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Angelyn KuiperFamilies First

Where are seeds of faith first planted by the Holy Spirit? Within the family! But the church also partners with the family in this process. Keep reading to find ways to help parents nurture faith. 

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September 9 is International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Day. Help alert your congregation to the risks of birth defects if alcohol is consumed during pregnancy.

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Ferrysburg Community Church, located in Spring Hill, MI, is looking for a full-time Student Ministries Director. 

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Now you’re a leader—kids will be coming through your door looking for inspiration, affirmation, knowledge. That’s a tall order. Where do you start?

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I can still remember the hurt and anger in her words as she explained why the abuse she endured from her father as a child has made returning to the church impossible for her.

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The best of the best on faith formation this week (from what we could find). We hope these resources are helpful, resourceful , and hopefully even humorous.

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Does anyone have suggestions for resources that can be used for helping children/youth prepare for baptism? 

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IN: Prayer

All are cordially invited to attend the International School of Prayer on Friday, Sept 25 with Rev. Nam Soo Choi of Korea, the leader of an international prayer movement. 

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Acknowledging the contradiction between adultery and the values he espoused while part of the TV show 19 Kids and Counting, Mr. Duggar declared, “I have been the biggest hypocrite ever.” I’m not sure I entirely agree with his assessment...

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I was blessed by the worship brought in word and song. However, it was the preparation around the children leaving for Children and Worship that will remain in my memory.

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SafeChurch raises up the dry bones and calls churches to turn from lifeless policies that require “compliance” to a fully awake process where people of faith become leaders in their churches AND communities. 

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Check out this helpful sound technology training video. After all, some of the most important people in the sanctuary or worship center are those operating the sound and video technology!

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There's no doubt that church communications can be a difficult career. But as a church communicator, there are some ways you can be more effective in your job.

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All through the Western states and provinces the fires are raging. The damage is incalculable. We think and ponder, we talk about details…and we go on our way. What can we do?

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Does anyone have a regular regimen of training for your sound technicians or other technology operators? If so, how often do you train and what sources do you use?


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An hour in a children’s ministry program gives children the chance to spend time living into and out of God’s story but when we omit the church and home connection, children are missing out. 

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In the weeks ahead, we’d like to introduce you to the people who serve CRC congregations as part of Faith Formation Ministries. We’d like to start with our regional staff, also known as Regional Catalyzers. 

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Olympia CRC (in Washington) would like to offer their Braille set of the (grey) Psalter hymnal for free to a church that might need it.  

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Check out the latest ideas from the world of faith formation. We’ve gathered some practical tips, radical ideas, and a great new resource from one of our favorites, LifelongFaith Associates.

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Rockford Reformed Church is seeking qualified candidates to join our church leadership team with the main purpose of directing the worship ministry of our church.

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By the time August rolls around, I find that stress and anxiety are starting to appear more and more (right along with the mosquito bites). If I've been having so much fun, why am I stressed?

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