Discovery CRC in Cutlerville, MI is looking for a non-ordained person to fill a three-quarters to full-time ministry role of Director of Youth and Outreach.

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These Continuing Education pages are organized by the Five Callings that the CRC has adopted and are designed to assist pastors and councils make plans for ongoing learning. 

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What concrete steps can each congregation be doing to make your church a safer place? These ten guidelines, developed by Safe Church Ministry in partnership with Faith Formation Ministries, offer a helpful place to start.

June 6, 2017 237 2 2 comments

Several boxes of grey Psalter Hymnals are available from Grandville, MI.

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In the midst of Family Jeopardy, photo scavenger hunts, and watching kids connect with extended family members, we took time to intentionally talk about how God has been with us and faithful to his promises.

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A couple girls saw Thayer’s dilemma and pointed out to him a few other apples hanging closer. “Get this one, Thayer. It’s a beauty!” But Thayer would not be swayed from his chosen apple.

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Are you hoping to do some reading this summer? If so, what books are on the top of your list? 

June 5, 2017 260 1 7 comments

Calling all pastors! Have you ever talked about creation care or climate change from the pulpit? We encourage you to participate in the Creation Care Preaching Challenge.

June 2, 2017 196 1 1 comments

Bethlehem CRC in Thunder Bay, Ontario is looking for a full-time pastor.

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Join World Renew and other ministries of the Christian Reformed Church to be inspired, and discover new ways of doing ministry with your local and global community.

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So, your church is looking for a pastor! Where do you begin? What do you need to know? Who can you talk to? In response to these questions, we are excited to introduce a new process called PastorSearch. 

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The expression of unique gifts is the local congregation’s work of art: creating beauty, seeing the other, being reconcilers and healers, reminding our neighbors who they truly are as images bearers of God.

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Church of the Servant CRC in Grand Rapids, MI, is looking for a pastor. 

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Have you or your church ever wondered where to turn for resources on personal finances and church financial management? If so, you'll want to check out this new website that was recently launched! 

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It can be tempting to fill volunteer spots and type schedules over the summer. But I've found that taking time to recalibrate can help us discover new ways of doing things and get excited for the year ahead. 

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We are wondering how other churches handle VBS volunteers. Should we just use church members, or accept the help of parents, etc. Their help would be welcome, but would they need background checks? 

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It's ready! Download your copy of the World Refugee Day toolkit today. How will your church celebrate and remember refugees this June (and beyond)? 

May 29, 2017 151 1 2 comments

A church in the Philippines is looking for approximately 25 copies of the blue Psalter Hymnal.

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We are looking for assistance with creating a policy for dealing with disruptions in our church services. Any ideas?

May 29, 2017 160 2 1 comments

Rather than being thanked on Memorial Day, we veterans want to join with everyone else to remember and grieve our lost friends. Here are some tips for remembering the lives lost too soon.

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Ebenezer CRC in Trenton, Ontario is looking for a senior pastor.

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