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As Kizzy Thomas took the stage at Inspire 2017 and shared her art with us all, I was left wondering why we don’t use [spoken word poetry] more often. Do you incorporate spoken word poetry in worship at your church?

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"The Heidelberg Catechism - 450th Anniversary Edition" is now available as an audio book on iTunes and Audible.

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Join us Thursday evening for a free webinar where you'll learn how to be a successful climate advocate in your district!

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My summer will be spent on Straja mountain working at VIATA Adventure Camp. Though I will predominately be supporting the Romanian staff, I'll also get to work alongside youth, learning teamwork and social entrepreneurship.

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I am trying to locate the booklet 'Someone Cares' by Rev Leonard Schalkwyk. It is out of print and may have a revised title. Can anyone direct me on this? 

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IN: Synod

I wanted to share with this community a poem that I have written on The Belhar Confession. 

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TOGETHER, a new, inclusive Bible Study from Friendship Ministries, uses a wide range of teaching techniques to help participants apply the lessons to their own lives. 

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During our annual Chaplaincy and Care conference, I had the honor of meeting two pioneers who courageously overcame many challenges and paved the way for my ministry as a chaplain.  

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I'm looking to purchase a new compact Bible and wonder what version most CRC pastors are using. I see the TNIV, ESV, and NLT have all been approved in the last 11 years. 

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The fall Coffee Break retreat, which will be held October 27-29 in Pittsville, MA, is filling up fast! Retreat with other leaders in a beautiful setting. 

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Would you like to discuss worship with a small group of fellow worship planners/leaders/participants? Groups will begin forming in August and now is the time to think about asking people to join you! 

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This is a ledger I wrote for our church's Benevolent Fund, but it is generic enough it can be used for any offering/fund you have.

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We are a smaller, well-established congregation from Mt. Hamilton CRC looking for a full-time pastor to help us in our church move to Mount Hope, ON.

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Pastors with a disability. Clergy with disabilities reflect on the interplay of disability and ministry. 

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How do we each listen well to voices from cultures different from our own and voices within our cultures, while discerning whether those voices are leading us closer to Christ or away from him? Here is our take on it.

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This sermon is part of a series based on the book Live

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Although Detroit has at times gotten a bad rap, the city is in the middle of renaissance. As Detroit-area residents and pastors, my friend Mark and I have put together a list of reasons you can’t afford not to come to Detroit for Inspire 2017. 

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Perhaps the most common reason (of the many reasons) people come to religion is control. But God is not tamable, not even through our religious programs and practices. 

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Hosting a trip that included volunteers with physical challenges and developmental disabilities was fairly unusual for World Renew, but it was worth the effort, said Art Opperwall, program manager for World Renew DRS.

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In case you missed it, we recently changed the name of the ministry topic "Church Jobs" to "Church Positions" to better reflect our Reformed view of ministry as a calling.

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IN: Synod, IN: Worship

Below you will find a document which lists all the songs we sang at Synod 2017, along with where you can find them, the service outlines, and the banner images used on the PowerPoint.   

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