If our commemoration of “Canada 150” is to contribute to reconciliation and hope, then a vital part of the occasion must be to take to heart the full story of the Canadian community.

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To eliminate the Affordable Care Act without simultaneously replacing it with an alternative jeopardizes its recognized progress and puts ongoing access to comprehensive, affordable coverage for people with disabilities at risk.

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Searchlight Ministries in Jamestown, Michigan is looking for a pastor. 

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As a new church administrator, I'd like to ensure that I'm up to date on possible changes to Canadian legislation related to CRA, insurance, AODA, employment standards, etc. Any ideas?

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In a neighborhood that faces many challenges, an arts ministry holds great potential. As Stryker points out, “Beauty, while not necessary to survive, is essential for the human spirit to thrive.” 

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This new topic is a place where members of Pastor Search Committees can correspond with each other, share resources and best practices, and even share frustrations.

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I am a faithful member of a local church, but I love listening to sermons online throughout the week. What are some of the churches you listen to online, get fed from? 

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The Temple Curtain, written for children 8-14, tells the story of a Palestinian family living in Jerusalem in Jesus' day. If interested, I'd be willing to give your church an electronic or print version of the book. 

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Are you a Coffee Break or Small Group leader? Consider attending this exciting learning retreat in Port St. Lucie, Florida from February 3-5, 2017! 

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My husband, Ed, and I have traveled a long road with his disabilities. We’ve been told to pray and fast for healing, and trust that he will be healed. It sounds so easy, but a cure has not come. 

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Cindy Stover has just started working part-time as Justice Mobilizer for the CRC in Canada. So without further ado, here’s a little Q & A between Cindy Stover and Do Justice editor Danielle Steenwyk-Rowaan.

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Talbot Street Church in London, Ontario is seeking a full-time worship director.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. day is not a “Black” holiday. It is a day to affirm the dignity of all people. It is a day to remember the example of King – a drum major for justice.

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Curious what the Connections Project teams have learned after just six months of talking to congregations and individuals about ministry resources? Keep reading to find out.  

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What can we Christians do in light of this painful news? Here’s a humble suggestion: pray for shalom. Pray for physical and emotional healing for the victim, his parents, family, and friends. 

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I have a church in my area that is considering an electronic sign-in for nursery and children's ministry programs. Does anyone have suggestions or resources that may be helpful?

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“So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering.” (MSG)

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Introducing the newest member of our Faith Formation Ministries team: Sam Gutierrez. Sam serves as a Regional Catalyzer in California. 

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Aetna Christian Reformed Church in Falmouth, Michigan is seeking to follow Christ's leading into a new season of ministry.

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When Grace first became a Christian, she simply offered up to the Lord her pen, her Bible, and her voice. She didn’t feel like she had much to offer, but God is working through her in ways she never expected.

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Engraved Upon the Heart by Hwarang Moon makes a good case for something dear to my own heart as an ordained pastor in the Reformed tradition and as the father of a daughter who has severe intellectual disability. 

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