In Dr. George Hunsberger’s last lecture at Western Theological Seminary he asked the question, “What difference does it make when you put the word missional in front of the word church?”

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Check out this article about a CRC pastor involved in chaplaincy work with police officers in central Iowa. 

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IN: Prayer

I wrote this congregational prayer called "Do Not Worry" based on Matthew 6:25-27 for today's church service. This prayer affirms that God has a plan for creation (and for us) in both the sadness and the joy. 

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Crossroads Ministries in Britt, Iowa is seeking a full-time Youth Leader.

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Pease CRC, a large, rural church in central Minnesota, is hiring a full-time director of youth & education. 

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My almost two-year-old granddaughter Joanna wants to jump to the balcony at church. We, her grandparents, have more experience in this world and know the power of gravity. Yet, like Joanna, we too have a hope others may not have. 

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Modesto Christian Reformed Church (Modesto, CA) is seeking a full or part time Director of Outreach who has a passion for discipleship, community, and outreach. 

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Bethany CRC in Gallup, NM is seeking a full time pastor to serve a diverse (mostly Native American and anglo) congregation in western New Mexico.

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What does forgiveness really look like? Deb and Steven Koster, co-editors of Family Fire, address that question in a FREE new ebook, The Power of Forgiveness: A Guide to Healing.

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Several years back, a middle-aged couple in our church told me: “We’ve been members here for 12 years and we still feel like outsiders.” 

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Are you a church planter interested in leading the development of a new community in the south corridor of Grand Rapids, MI? If so, be sure to apply before the October 6 deadline. 

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He could no longer even stand, so he simply laid himself down on the ground. “Did anyone do anything?” his mom asked. “Yes,” he said quietly. “My friends ran over and laid on the ground right next to me.”

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South Olive CRC in Holland, MI is seeking a part-time Worship Director to plan and lead blended worship services (which includes a praise team and band). 

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Is signing up for a service project because my friends did still a good action? Is giving to a good cause still good if it’s out of guilt? Is it even possible to be a "good Christian?"

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Faith Community Church in Wyckoff, New Jersey is currently seeking a part-time Worship Leader to join its staff. 

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Stories are powerful. Even simple stories have the ability to engage us on many levels, not just our heads but our hearts. What is your story? Where has God placed you, and what journey are you on?

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God used Peter Gordon's winding career path to lead him to found a ministry with college students who have disabilities.

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World Communion Sunday is October 2! Attached to this post you'll find prayers, litanies, and much more to use or adapt for your worship setting.

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A mentor told me that good preaching was like a good BBQ. You’ve got to take your time on the prep work. This summer I’ve been brought back to that image as I’ve worked my way through A Little Handbook for Preachers

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Trinity CRC, located in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska, is seeking a full time pastor. 

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Sam Huizenga describes what it means to be collaborative in her work coaching and training leaders of small groups. What about you? Do you have a story about working collaboratively with another church or ministry? 

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