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Teaching children means sharing the truth of Scripture with them—but it’s even more important to give them opportunities to put what they believe into practice. 

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Understanding the varied needs of persons with disabilities will help ushers and greeters put the welcoming arms of the church around the shoulders of all who come to worship. 

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Wounded healers are strong in their weakness. Working as a hospice chaplain showed me that scars and wounds are not a hindrance to the Gospel, but rather a source of connection. 

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Woodlawn CRC is looking to replace our old wood offering plates. Please contact us if your church has some you want to get rid of. 

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Remembrance Day (Canada) and Veterans Day (U.S.) is observed on the 11th day of the 11th month of each year to mark the date of Armistice Day, the day when armies stopped fighting World War I on November 11 at 11:00 a.m. in 1918. 

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Words have power. Just because they come to us electronically doesn't lessen their power. What would happen if we had to take responsibility for the damage we cause with our words?

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Check out these two amazing resources for re-aligning you and your family's comings and goings to the rhythms of God's grace this Advent season and beyond. 

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In this free webinar, Barbara Hampton will share skills, methods, and best practices for leading ESL Bible Study groups.

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This brief prayer litany will work especially well at the opening of worship. 

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What new ideas have your tried in your Coffee Break Ministry? Have you come up with a new way to recruit leaders? Share your innovative ideas below! 

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A group of dedicated volunteers in Canada (along with some staff support) produce this newsletter for Church and Regional Disability Advocates across Canada. 

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Teaching a song before you sing it might not be the best way to introduce it. In fact, it may be wishful thinking or downright harmful. Here are my 4 reasons for not teaching new songs.

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If you're a youth leader, I encourage you to prioritze partnerships with parents. Parents play a huge role in a child's development which directly correlates to FAITH development. 

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 In recent weeks, Family Fire from ReFrame Media has taken a close look at what it means to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance in personal relationships.

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Veterans find understanding and encouragement from other vets. Because they have a shared experience, they can offer unique support in the face of adjustment problems. 

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At my church, we developed a brochure listing the best public and private social services in our area. What social services have you (or your church) found helpful?

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In a few weeks, the nations of the world will gather in Paris to try and reach a global agreement in response to the challenge of climate change. How do we, as Christians, engage in this process?

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In this interactive webinar, four panelists give their Top 5 Lists, from four different perspectives, for becoming more hospitable and loving in a diverse world.

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The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) requires all organizations that serve the public to adopt a Customer Service Policy. Here's a sample policy for churches to consider. 

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I was blessed to know 3 of my grandparents growing up and all of them left a faith impression on me. I think one of the coziest places to hear God’s stories must be on the lap of a grandparent.

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Free resources (e.g. factsheets, videos, slideshows) are available to help support people living with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and burn injury. 

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