Even as a cynical observer, I’ll admit the 2016 Cubs’ season has been very impressive. And one reason they’ve nearly won me over is because they’ve been showing how good they are instead of telling me.

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Every year churches across the CRC celebrate All Nations Heritage Sunday using worship resources from Race Relations. Last year almost 20,000 bulletin inserts and covers were ordered! Join us in the celebration. 

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We are challenged to discern God's activity by asking: Who in the community is working on behalf of the infants so they won’t die? Who is standing up for the worker? Who is working on behalf of the old? 

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The theme of the Fall 2016 issue of Breaking Barriers features stories of people with mild, moderate and severe disabilities who have found meaningful work. 

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Should we send "ordinary Christians" as missionaries? A major biblical theme is that God likes to use weak people, sinful people. But on the other hand, shouldn't missionaries be trained and well-prepared?

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The Dutch organization Epafras is looking for Dutch speaking pastors to visit Dutch nationals in American prisons. All expenses would be reimbursed. 

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IN: Deacons, IN: Pastors

We’ve all had moments where we’ve empathetically suffered with others to the point where it really did feel like we’d suffered the loss ourselves. What if Jesus empathized like this all the time?

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We have a Polish Catholic couple who is interested in transferring membership to the CRC. Are there ramifications that I should be aware of? 

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I am looking to set up a protection policy in an older generation church that wants to focus more on youth. I'm looking to put a policy in place for programs running from nursery to high school. Any ideas? 

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As a church planter with a passion for changing neighbours from strangers to friends, here are a few ways you can start being active in YOUR neighbourhood.

September 13, 2016 2 2 comments

Have you seen the ‘I’m Part of God’s Story’ design that Dwell curriculum recently posted? In addition to helping helping children live into and out of God’s story—it’s a really fun design! Here are 8 ways to use it. 

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The Building Blocks of Faith answer a simple question: “What do people need in order to grow in their faith?” The Building Blocks are based on four themes of faith development for all ages.

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Safe Church Ministry is called to equip congregations in abuse awareness, prevention, and response. “It’s a ridiculous mandate,” I’ve heard myself say. It can be overwhelming, with progress slower than I'd like. 

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For some people, China and Chicago are worlds apart, but what links them together is an understanding that the church needs more and better leaders and a desire to equip leaders for its mission.

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In assessing what is most important in my life and what I want to do with my time post-retirement, love of God’s creation and love of family and friends (including the church) are right at the top. 

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Coffee Break and small group leaders in Grand Rapids, MI and Platte, SD experienced a newly revised leadership training where participants led the learning process. We all left tired and inspired!

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For those of you write sermons, or will need to write sermons, or are just curious about the process, check out my super simple 10-step guide on writing a sermon. 

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Have any churches considered switching from a 501(c)(3) status to 508(c)(1)(a)?

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Be sure to check out the new resources on Safe Church's website, and see how you can be involved in the upcoming Safe Church conference — even if you can't come to Grand Rapids! 

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Does anyone presently use cloud storage for Council documents or have tips/suggestions for an online storage of Council files?

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Join us at the Life to the Full conference in Niagara Falls Oct. 28-30 as we are motivated and equipped to live life to the full with people with disabilities and their families. This post includes inspiring graphics to share on social media.

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