Does anyone have suggestions for resources that can be used for helping children/youth prepare for baptism? 

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Shinsil believes creating a safe place is so important that twice a year she asks group members to raise their right hand and pledge to keep the ground rules—which includes confidentiality.

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The Paris meetings will likely provide a once-in-a-decade opportunity for the CRCNA to further implement Synod 2012’s powerful statement on climate change, calling for involvement and advocacy at all levels.

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Each week, we will be searching the web for the most thought-provoking blogs, online articles, book reviews, and resources on faith formation and discipleship. Check them out and add your own! 

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The Climate Witness Project, an effort of the CRCNA, is being implemented by the Office of Social Justice in cooperation with other CRC and ecumenical partners. As part of the plan, 10 part-time local organizers need to be hired. 

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Volunteers at Family Retreat, also called Short-Term Missionaries (STMs), often go believing that they will serve and bless a family, which they do. However, STMs come away immensely blessed also. 

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If summer mission trips are so life changing for the young people, what do those they are going to “serve” get out of it? Might we be using the community for our own transformation?

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IN: Prayer

I challenged them to recite the Apostle's Creed without letting their mind wander. As it was, I actually promised them a million dollars if they could report the next morning that they had been completely successful...

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Harry had been coming to church for months, but I didn’t really know him. When he said he was thinking about playing guitar with the worship team, I hope my face did not reveal my incredulity. 

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When they arrived in India, they discovered that many of the missionaries were discouraged. It is often difficult on the frontier of ministry. Find out how Coffee Break brought encouragement and renewed focus! 

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The Korean Coffee Break conference in Southern California is being attended by Coffee Break leaders from many interesting places! This post features Coffee Break leaders in Mexico. 

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There is one space that makes me nervous. I can’t rearrange it or make sure it’s painted my favorite colors. I’m just asked to trust that it will be perfect, with no weeping or sorrow or pain.

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Elmhurst CRC would like to donate their old Psalter Hymnals to a needy church or organization. The church has somewhere between 400-500 books, printed in 1988. 

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He said it with such conviction: “High schoolers don’t need another reason to feel like they’re the best thing this world has to offer.” I’ll never forget the way my jaw hit the floor. Where was this coming from?

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As a roving reporter at the Korean Coffee Break Conference near Los Angeles, I'm meeting with Coffee Break champions from around the world. Let me introduce you to one of these champions named Hannah.

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One thing that has struck me after working for more than a decade to connect churches in the U.S. with churches that World Renew works with overseas is the similarity between them.

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Over the last ten years classis Chatham has conducted more than fifteen exams. My overall impression is that one exam is pretty much like another, even though the purpose of each exam is different.

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Years ago I was a delegate to a CRC Synod. It turned out that I was the youngest member there.

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In this issue, college students with disabilities describe how they’re being engaged to grow in their faith and discipleship.

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We wanted to provide leaders with great ideas for inviting people to Coffee Break and for creating a Coffee Break culture that was inviting. So we went to the experts...

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"The God I serve is a God of presence, not a God of protection."

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