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Our worship committee is looking at reading a book together to (re)orient our work. Any suggestions? One idea we got was to look at "For the Beauty of the Church"...has anyone read that? 

December 5, 2016 0 3 comments

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A mentor told me that good preaching was like a good BBQ. You’ve got to take your time on the prep work. This summer I’ve been brought back to that image as I’ve worked my way through A Little Handbook for Preachers

September 22, 2016 1 0 comments

Trinity CRC, located in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska, is seeking a full time pastor. 

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Sam Huizenga describes what it means to be collaborative in her work coaching and training leaders of small groups. What about you? Do you have a story about working collaboratively with another church or ministry? 

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Stephanie Williams, M.D., chief of the blood and marrow transplant program at Spectrum Health in Chicago, talks about what it means to her to be part of the CRC. Do you have a story about what it means to you to be Christian Reformed?

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Darleen Litson, a member of Four Corners CRC in Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, tells the story of her call to leadership. What about you? Do you have a story about cultivating leadership? 

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Mark Hilbelink, pastor of Sunrise Community Church in Austin, Texas, describes how “The Weirdest Little Church in Texas” set out to call and nurture disciples. How about you? Do you have a story about discipleship? 

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From what I can tell we only accept straight transfers from RCA, EPC, and ECO. Does this mean that anyone coming from PRC, URC, PCA, etc. must profess their faith again in the CRC? 

September 21, 2016 0 4 comments

Kevin DeRaaf, pastor of Faith CRC in Burlington, ON, tells the story of how his church moved their ministry beyond church walls. How about you? Do you have a story about your church engaging with its community?

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장애와 일자리. 장애를 가진 사람들의 실업률은 장애가 없는 사람의 약 두 배가 되지만, 장애를 가진 자들을 고용한 고용주와 장애를 가진 자들이 일자리을 찾은 이야기들을 나눌것 입니다.

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Lori writes, "Okay, time to 'fess up! Perhaps the greatest fear of my life came to fruition on September 7, 2016. The fear of being institutionalized!"

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Maranatha Christian Reformed Church in Woodstock, Ontario is seeking a part-time Director of Worship and Music Coordinator to start in January 2017.

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Last year thirteen churches took a risk, they joined a cohort of churches willing to work with the Building Blocks of Faith Model. This model answers the question: What do people need for their faith to grow?

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Do you have a story to share about how living with a disability shaped your own spiritual practice? Or do you have experience with paid caregivers? If so, share your story in an upcoming issue of Breaking Barriers.  

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Spiritual abuse is difficult to talk about because often those who spiritually abuse have sincerely held intentions. But as Jesus clearly saw, the cost of a faith that is driven by fear and legalism is too high for us to ignore.

September 20, 2016 2 1 comments

I've noticed that people like me and congregations like mine have chosen one of three types of relationships with their denominations. The third group (the newest kid on the block) may not be readily apparent to most.

September 19, 2016 0 2 comments

I recently wrote this text to bless our children's ministry leaders and volunteers after their fall informational meeting. Feel free to use and adapt for your own fall ministries.

September 19, 2016 0 0 comments

Phoenix CRC is looking to hire a part time Worship Leader to select songs, coordinate musicians and praise teams, and help lead Sunday morning worship. 

September 19, 2016 0 0 comments

Every year churches across the CRC celebrate All Nations Heritage Sunday using worship resources from Race Relations. Last year almost 20,000 bulletin inserts and covers were ordered! Join us in the celebration. 

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We are challenged to discern God's activity by asking: Who in the community is working on behalf of the infants so they won’t die? Who is standing up for the worker? Who is working on behalf of the old? 

September 19, 2016 1 1 comments

The theme of the Fall 2016 issue of Breaking Barriers features stories of people with mild, moderate and severe disabilities who have found meaningful work. 

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