Is it theologically careless to use the term "Muslim brothers and sisters"? If so, is there a better term that we can apply?

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Let’s not keep the suffering of mental illness in the closet. Throughout my life, I have experienced bouts of depression. Like the Psalmist, I have said, “Darkness is my closest friend.”

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"Let's Talk! Breaking the Silence around Mental Illness in Our Communities of Faith" was written so that anyone who has skill in facilitating a small group discussion can lead it. Check out the free download!

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Discover how to bless—and how not to bless!—children during the celebration of the Lord's Supper.

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This webinar explores various aspects of addiction, recovery, and how the church can be a place of healing for individuals and families impacted by alcoholism and addiction.

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Four new Coffee Break webinars are scheduled for August. Join from the comfort of your own home or as a group!

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As we prep to launch the CRC's new Faith Formation Ministries (FFM) at Synod 2015, here's what you can expect to see from FFM on The Network in the coming months...

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Have you ever talked about immigration from the pulpit? The Office of Social Justice invites you to participate in the Immigration Preaching Challenge as a way to respond to God's call to be truth tellers.

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Does your church leadership need help in the discerning process for the future of the church? If so, a Ministry Leaders Retreat guide is available.

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In April, Safe Church leaders from the U.S. and Canada came together for strategic planning. One priority rose to the top. “We need to be able to talk about abuse!”

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"Climate Conversation: Kenya" is a four-part video series featuring on-the-ground footage and interviews from Kenya. Use the videos to engage your church in discussion about climate change and the church.

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If your church decides it is time to close the church, a practical step-by-step process guide is available to assist you in ending well.

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Do you ever get the sinking feeling that God wants you to do something you really don’t want to do? This is what happens to Jonah. Join us as we explore how Jonah helps us understand God's heart.

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My elders asked if there was anything in the church that needed improving. I replied, “We need better sermon readers when the minister is away.” Two weeks later, they asked if I would like to try it...

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The moving industry is a growing business; more than a quarter of the population of this continent will move this year. What are some reasons that people move?

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The Associated Church Press honored magazines, newspapers, authors, and more at the Best of the Christian Press Awards Banquet May 1 in Toronto. Network blogger, Mark Stephenson, was among those honored!

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I will state it directly: We do not have enough emotional or relational maturity in our congregations and in our leadership. Irritations rub and rub until there is smoke and eventually full heated conflict.

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After an unexpected encounter with the Holy Spirit, I regularly ask this question, "How can I, along with the church I serve, be enabled to discern and obediently cooperate with the guidance of the Holy Spirit?"

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Delegates to Synod 2015 have the opportunity to model deep engagement and humble thoughtfulness through listening to one another. Leaders will gather not to vote or approve, but to discuss complex questions...

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Meet today's featured Network member and CRC! Grab a cup of coffee and join us as we get a small glimpse into church life at Faith Christian Fellowship CRC in Walnut Creek, CA. . .

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Synod 2013 accepted a proposal from Classis Toronto to study the religious persecutions around the world with a view to devise effective ministries. What were some of the committee's considerations?

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