New IN: Coffee Break, New IN: Leaders

What would you hope for from a Coffee Break Leader training? When asked, the 32 leaders gathered in Chicagoland resonated with two common themes: encouragement and becoming more effective in leading conversation.

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Rev. Dr. Eugene Callender left a lasting legacy of evangelism, social justice, and imparting wisdom to African American leaders in the CRC. Frankly speaking, I'm able to serve in the CRC because of leaders like Dr. Callender. 

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The Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee of the Christian Reformed Church invites you to pray along with us for missing and murdered indigenous women.

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At this event, training leader Cara Milne will give practical information and support so that faith communities can learn to implement a universal design for creating a generous community of welcome and supporting an atmosphere of belonging.

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Lasting personal relationships always require intentional persistent strategies that are planned, encouraged, and modeled by the leadership in the church. Check out these ideas for establishing lasting relationships.

July 14, 2017 413 1 2 comments

What is a good way to pay those who substitute for church employees?

July 14, 2017 83 2 2 comments

Christian Reformed Home Missions and Christian Reformed World Missions are now Resonate Global Mission. Here are some FAQs about how this change affects your contributions that support this work.

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Are you from Amy’s church?  Is there ice cream tonight? How much cheese did you bring? These are just some of the questions we commonly receive from the residents of the People in Need House (PIN House). 

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What’s the essential work of an elder? Articulating vision is the primary work of elders. Here’s how elders attend to this visioning responsibility…

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In this post you'll find the 2017 Ministers' Compensation Survey, information on ministry shares and ministers' pension, and benefit information. 

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One Sunday as I sang along to the song on the screen, I realized I might not entirely mean what I was singing.

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Will your church be celebrating the multicultural church of Christ this All Nations Heritage Sunday? The order deadline for bulletin inserts and covers is July 25. 

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This is the third sermon of a six message series written by Pastor Jack Van de Hoef based on the book Live by World Renew and Micah Challenge. 

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The fine folks at Illustrated Children's Ministry have just posted a fabulous resource to share with the families in your church. It's a list of  5 questions to ask your kids (and each other!) this summer. 

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Have you seen the July 2017 Safe Church Newsletter? Meet our summer intern, discover 10 ways to make your church a safer place, and find out where to connect with us at Inspire 2017! 

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Do you prepare to worship? The kid’s are going crazy. You’re tired. Anxious. Overwhelmed. How can we prepare the heart for gathered worship? Try focusing your heart using this prayer from Valley of Vision

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In 2018, we'd like to give the "Together Doing More" section of The Banner a fresh look and a new name. What types of posts would you like to see? Any suggestions for what to call this section? 

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IN: Prayer

In prayer we ask for gifts of grace. The gift of presence from the Almighty. Prayer is a plea for something we can’t do for ourselves. Art and prayer both require an act of the will.

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Please feel free to use and share these prayer cards for SERVE projects in your church!

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Jesus calls us to love our neighbor. Part of loving our neighbor is creating systems, budgets, policies, that create a community where all people can live abundantly, starting with their basic needs.

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The Climate Witness Project now has teams in 71 churches and more than 450 partners working hard to educate people on climate change, advocate for more just policies, and steward energy well. Learn how you can get involved!

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