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June 11, 2017 is the Office of Social Justice Offering Sunday. If you're marking the Sunday on that date, May 15 is the ordering deadline to receive your free bulletin inserts in time.

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Safe Church Ministry only works when we ALL work together. Here are some practical ways you can include Safe Church at your next classis meeting.

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If your church is looking to meet a need in the community and your campus includes ample green space, consider setting aside space for a garden where families can scatter or bury the cremated remains of their loved ones.

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IN: Deacons, IN: Elders

View sample job descriptions for elders and deacons that can be modified to suit the specific needs, priorities and circumstances within your congregation.

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With the growing trend toward digital media in society, it should come as no surprise that churches can, and should leverage this opportunity to connect with a wide variety of people. Learn about how LifeQuest is using Facebook to grow membership.

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Last year I had an opportunity that helped me to see that I can be an advocate. I attended the Ecumenical Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C. to learn how to talk with our leaders effectively.

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Hello, we have an interview committee set up for the position of Music Director. Is there a list of suggested questions to ask, or to not ask?

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As a curriculum consultant for Faith Alive Christian Resources, I’ve spent hundreds of hours talking to CRC children’s ministry leaders. Here are some things I've heard, as well as ways I can help! 

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A group of snowbirds who met at a church in Florida are planning a potluck this summer in West Michigan. Any ideas for entertainment?

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Home Missions and World Missions have been talking about becoming one agency for around 10 years now, but actual work to do so started in 2015. Two years later, we are almost ready to make it official.

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The deadline to receive free bulletin inserts for OSJ Offering Sunday is coming up quickly (May 15). If your church is planning a Sunday focused on the call to do justice, we hope this prayer can be helpful to you. 

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Among the crowds of people going to the People's Climate March are several members of the CRC. Keep reading to discover the personal stories behind each of their decisions to march.

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As of April 19, 112 Christian Reformed Congregations representing 33 of our 48 Classes (regional groupings) have registered at least one person to attend. Is your church on the list? Is your classis? 

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Summer is on its way, and so is Aboriginal Ministry Sunday (June 18). May 1st is the deadline to order your inserts. Here's a litany prepared by CRC volunteers working with the Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee. 

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North Hills CRC in Troy, Michigan is excited about Inspire 2017! Check out the ways they're promoting Inspire 2017 in their church, and learn tips for promoting Inspire in your own church.

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This Resource Guide from the United Church of Christ includes worship resources on mental illness such as sermon ideas, complete sermons, a litany, unison prayers and more. 

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Are there any churches in Michigan that are willing to sell or donate used individual chairs to Han Bit Korean CRC in Rochester Hills?

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We might not know our neighbours or even like our neighbours, but we need to hear God’s call and allow it to guide our faith and actions to love our neighbours on the streets, in schools, at work, and in our churches. 

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Here is a prayer I will be using for Friendship Sunday. Please use and share if you'd like! 

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Five community gardens projects in Kent and Muskegon counties received funding and training grants of $1250 this month to grow their projects and increase their benefit to local community members.

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