It was not until we moved to a new town and a new church that I really saw and felt the contrast between a young, homogenous (in age) community and one that spans many generations. 

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To help your congregation, Disability Concerns created a Mental Health Speakers Bureau to allow congregations to find qualified people in their area who can speak on mental health issues. 

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Two years ago I heard a young woman say, “I long to be part of a church that smells like Jesus.” Her longing forced me to stand in front of the mirror of self-reflection. 

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EverGreen Ministries (Hudsonville, MI) is looking to hire a part-time ministry leader to oversee birth - 2nd grade programming on Sunday mornings. 

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For Jarett, the thought of going to a church camp that was hours away from his family and those who fully understood his anxiety, was terrifying. Nonetheless, this year would be different. 

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IN: Prayer

As I draw this flower, it really does feel like I’m seeing it for the first time. In this way, drawing is like prayer. Prayer is the practice of learning to wake up to the world, having our eyes opened. 

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Anyone living in our culture today is vulnerable to addiction — including pastors. However, because of their position as spiritual leaders, pastors can have a hard time reaching out for help. 

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For 29 years, Professor Arie Leder has stimulated and challenged the hearts and minds of students at Calvin Seminary. See how he summarized his teaching experience in just forty minutes. 

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The CRCNA believes that the global church has a crucial and necessary role to play if the world is to begin adequately addressing the reality of climate change, which is why it has launched Phase Two of the Climate Witness Project.

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To prepare for the Gathering, participants were given some questions to spark their ideas on ministry and the local church. We thought it could be helpful to pass those questions on to YOU!

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Leadership was that scary monster under the bed for me. Thinking about telling others what to do would wake me up at night in a sweat. So how could a guy like me accept leadership?

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I believe one of the biggest problems in churches and denominations today is their inability to have difficult conversations well. Here are three critical things people must do to have any hope of success in crucial conversations.

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Are you satisfied with what God has given you today? Depending on your day, your employment status, your family situation or your tax refund, this may seem like a loaded question. 

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We are the dynamic energy of the people of God. Welcome the lonely, encourage those who are down, befriend the friendless. This is how the church works.

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For many years, I struggled to teach myself how to play guitar. After getting stuck, I took more lessons and my learning picked up. This is much like discipleship in the church today. 

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While Easter and Christmas often monopolize your planning efforts, research from LifeWay suggests you need to be intentional about preparing your Mother’s Day service as well. 

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Is there a sermon that completely opened your eyes to see things in a new way? Or, is there a sermon that spoke deeply into a struggle you've faced most of your life? I'd love to hear about it!

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Transparency isn’t just another name for an “overhead”—it’s also an essential quality of a good teacher. To be true to Christ and to the kids you teach, cultivate honesty in your life by keeping in mind these tips. 

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IN: Synod

We know our report asks hard questions and probes into corners we might want to forget. But we also know that hearing hard truths and questions, while painful, can set in motion a process of healing. 

April 26, 2016 3 17 comments

As I thought about what to write, my mind turned to the time I thought I was going to die. After my diagnosis, I bought the book Dying Well, which described 5 things dying people need to say. 

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“You will never fully heal until you forgive,” is a phrase I’ve heard more times than I care to acknowledge. Is it possible that modern ideas about forgiveness do more harm than good? 

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