New IN: Disability Concerns, New IN: Theology

If a person or group of people is pushed to the side by prejudice or ignorance or pity, that pushing harms not only those who are cut off but also those who do the pushing.

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Many churches hold commissioning services in September as a way to acknowledge, bless, and celebrate those in leadership roles within various church programs. What about the rest?

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We talk about what to sing, how loud the drums should be, how fast the organist plays, and more. But what about conversations around the deep meaning and purpose of worship?

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Young and old enjoyed the freedom to sit, to stand, to kneel at the altar, to dance, wave flags, or to stay in the pew. And then a holy moment broke out...

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Our church is beginning the transition to implementing background checks. We are running into several snags and would love the input and experience of others.

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The new Coffee Break website has a "Find a Coffee Break" search tool. Check to see if YOUR Coffee Break is on the list. If you can't find it, add it today!

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Frodo commits to the task saying, “I will take the ring to Mordor. Though, I do not know the way.” Is this a good parallel to profession of faith? 

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I just finished what has got to be the best book on leadership I have read yet. Instead of a list of strategies, it was about how our relationship with God strengthens our own soul for leadership.

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IN: Classis, IN: Synod

In response to the news that choosing by lot had been part of the selection process, someone commented that it was good to see us trusting the Spirit just a little. What do you think?

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I received one very memorable care package as a student at Dordt College. It was my first year living off campus and my mom thoughtfully sent a package. But first, customs got ahold of it...

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Right at this moment, four people are using the 'Church Finder' on And what churches are they looking for? Yours.

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When life hits us with painful trials, our hearts plead that God tell us why. The Bible teaches there are many reasons God allows suffering. But, like Job, the person suffering might not know why...

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The Children at the Table Toolkit is now available from Faith Formation Ministries. The online toolkits, designed to fit YOUR ministry context, offer a wide variety of resources, stories, ideas, and more.

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Albert Einstein echoed what the Bible had said ages before. Romans 8:18-27, speaks of “our present sufferings." Believers, too, know hardships and fear. Yet, Romans 8 also has good news... 

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And so as she preached God’s words from Deuteronomy 6 instructing parents, families, and the faith community to pass on the words and stories of God, the children were also present.

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Bellevue CRC is seeking a half time Youth Ministries Coordinator responsible for overseeing the activities and events of the youth from grades 6-12. 

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The publicness of the Duggars' lives has created space for a wider conversation about abuse. What will it take to move the church to speak more openly and courageously about abuse?

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I've been involved in children's worship for many years and I have a struggle every season: What songs do we teach these children? Do we teach them what is current? What is catchy?

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An article in the Banner made me more aware of copyright permission and so I'm trying to do it right. Do I need to buy a copyright license (between $200 and $400) to project only 2 or 3 songs?

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Free Baptismal Font available to any church in Canada or the US. 

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Fall is almost upon us, but fear not! These new resources can help you prepare your church and home for the end-of-summer scramble.

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