When we consider the words of James 3:17, the question that each Christian must ask is no longer “Where is God in the US presidential election?” but “Where is God in my life as I participate in the US election?”

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Sometimes the work of Safe Church Ministry is heartbreaking. But I'm so thankful for my elders, for those who have come before me, giving me courage to continue the journey. Who are your elders? 

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No matter what we experience, no matter how bad or pitiable or shocking, it seems to me that believers always know that God himself stands somehow between us and sheer, unbearable horror.

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IN: Synod

As a first-time delegate, I felt the expected mixture of anticipatory wonderment of what it would be like to be involved in the work of the Spirit in guiding our church, as well as the trepidation of coming frustrations. 

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If the Blanket Exercise is about getting your feet wet, the Living the 8th Fire curriculum is about diving deeper.

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By now we’re starting to adapt to the rhythm of life in Nicaragua and I think I speak for several of us when I say that the days seem to be slipping through our fingers and we want to stay longer.  

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Instead of dire predictions of storms and divisions, let’s put our heads together and talk, form relationships, and learn how to love one another, as God in Christ has loved us.

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Carlos and Sharla Martinez (Directors of FIT) explained to us the adoption process, what the families involved go through, and what their role is in supporting families as they welcome new children into their lives.

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East Hill Community CRC in Vernon, BC is seeking a halftime youth director.

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I’ve got to think that the hours spent with those two guys last night, engaging God in what they are most passionate about, on their turf, may have a more lasting impact than years of Sunday services. 

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Today’s agenda was dominated by three events: a presentation by Alcides (Paola’s dad), a stunning trip to Volcan Masaya, and a trip to the University of Nicaragua.

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Mondays are a bore. But this was not the case at all today! I'm still reflecting on our visit to Tesoros de Dios (a school for children with Disabilities), House of Hope, and a fair wage coffee company. 

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IN: Synod, IN: Worship

Did you catch worship during Synod 2016? It was a Spirit-led time! And good news, the outlines for these morning worship services are now available to use in your own worship planning. 

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Just after the trial ended last Friday, a reporter commented with surprise on Sharlene’s “gratitude in light of all that she had been through.” But I'm not surprised. As Christians, we know the story is not over.  

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I think I want black and white answers to the questions that can plague me. But as I get older, as I do ministry and hear stories from God’s children around this world, I have a different perspective. 

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A recent article published in USA Today looks at how Pixar's latest film "Finding Dory" is making some pretty big waves in the world of disability awareness. Have you seen it?  

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Before we came to Nicaragua, we prayed that God would reveal Himself and the work He was doing there. I think I can speak for the group when I say that God exceeded our expectations. 

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We are currently looking for a church start pastor to lead a new church in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. 

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I don’t think that any of us knew that the moment we stepped outside the airport in Nicaragua, we would fall in love. And I’m not talking about falling in love with another person, or even the country of Nicaragua. 

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Covenant CRC in Cutlerville, Michigan, is seeking candidates for Youth Discipleship Director for the middle school and high school areas.

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Recently I had a conversation with someone who, upon hearing me describe all the work that goes into creating pedagogically, theologically sound children’s ministry curriculum said, “I had no idea. You should tell people that!” And so I am.

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