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South Kendall Community Church in Miami, FL, is looking for a part-time Operations and Communications Coordinator. 

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Brookside Christian Reformed Church is currently accepting applications for a part-time Spiritual Formation Coordinator. 

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When we tolerate subtle abuses of power on a daily basis, drawing a line in the sand once a situation has gotten out of control becomes incredibly difficult, almost impossible.  

May 31, 2016 4 6 comments
IN: Synod

We owe it to ourselves to listen to what the Doctrine of Discovery Task Force has to tell us. Does all of this make you feel uncomfortable? 

May 30, 2016 7 1 comments

Ministry is primarily about relationships, but programs can provide the space for relationships to develop and flourish. This information sheet was distributed to people at Orland Park CRC by their Disability Concerns Team.

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IN: Synod

To keep prayer at the forefront of our minds, check out these daily devotionals created for the 30 days leading up to Synod 2016! 

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IN: Synod

Synod 2015 voted to bring back women advisers when the number of women at synod is fewer than 25. Why is this still a challenge in the CRC? 

May 26, 2016 3 7 comments

There are many ways to talk with kids about faith. One unique resource is God’s Big Story Cards—a boxed set of cards that encourage families to wonder, pray, praise, share, and respond to God’s Word. 

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We expect those who provide a service to have expertise in that area and to be equipped to meet that specific need. The same applies to teachers: kids expect you to speak from experience when you teach—to “walk your talk,” as we say.

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Cornerstone University and Kentwood Community Church are hosting a live-stream of Willow Creek Community Church’s Global Leadership Summit. This two-day leadership development event will feature speakers like Melinda Gates, Alan Mulally, and more.

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Betty Wieland leads a Coffee Break group, writes and edits study materials, and served as the Coffee Break Director for many years. Read what she's learned about Coffee Break.

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Our personality is no longer an excuse nor a hindrance, but instead, it is a vehicle in the process of being conformed to the image of Christ.

May 22, 2016 3 2 comments

I know from experience how difficult it is to prepare and deliver those kinds of sermons.  I’d suggest three approaches for preachers and their support communities to strengthen such intergenerational preaching.

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Our elders had so few resources, in comparison to our relative wealth, yet they were much more active, faithful, and consistent than their counterparts today. We wanted to know, for our own well-being, the difference between our time and theirs.

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Nelson Avenue Community Church in Burnaby, BC is reviewing applications for a Children and Youth Director.

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In a very different and much more subtle way, the court also experienced a different story of faith formation: the formation of the grieving community. It’s not my place to describe what they are going through, but I am deeply struck by two things...

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What does a life­-giving, ministry strengthening debrief look like? A good debrief is where iron can sharpen iron for the sake of ministry effectiveness. An effective debrief...

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It is easy for a local congregations and classes to see campus ministry as a stand-alone ministry. As such, it is often viewed not as a partner, but a project. How can we change this perception?

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IN: Synod

To keep prayer at the forefront of our minds, check out these daily devotionals created for the 30 days leading up to Synod 2016! 

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There’s something about the first warm day in Spring that gives us a rare enthusiasm to clean our homes and yards. As a church communicator, it’s also a great time to look over your website. 

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It's one thing to paint a picture or try your hand at the pottery wheel (and if you mess up, so what?); it’s another thing entirely to work with living souls. The stakes feel so much higher.

May 19, 2016 2 1 comments