I am working as our interim Youth Minister and just need to hear what I already know to be true. Bad nights happen to everyone...right? Any idea how to teach students who encourage disrespect?

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An ideology of scarcity keeps us from pursuing a common good for our neighborhoods and the world around us. As the church, we must confront the worldview of scarcity and offer an alternative way. 

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I find there’s a major disconnect between churches wanting to improve their communication and actually doing it. The challenge is that these conversations require knowing the church's mission and vision.

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Plymouth Heights Christian Reformed Church (Grand Rapids, MI) is seeking a full-time youth pastor.

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So far, over 200 CRC members from 35 congregations in the U.S. and Canada have come together to learn, act, and advocate for a safer and more just world. Will you join them? 

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The Network has a brand new ministry topic called “Books by CRC Authors.” We’ve added this ministry section (thanks to your feedback!) as a place to explore books written by Christian Reformed authors.

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Do you ever wonder about life, creation, and your part in it? If so, check out the book "Beyond the Cosmos" by Hugh Ross for some deep science reading with spiritual insight.

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Check out this powerful introduction to Samaritan Safe Church's approach to keeping children safe, written by Linda Crockett, a speaker at the upcoming CRCNA Safe Church Conference. 

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Preparing a sermon can be like writing a ten-page term paper once a week and then having to present it to people. Not just that, but it has to make sense, be applicable, and capitalize on different learning styles. 

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I recently talked to Bekki about her relentless joy in spite of ongoing health and personal challenges. She candidly told me her story and encouraged all of us to avoid the temptation to throw ourselves a pity party.

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Wise is the worship leader who plans ahead! This may not be a proverb in the Bible, but it's true. I wanted to share five worship planning things I do to prepare before the ministry season even begins.

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Wondering what the best kinds of questions are to stimulate kids’ imaginations and nurture their faith in the classroom? Check out these tips...

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About 2 percent of adults have a seizure in their lifetime, and one-third of them experience more than one. The stories are written by individuals or their loved ones who have experienced seizures.

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We have quite a few books from "The Story" (both English and Spanish) left over that we did not use. We'd like to sell them for 1/2 the price we paid. 

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Life is a paradox. There are days when life seems “self-contradictory” and “absurd.” We can't make sense of the great joy and stomach-turning sorrow. But are these situations really paradoxes?

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I'd heard the word "mentor" before but it always had a certain amount of formality attached to it. After learning more, I realized the potential for our churches.  

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Classis Toronto is seeking a church planter for the Markham/Scarborough/Pickering area.

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A recent Banner article gave a sample structure for small group meetings and got me thinking about my own experience. I came up with a list of what I've seen work well and wondered, what would you add? 

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What do you do with new music that is continually coming out? In some ways I wish there was a group that would examine songs and make available to CRC churches a list of "approved/not approved" songs. 

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I am looking for a sample job description for a Youth Ministry intern. Do you, or does your church, have any ideas you'd be willing to share? 

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Crossroads Ministries in Britt, Iowa is seeking a full-time Youth and Worship Leader. 

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