In Dr. George Hunsberger’s last lecture at Western Theological Seminary he asked the question, “What difference does it make when you put the word missional in front of the word church?”

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I suggest that one of the greatest challenges facing Africa today is that Christians have not had a truly transformed worldview, based on the Bible. Perhaps this is still a problem in America too! 

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Park Church in Holland, MI is looking for a Lead Pastor. 

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In my 62 years as a member of the CRC, I’ve noticed that we tend to describe people either in terms of the opinions they hold or the stories they share. And these two are very different.

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Rather than advising flashier technology or younger staff, Growing Young helps churches address some cross-cultural barriers that will produce deeper, more lasting change in their engagement with today’s youth. 

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Rock of Life CRC is seeking an experienced person to lead worship part time up to 20 hrs per week. 

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Seymour CRC is seeking a part-time Youth Pastor to oversee its youth programs (7th grade - college age).

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Seymour CRC is searching for a Senior Pastor to replace our retiring pastor.

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A while back I sat around a table listening to a bunch of people quite a bit older than I talking about faith. Though our vocabulary and context is different, I was deeply humbled by their impeccably relevant questions. 

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Can anyone share with me their staffing grid (job position titles and how many hours each position works) for a church with 300-350 members?

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Shawnee Park Christian Reformed Church is seeking a Director of Discipleship. 

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When I asked my class of nearly 30 students to pick their #1 line from the Confessions of Augustine, there was very little duplication. This list of their 'top lines' may encourage you to revisit this classic spiritual autobiography.

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Shawnee Park Christian Reformed Church is seeking a full-time Director of Administration.

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Pease CRC, a large, rural church in central Minnesota, is hiring a full-time director of youth & education.

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How might remembering that each person has a dream—some broken, some whole—change the ways we care for each other on the street corner, at the grocery store, in our congregations and in our neighborhood? 

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IN: Candidacy, IN: Prayer

I am normally not one to present lists but I believe there is a deepening of appreciation and understanding by reading the 34 countries of origin and 22 countries of citizenship represented at the Seminary this fall.

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The artist Prince will be remembered for a long time. He had an impressive property, a studio, and countless records to spark people’s memory of him. But what about me? Will anyone remember me?

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GEMS Girls’ Clubs is looking for an Executive Director whose words and example inspire girls and women to live all in for Jesus Christ. 

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Lots of ideas come to mind when people think “pastor’s spouse.” Playing the piano. Leading children’s worship. Making coffee. But I've never felt tied to these traditional expectations and it's made all the difference.

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Are World Missions & Home Missions still two separate ministries? I had heard that they were combining. Our church has been taking separate offerings for them and I was wondering if that is correct. 

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That nursery programs hold this much intergenerational ministry potential is often overlooked in churches where nursery is viewed as the hard to staff, catch all for kids who can’t be, or don’t want to be, in worship. 

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