The Webster Dictionary tells us that 'to thank' comes from the same root as 'to think'. Therefore, thankfulness is a habit and a practice that can grow.

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This bulletin insert, formatted for easy photocopying, gives a brief overview of the ministry of Christian Reformed Disability Concerns.

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IN: Elders

The fall season is upon us and some of our readers will serve as Elders. You will have thought about the task ahead, perhaps with some trepidation. Find below a list of helpful hints! 

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These one to three minute video interviews of people living with disabilities will work well for showing in a worship service, Sunday School class, or other settings. 

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We recently learned Google Apps is free for churches in Canada. Great news, but what if you're not a Google person? Fear not, Microsoft offers the same feature set as Google Apps...and it's free, too! 

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Where are seeds of faith first planted by the Holy Spirit? Within the family! But the church also partners with the family in this process. Keep reading to find ways to help parents nurture faith. 

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Harderwyk Ministries (MI) seeks an innovative team player to lead its multi-faceted youth ministry program and equip its three worshipping communities in discipling young people.

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Fear of the unknown and the grief that our child might not be “normal” gripped us. But through it all, we relied on God’s strength and grace to carry us through our fears and grief. 

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Georgetown is seeking applicants for a Director of Children’s Ministries. This 15 hr/wk position is responsible for providing direction and support for children's ministries through 5th grade.

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None of the volunteers drew attention to themselves. So they didn’t get much attention. For this reason, churches need to be alerted. We agreed and gave it a name: Pastor and Ministry Appreciation. 

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I recently found a fabulous pattern for making wonderful stand-up Bible story characters. I’ve listed three ideas for how you might use them but I'm sure there are many more! 

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Over the next few weeks, The Network wants to join with you in brainstorming simple and thoughtful ways to say “THANKS!” to the leaders in your church. 

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Looking for a conference to attend for encouragement, ideas and the opportunity to connect with others involved in ministry? Here are the two (both in Chicago, IL) that I never miss! 

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We have given many contradictory views on manhood—be rough and tumble but kind and compassionate, be strong and fierce, but able to cry, and on and on. Is this hindering men in their faith?

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Even though immigrants bring a wealth of cultural and economic growth to the U.S., mainstream culture frequently describes them as a burden. It's time to unlearn this thinking...

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IN: Synod

The Board of Trustees of the Christian Reformed Church in North America met from Sept. 24 to 26, 2015 at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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“Having legal possession over a child doesn’t mean they’re your property. It means they’re your responsibility." 

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Our church is in transition and looking to re-establish what it means to be a committee that takes care of the Property and the Finances of the church. What ought this group do?

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As summer turns to fall, we'll take a look back at the first few months of Faith Formation Ministries' work. Next week, we'll preview what's to come. 

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Children with disabilities are part of God's family, but people don't always treat them that way. In this book you'll discover how to help kids and their leaders welcome and include kids with disabilities at church or school.

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Is it possible, given our preference of heart-knowledge over head-knowledge, that we, too, are at risk of abandoning our long and strong tradition of intellectual exploration?

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