Starting Nov. 30, World Renew and the CRC Office of Social Justice are sharing a daily devotional series for Advent 2015 called Displacement and Belonging. It's not too late to sign-up! 

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Living Water CRC is a dynamic new ministry meeting across the street from Calvin College, led by Pastor Josiah Chung. If you have the opportunity, be sure to check out this welcoming church!  

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What can a Bible study or Coffee Break leader do to encourage the influence and impact of the Word in the lives of group members? Here are a few of my ideas; I'd love to hear yours, too!

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Ron deVries serves as a Regional Catalyzer for Faith Formation Ministries in Alberta. In this interview, he shares a few of the big issues he has noticed in youth ministry today. . . 

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IN: Prayer

When we end our prayers with the phrase "not my will, but yours be done", is it an act of surrendering to God or is it more of a testament to our lack of faith?

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As we share some of the plans Faith Formation Ministries has in place for 2016 and beyond, we'd love to hear YOUR input and ideas! 


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In order to show we care, we need to be available to others and we need to take time to listen to what is occurring in the lives of those we seek to serve. 

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Mark 6:14, "Later Jesus appeared to the Eleven as they were eating; he rebuked them for their lack of faith and their stubborn refusal to believe..." Why did Jesus rebuke them for these things? 

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In a recent interview with Complex magazine, Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber shared some of his thoughts on God, Christians, and going to church. How can, or should, we respond?

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Just how much should we engage with culture? For many in the class who come from a holiness tradition that keeps church and world quite separate, the question of lines is a very important one.

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We need to shift from viewing diaconal ministry primarily as something done “to” or “for” others to more of one which does ministry “with” our neighbors, communities, businesses, and churches. 

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This issue of Breaking Barriers describes some of the realities of growing up with disabilities that are not visible, such as mental health challenges, learning disabilities, dyslexia, and Asperger syndrome.

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Kids aren’t the only ones who like things the same; adults also often choose to sit in the same church pew each week. God knows we're wired this way and so He gave us rituals to build faith. 

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Immanuel Christian Reformed Church in Ripon, California, is seeking a full time Worship Director to help us implement our vision for worship.

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November is Native American Heritage Month. Interested in celebrating it at your church? We've put together free worship materials for you to use!

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God’s servants must be prepared to accept risks, inconvenience and opposition. In all of this, the Lord Jesus shows us the way. He did not object to being delegated to earth to suffer for sinners.

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My experience in the past 30 years with youth-curriculum has been extremely disappointing. Many materials do not engage the students. But, good news, the “So What” Bible Study is different. 

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Compassion for suffering, protection of vulnerable people, and celebration and affirmation of life are three reasons why I am pro-life and oppose assisted suicide.

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Does your Coffee Break group do a warm up before going into the study? If so, would you be willing to share ideas of video clips, songs, or speakers that you use?

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Consider attending the Children's Spirituality Conference, held in Nashville, TN, next June! Hear from top children's ministry authors and attend fun and informative workshops. 

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Two weeks ago, I think there was a celebration in heaven. Even though Manhattan was awash in black SUVs, there seemed to be an awareness that something very hopeful was happening. 

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