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David VanDerWieleYouth Leader - Goshen, IN

Greene Road Church of Goshen, IN is looking for someone whose heart beats passionately for Jesus and who loves young people. 

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Ann Ballard has found healing after experiencing abuse as an adolescent. Her abuser took advantage of the fact that she has night blindness and cannot hear without her hearing aids.

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IN: Elders, IN: Pastors

Our church leaders are wanting to listen better to the needs of our people in the church community specifically focusing on spiritual growth.

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This letter was sent by friends to the elders of their congregation on behalf of a friend and fellow member who has Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

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The “Cosby effect” is a sober reminder to churches to do whatever possible in their power to make it very clear to their congregations that they desire abuse to be reported.

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The Coffee Break group in Platte, SD has been using the new printable version of Discover Your Bible in creative ways to meet special needs or the preferences of group members.  

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Have you ever had trouble finding leaders for your Story Hour/Little Lambs Ministry?  Perhaps you could consider your pastor! 

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In 2006-2010, Community CRC, Kitchener, Ontario embarked upon a visioning process during which we adopted a new vision: Growing our relationships with God, each other, and our community.

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If you have been called out by your congregation to plan the Sunday service, you know that, sooner than later, you must decide on a skeleton or order for the liturgy.

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Christian Reformed Home Missions (CRHM), an agency of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA), has a full time (40 hrs/wk) opening for a Catalyst Leader: Starting & Strengthening Churches. 

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What’s going on here? Surely marketing and sales, yet something else is afoot.

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Growing up in a Christian Reformed Church, I can’t say that I was very aware of the season of Lent. 

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More than ever, nurseries are required to meet high standards of safety, cleanliness, and visual appeal. How does your church ensure that the nursery is properly staff and up to standards? 

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More people with disabilities experience physical, sexual, and emotional abuse than the general population. We hope that this issue will help readers begin to understand the experience of abuse and to respond appropriately.

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Silver Spring Coffee Break, in Maryland, recently introduced the Coffee Break Bible discovery method and materials to a Bible study group in a local apartment complex.

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Here are some of the financial administrative responsibilities connected with managing an overseas ministry that your church should consider (based on experience with my own church).

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There was a festival and it appears that His disciples were downtown Jerusalem. But Jesus took it upon himself to make this sick-call.

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Here are two articles that I especially appreciated and think that all CRC deacons would benefit from reading.

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Willoughby Church, located in Langley, British Columbia, is searching for our next Youth Pastor to serve the Youth of our community.

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We'll be posting a series of blogs on Coffee Break Ministry innovations. These groups have made small changes to the core practices to connect with more people. What are your innovative ideas?


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IN: Elders

The National Gathering is being held for the purpose of setting direction for the Christian Reformed Church in Canada.

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