Even though immigrants bring a wealth of cultural and economic growth to the U.S., mainstream culture frequently describes them as a burden. It's time to unlearn this thinking...

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I've been involved in children's worship for many years and I have a struggle every season: What songs do we teach these children? Do we teach them what is current? What is catchy?

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An article in the Banner made me more aware of copyright permission and so I'm trying to do it right. Do I need to buy a copyright license (between $200 and $400) to project only 2 or 3 songs?

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Free Baptismal Font available to any church in Canada or the US. 

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Fall is almost upon us, but fear not! These new resources can help you prepare your church and home for the end-of-summer scramble.

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Progress in creating accessible and inclusive spaces for people with disabilities can be slow. Yet, there are signs of hope. Check out this encouraging article about churches being proactive! 

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It’s been said, “You only get one first impression.” If that is the case, what kind of information should church signs include? How can we encourage people to pull into the parking lot?

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IN: Elders

Does anyone know of any short but effective ministry evaluation tools? I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

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 A brand new study in the Discover Your Bible series will be released mid-August, 2015! Based on Isaiah, the authors' hope is that this study "will provide comfort and hope to all who use it.”

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Do you need more copies of the 1987 (Gray) Psalter Hymnal? Palos Heights CRC will donate theirs to any congregation(s)/individual(s) who can use them. 

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How do we develop ministry foundations to disciple well?

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IN: Pastors, IN: Worship

Every good soccer or basketball team does drills to practice basic skills. What kinds of drills or scales would be most fitting for worship planners and leaders?

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This message describes a continuum of disability attitudes and challenges listeners to move to a deeper, richer, and more loving attitude towards people with disabilities. 

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Verano 2015 – Estudiantes Universitarios con Discapacidades. Esta edición describe la forma en cómo están siendo conectados en el desarrollo de su fe y discipulado.​

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60 people attended Coffee Break training in Indonesia on Saturday, June 27. Participants found Coffee Break tools appropriate and useful for building small groups in their churches!

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Veterans from America’s longest war have joined the veterans of earlier wars in our communities and churches. Their perspective has been shaped by their experience. Like everyone else, they have spiritual gifts. They also have needs...

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The practice of profession of faith emerges from a history laced with confusion. As a result of such a complicated history, we often find conflicting approaches to profession of faith. 

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I recently got into a discussion that could probably be boiled down to "Why does the church's theology matter? Both churches [profess the creeds] so who cares what they believe past that." 

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Missionary newsletters have been around since Paul. Are they still relevant today?

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“Is it true?” he asked, “that in American streets one sees houses without people around, talking together?” I answered that was mostly so. He said, “There must be much loneliness in America…” 

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After the call ended and I continued preparing dinner, I quietly gave thanks that she and I were able to celebrate congregationalism together. Isn’t that a delicious oxymoron?

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