The CRCNA believes that the global church has a crucial and necessary role to play if the world is to begin adequately addressing the reality of climate change, which is why it has launched Phase Two of the Climate Witness Project.

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Rho Hee Suk is a missionary to Hukuoka, Japan and first heard about Coffee Break from friend. Now, she rejoices as she sees people come to Christ through their participation in Coffee Break.

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As much as I enjoy a few quiet moments before the worship service to prepare my heart for what is coming, I’m actually more concerned about the preparation that occurs throughout the week.

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Oak Hills Church is looking for a full-time Director of Children and Youth Ministries. 

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Christian Reformed Home Missions brings you John's full story of his mission with the Third Ward in the new video, "On Earth as it is in Heaven."

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When is it the right decision to leave an abusive marriage? This anonymous author shares her painful journey of wrestling with the decision to leave an emotionally abusive marriage.

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As we move beyond this historic agreement it is the responsibility of Christians and religious communities of all kinds to hold their governments to the commitments made in Paris.

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Telling faith stories is a powerful way to share what God is doing in our community, our churches, and our homes. Has your church developed any unique storytelling traditions or practices that other churches could adapt? 

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Since we now keep all minutes electronically, there is no obvious existing option for storing hard-copy signatures. How have other churches handled this?

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Article 71 directs Councils to diligently encourage the members of the congregation to establish and maintain good Christian Schools in which the biblical, Reformed vision of  Christ's lordship over all creation is clearly taught.

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Churches are more than buildings taking up space in a city, town, or neighborhood. These are people who encounter the God of cities and nations.

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Looking for an impromptu, meaningful way for the children in your small group to retell the Bible story? Check out this idea from blogger Mina Munns at Flame: Creative Kids Children’s Ministry.

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In our series introducing you to the staff of Faith Formation Ministries, I would like you to meet Karen De Boer, Creative Resource Developer, from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. 

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In the six months I have been doing my job I have come to realize one thing. One of the most important things I can do for my students is be available and intentional. 

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I was not born disabled, nor have I been disfigured in any way. But the insidious invasion of my Parkinson’s Disease continues to dismantle one aspect or another of my otherwise ordinary daily life.

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This documentary shows how schizophrenia affects the individuals who suffer from the illness(es) and their entourage.  I think watching the video speaks for itself.

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Last week there was a healthy discussion about government's responsibility to care for the poor.

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This will be short sweet and to the point! If ever you guys need something to do on a random day, or the first week of every month (like I do) I recommend CRASH nights!

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As the interim pastor who doesn’t have “a pony in this race,” I have found it most interesting to be here and, in a minimal way, a part of the process. 

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It's with these words: "Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ" that I can breathe easier and silently acknowledge ... ah .... 'Home Sweet Home.' 

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You don’t need a reminder that Easter is quickly approaching. But as you’re fine-tuning your plans, I want to offer a few ideas for how you can make sure your work benefits the most people possible. 

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