The barriers people with disabilities face begin with people’s attitudes—attitudes often rooted in misinformation and misunderstandings about what it’s like to live with a disability.

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Our elders had so few resources, in comparison to our relative wealth, yet they were much more active, faithful, and consistent than their counterparts today. We wanted to know, for our own well-being, the difference between our time and theirs.

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Nelson Avenue Community Church in Burnaby, BC is reviewing applications for a Children and Youth Director.

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In a very different and much more subtle way, the court also experienced a different story of faith formation: the formation of the grieving community. It’s not my place to describe what they are going through, but I am deeply struck by two things...

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What does a life­-giving, ministry strengthening debrief look like? A good debrief is where iron can sharpen iron for the sake of ministry effectiveness. An effective debrief...

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It is easy for a local congregations and classes to see campus ministry as a stand-alone ministry. As such, it is often viewed not as a partner, but a project. How can we change this perception?

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IN: Synod

To keep prayer at the forefront of our minds, check out these daily devotionals created for the 30 days leading up to Synod 2016! 

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There’s something about the first warm day in Spring that gives us a rare enthusiasm to clean our homes and yards. As a church communicator, it’s also a great time to look over your website. 

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It's one thing to paint a picture or try your hand at the pottery wheel (and if you mess up, so what?); it’s another thing entirely to work with living souls. The stakes feel so much higher.

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Covenant CRC in Appleton, Wisconsin is seeking either a part time pastor or 9 month intern to serve as a youth and outreach pastor.

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"Out of this one day of training, the Circle of Grace program is beginning to ripple through our community."

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A Learning Community is a great way for people to share best practices, news ideas and discoveries! Let's take a look at the benefits and the barriers of this type of community. 

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IN: Synod

Did you hear the big change coming to Synod 2016? For the first time EVER, deacons will be delegates. Is this decision overdue? Do you have any concerns? Are you going as a deacon?

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We've created a short 5-question survey to get to know you better. We need your help to make The Network the best ministry sharing site around!

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If we all confess that we seek to glorify God, build the church, and participate in God’s mission in the world, then surely we have the resources to pursue hope-filled dialogue despite differences.

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Cornerstone Christian Reformed Church of Chilliwack, BC has an immediate opening for a part time Director of Worship/Music.

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Some of the best conversations with children at church happen when I join them at the activity table. There’s something about sitting side-by-side as we draw, color, cut or paste that sparks conversation. 

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Support the mission of Western Theological Seminary (WTS) to “prepare Christians called by God to lead the church in mission” by serving as the associate director of formation for ministry.

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When someone doesn’t show up in worship for a month, we know we shouldn’t take it personally. But we do. When we’re healthy, we realize it isn’t about us. But who is healthy all the time? 

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IN: Deacons, IN: Elders

I was reading a Worship article in the Calvary CRC newsletter (Edina, MN) when the following headline caught my eye: Blessings in Service: Elder and Deacon Stories. 

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By searching Pinterest, Ariana finds up-to-date crafts or activities that fit her Story Hour class. Read about some of the creative ways she's incorporated crafts and activities into the telling of Bible stories. 

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