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A mentor told me that good preaching was like a good BBQ. You’ve got to take your time on the prep work. This summer I’ve been brought back to that image as I’ve worked my way through A Little Handbook for Preachers

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Grace CRC in Welland, Ontario Canada, in the heart of Niagara, is seeking a full time Pastor of Preaching and Congregational Care.

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Should the congregation vote to accept the changes to the By-laws and Articles of Incorporation or only receive them as reference or information?

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Within the first six months of living here we heard the stories told as if they had happened last week. It seems like everyone had a story. Everyone knew someone who didn’t come home. 

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The Welcoming Children to the Lord’s Supper toolkit contains excellent resources to support parents/caregivers and children’s leaders as they engage kids in conversations about the Lord’s Supper.

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I am a clerk of council and need to transfer the credentials of a minister who has since retired and joined another congregation. Is this an actual form or can I simply draft a letter?

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Classis Grand Rapids South in partnership with Classis Grandville of the Christian Reformed Church announces the opening of the position of Church Planter.

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As a child, what were the rules while eating a family meal? Now consider the small group setting. Are there topics to avoid or "handle with care" so that everyone can enjoy conversation and feel included? 

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Even when people who have disabilities get to church, we sometimes struggle to minister to them. If Mephibosheth were here today, we’d have to carry him to the platform as we often can't accommodate wheelchairs.

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These hymnals are available for free to anyone who would like them. 

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This mind-set of seeing every child as specially designed by God is what challenges us, but also motivates us, as leaders. Our role is to find a way to communicate God’s love to each child. 

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We're a smaller church and our Sunday School teachers are having a hard time because we only have a few kids and they're all different ages and levels and not all of them attend regularly. Any tips?

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Brand new Discover Your Bible studies will be released over the next several weeks for use in the 2016/17 ministry year. Get all the details about what's new and when it's available right here! 

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As we approach the 15 year anniversary of 9/11, here are some resources for worship that will help us come to God with both lament and trust.

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Anyone starting the Children and Worship curriculum and need story figures? We'd love to find a home for them! 

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The busyness and complexities of college may make being truly involved in a church difficult or unappealing for some, but there are still simple things a church can do to encourage and affirm students.

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South Kendall Community Church in Miami, FL, is seeking a part time Director of Youth Ministries. 

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A church in Sioux Center, Iowa, is looking for 10-15 copies of the children's hymnal, Songs for Life, for their Friendship ministry. 

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Vocational Wayfinding is a two-part course that will equip participants to navigate the work-life journey, as well as provide tools to make decisions on how to go about the next phase in their careers.

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The outside community—extended family, church, school, and friends—all had difficulty believing what I said as a parent to a child has partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome with a severe degree of disability. 

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In my Facebook feed, I've seen many mothers express the sadness of having a child start college and leave home. But these transition times remind me of all the people in church who have influenced our kids. 

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