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Let’s move forward in leadership this summer. Check out these two leadership exercises to stretch and strengthen leadership skills.

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Coffee Break will be moving to a new home! No address change needed as the new move partners us with Timothy Leadership Training Institute (TLTI) and Educational Care (EC) to support global leaders. 

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I watch my students spend huge amounts of time scrolling through Instagram, Snapchat, FB, Twitter, and texts. Where does all of that information go? How do we help our students navigate the changing world of social media?   

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The 'Work and Worship' webinar, with Cory Willson, is now available to watch and share. Pass it along to your worship teams, pastors, and any others who want to bridge the gap between Sunday worship and Monday work. 

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So what can we do about the violence in our neighborhoods? How do we avoid either minimizing it with easy answers or throwing up our hands because it overwhelms us?

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Pray that the Coffee Break trainers and leaders in Australia would be encouraged as they continue their ministry, and that their excitement for evangelism would grow as they lead their groups in studying the Bible and stepping into deeper relationships with our Lord.

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Maranatha CRC in Belleville, Ontario is seeking a senior pastor to lead a full/part time staff of seven and approximately 700 or more people who consider Maranatha their home.

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IN: Prayer

How often do we admit that we’re poor and needy? I'm not talking about finances or creating drama. This kind of poor and needy is a spiritual state, one in which we are completely sapped dry spiritually.

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This Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the Office of Race Relations is highlighting members of these communities who are part of the CRC. First up: Shiao Chong, editor of The Banner!

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I think the church is the perfect place to reclaim Mothers Day. To put down our wallets for the day and instead spend some effort making the world a bit more habitable for those who will come after us. What’s more mom-like than that?

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I wasn't recently asked to perform a wedding by a widow in the congregation I serve. She was advised by her attorney to enter a covenant marriage agreement (for financial reasons). Anyone have wisdom on this? 

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Death brings things into perspective. The things you whine about and worry about don’t seem that big when you need a new kidney to live another day. The color of the carpet doesn't matter. 

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Jamestown CRC in Hudsonville, MI, is seeking a full time pastor. 

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On a leave of absence from my ministry position, I committed myself to face — with “ruthless honesty” — the spiritual questions I had been unwilling and/or unable to face when I was preaching and leading a church.

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Focusing our ministry attention on young adults has been a popular topic of conversation recently. But as someone who has been engaged in ministry with children for over 30 years, I’m concerned that we’re skipping over a generation.

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The Christian Reformed Campus Ministry at Dalhousie University, a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church, invites applications for a part-time (0.5) Campus Chaplain to develop a vibrant campus ministry.

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North Hills Christian Reformed Church of Troy, MI, seeks a full-time Director of Youth and Education to oversee our growing youth programs and to facilitate educational programming for K-college.

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Chaplaincy and Care will celebrate 75 years at their annual conference 'Pioneers, Past and Present' on June 8-10. Watch some of our chaplains describe, in their own words, what Chaplaincy is to them. . .

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It doesn’t seem right when one of our churches can’t afford to fully use what is, essentially, their curriculum

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I am taking a doctrine and theology class and some of the teachings are raising questions in my reformed faith. I'm wondering, at what do point do we receive the Holy Spirit and what is the primary purpose of the Spirit?

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At the May meeting of the new mission agency board, the name 'Resonate Global Mission' was approved by the agency board and endorsed by the CRCNA Board of Trustees.

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