There are many ways to talk with kids about faith. One unique resource is God’s Big Story Cards—a boxed set of cards that encourage families to wonder, pray, praise, share, and respond to God’s Word. 

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Content marketing is a perfect fit for churches. It’s true. It might sound like another generic business term to you, but it’s at the core of what you’re already doing.

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The National Gathering will bring together local ministry leaders for a time of inspiration, reflection on what God is doing in Canada and what God wants us to do next. 

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When I first served as a deacon, a book that encouraged my growth was the CRC's Deacons and Evangelism. This book made me realize that mercy and sharing the gospel are inseparable. 

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Fellow church members can make a critical, positive difference in the lives of stroke survivors and their loved ones when they make the effort to welcome and accept them.

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Has your church has found any creative or practical ways to minister and show love to those who are homebound during the winter?

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In part 2 of this Church Data Storage tutorial series (part I found here), we are going to create the lists that are useful in a CRC context.

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My church is in the process of redoing our member directory. It's a big job and this time we are putting everything into an online database (Planning Center). Here's a tutorial on getting started. 

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IN: Parenting, IN: Prayer

We’ve been through times both of us hope never, ever to experience again. When God doesn’t pick up the phone, believers feel unspeakably alone. Then there are no words, only groaning.

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Four years ago, CRCNA communications staff launched "Webinar Wednesdays" as a “no travel required” means for people in the CRC to get training and resources in a series of free, one-hour events...

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Derek Atkins has been a part of Faith Formation since it began as a pilot project in 2013. Read about how his own faith journey shapes the work he does today. 

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The film Spotlight reminds the church it will take the committed effort and support of an entire community to both support abuse survivors and prevent abuse. 

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IN: Prayer

Silence is hard. The "chatty monkey" will pop up. Yet I've been working at it like I would lifting weights or trying to learn guitar. This morning during prayer time, I set my alarm and was quiet. 

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Check out this article to find updates on the Canadian Youth Ministry Project that was launched by Faith Formation Ministries. Exciting things are happening!

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Are you burdened by a sense of gloom that you cannot explain or fully account for? It seems that much of our mental health comes from community and the unconditional love of God. 

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Sometimes in youth ministry we may miss a greater point. There are students who bail on youth group for sports, yes, but the great thing is: There are kids who still come! And that's exciting!

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IN: Prayer

There’s something powerful behind saying things out loud. Sometimes I prefer to pray with my mind and heart but it's less impactful. Praying audibly worked a strange magic over me.

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CrossPoint Church is located in Chino, California and has begun a search for Director of Student Ministry.

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The Crossroads Community Church, located in Schererville, IN, has begun a nationwide search for a Worship and Technical Arts Director.

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We sometimes hear the phrases “the poorest of the poor” or “the least of these.” Interested in knowing who they are? 

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Today I'd like to introduce you to Mike Johnson, Regional Catalyzer for Classis Central Plains and the western United States. Mike likes to help people and churches move past challenges! 

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