Stories are powerful. Even simple stories have the ability to engage us on many levels, not just our heads but our hearts. What is your story? Where has God placed you, and what journey are you on?

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Our church is looking for the posters for the Dwell: Play (Preschool) curriculum as well as any take-home story cards that you may not be using.

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I recently came across an article that spoke of fears that there was an oversupply of pastors. While those fears sound contemporary, the article was written sixty years ago. What can we learn from this? 

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This book came out of my experience as a missionary in Latin America and is a reflection on the big difference that occurs in the world economy, and what a Christian should think and do about it. 

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Harderwyk Ministries is currently searching for our next worship leader and coordinator of community for the Watershed services. 

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As the end of the summer approaches, kids start thinking about the changes ahead. This week I came across two wonderful ideas for ways that God’s family can encourage school aged kids this fall. 

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To use an overworked metaphor, our lives are a journey. A journey where we are constantly becoming. We are becoming either more who we were meant to be or less. 

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IN: Deacons, IN: Elders

Most of us have never experienced the trauma of losing a child. And while we may not be able to show empathy towards someone who has lost a child, we can express sympathy.

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Is it prudent or is it appropriate for the body of Elders to reverse a decision made by full Council?

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When people around us begin to struggle with faith, what's our response? Are we standing on the pier shouting, “Read your Bible" or are we willing to dive in for the difficult, slow work of helping someone sort through their faith?

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Used Grey Psalter Hymnals available to any church that needs them. 100+ hymnals available. Contact

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A group is looking for 50-75 Blue Psalter hymnals for worship.

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What is trauma and how can the church better serve those suffering from it? Dr. Danjuma Gibson offers helpful guidelines both for understanding the nature of trauma and responding compassionately as a church.

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Looking to attend a conference or educational event on youth and/or intergenerational ministry? Here's a list of what's coming up this fall and into 2017. Please add your favorites to the list! 

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August has arrived! If you’re a church leader, you may be looking for a curriculum for your small group, adult study classes, or youth group. Perhaps one of these 5 curricula is a good fit for your church. 

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Join the Office of Social Justice for two upcoming educational film screenings on climate change in the Grand Rapids area.

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Evangelism is a hard thing. I've experienced that in youth ministry. We can't give up on sowing seeds if it's hot outside or we are sweating a lot! We can't give up because its hard or inconvenient. 

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I want us to wrestle with conversations that may be difficult. I want us to enter together into the beautiful mess of reconciliation. I want us to have a candid conversation, as family, about race.

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A warm welcome to newly appointed editor of The Banner, Shiao Chong! We are curious. . . If you were the newly appointed editor of The Banner, what would be the headline or topic of your next editorial?

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Escazú Christian Fellowship (ECF) has begun an international search for her next pastor – a dedicated Christ-follower gifted by the Spirit as a shepherd, preacher, teacher, and leader.

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I wonder, can we imagine Jesus doing the things we will do today? Might we be able to say because I painted this room, because I cleaned this kitchen, “Today I feel a little bit more like Jesus.”

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