do more than this. Let's take this opportunity to ask, "How can we live out our faith in new and exciting ways?"

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Looking for a book to study in your small group or book club? Buying books for your church library or for yourself? Check out Waking Up White. It’s readable. It’s challenging. And it's important.

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The day 5-year-old Axel brought his plastic blue guitar to church, he found a place between the drummer and guitarist, and began to play. No one laughed or made a fuss. Axel knows his gifts are valued. 

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When we are confronted with an allegation of abuse, there are always two paths we can take, two stories we can choose from. And one story will always be easier to believe.

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