In 2006-2010, Community CRC, Kitchener, Ontario embarked upon a visioning process during which we adopted a new vision: Growing our relationships with God, each other, and our community.

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Starting Nov. 30, World Renew and the CRC Office of Social Justice are sharing a daily devotional series for Advent 2015 called Displacement and Belonging. It's not too late to sign-up! 

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If a person or group of people is pushed to the side by prejudice or ignorance or pity, that pushing harms not only those who are cut off but also those who do the pushing.

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As a church member or leader, you have the privilege to step into the role of "Pastor of Congregational Culture." Your job description is short and simple: turn this ship with your tongue.

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Dispatch CRC, located in Kansas, has gray Psalter Hymnals and "Sing, A New Creation" songbooks available for anyone who wants them. 

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When we all love other people, we are letting Jesus' light shine in us for all the world to see. Even if there are some things we can't do, we CAN all love people.

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Landmark events are moments in our faith so significant that we remember them forever. Many of these landmark moments happen at youth conferences, such as the All Ontario Youth Convention.

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Teaching children means sharing the truth of Scripture with them—but it’s even more important to give them opportunities to put what they believe into practice. 

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As leaders or parents, we have an incredible opportunity when it comes to discipleship in the times when pop culture mends (or blends) its way into our lives and the lives of our children and teens.

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The Webster Dictionary tells us that 'to thank' comes from the same root as 'to think'. Therefore, thankfulness is a habit and a practice that can grow.

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Woody Nook CRC, a large vibrant church located near Lacombe, Alberta, is seeking a full-time director of youth ministries. 

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Looking for an easy way to enter into God’s story with a mixed age group that includes young children? Hear about innovative ways to use the newly revised God Loves Me books. 

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Our friends at Think Christian are pretty “geeked” about Star Wars. In fact, they have written a new ebook about it that tackles interesting ideas about hope, the theme of rebirth, and more. 

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Harderwyk Ministries is currently search for a worship leader of the Celebration service. This is a part time, 15-18 hour a week position. 

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Last week I encountered three different people. Three people with their own stories and their own complicated relationships with the Church. How can the CRC be a community to these people?

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This text was rather difficult to preach in the wake of a week of violence. Yet as it turns out, this very text was precisely what a broken, hurting world and church just might need to hear.

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Here’s the thing: while the image for justice in our culture is a set of scales, the image for justice in Scripture is a river (Amos 5:24). A broad, flowing, living, rolling, sustaining, beautiful river.

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Here are some tips for interacting politely with people with mobility issues whether you are at church or somewhere else. 

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I’ve heard people say: “I thought the church was supposed to help people”— meaning “You have to give me what I want.” What we must do is avoid developing a relationship of dependency.

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January 17 is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and the CRC Office of Social Justice is pleased to offer resources for your church to honor the day. 

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These last several weeks world news has reported so much violence, cruelty, death and suffering. How can we respond? I Corinthians 13 presents a blueprint.

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