In Dr. George Hunsberger’s last lecture at Western Theological Seminary he asked the question, “What difference does it make when you put the word missional in front of the word church?”

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Engraved Upon the Heart by Hwarang Moon makes a good case for something dear to my own heart as an ordained pastor in the Reformed tradition and as the father of a daughter who has severe intellectual disability. 

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Young Adults! Join other youth (ages 18-30ish) from across Ontario for a weekend retreat January 20-22 at Maranatha CRC in Woodstock, ON. 

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We place a lot of importance on the new year and making all kinds of resolutions. But perhaps we don’t need a new year on a humanly constructed calendar to signal us to seek a more sanctified life. 

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International Student Fellowship @ Western Michigan University is seeking a second half time campus pastor to fill our ministry team.

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During our week of learning, one of the most powerful experiences we shared every year was an Anointing Service. Yes, our Christian Reformed church hosted an Anointing Service! 

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Training events related to Coffee Break and young adult ministry are coming to Kalamazoo, MI, this January! Learn more and consider attending one of these worthwhile workshops.

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This past year Safe Church Ministry worked hard to maximize our resources and offer trainings, events, and newsletters on abuse awareness, policy questions, and much more.

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Learn how to use applied Scripture and mental health principles to address wounds caused by trauma at a three day Trauma Healing event taking place February 1-3 in Grand Rapids, MI. 

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Meet the three regional teams who are working with congregations in Southern California, Southern Ontario, and the US Midwest! 

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I recently came across an interesting article titled 5 Disruptive Church Trends That Will Rule 2016. Check out the author's predictions and let's discuss what you think he got right or wrong this past year.

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Organist pianist looking for three ring binder style accompanist edition of grey hymnal. Happy to pay whatever costs involved.

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inSpirit Church, a vibrant and growing church plant in the Cutlerville/Byron Center MI area, is seeking a passionate, outgoing individual to fill a leadership position.

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Dear Church Nursery Volunteer, I'd like to express my specific thanks for just a few of the things you do. . . 

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The memories that sustain us and the treasures that last are always framed by relationships. In this season, I will never forget the privilege of coming to the bedside of that young mother who died on Christmas morning. 

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I highly recommend this course to any of you who perhaps, like me, love worship, love to plan worship, and love to learn, but do not have a theology or worship degree.

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Ultimately, Job didn’t need an answer to why his suffering was so great. Rather, he needed to know that God was taking his pain, his protest and his petitions seriously.

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Kathy Nimmer’s visual decline brought grief, depression, anorexia, hopelessness, and over time a deep assurance that she has innate value as a child of God.

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Looking to update your church's website in 2017? Here are some keys for modernizing your website as you think about what first impressions you want your church to make online.

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As we look ahead to 2017, what Bible verse (or verses) give you hope for the coming year? 

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