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Guelph Campus Ministry, located at the University of Guelph, is currently accepting applications for a half-time campus minister, beginning on January 1, 2017.

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Looking to attend a conference or educational event on youth and/or intergenerational ministry? Here's a list of what's coming up this fall and into 2017. Please add your favorites to the list! 

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August has arrived! If you’re a church leader, you may be looking for a curriculum for your small group, adult study classes, or youth group. Perhaps one of these 5 curricula is a good fit for your church. 

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Join the Office of Social Justice for two upcoming educational film screenings on climate change in the Grand Rapids area.

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Evangelism is a hard thing. I've experienced that in youth ministry. We can't give up on sowing seeds if it's hot outside or we are sweating a lot! We can't give up because its hard or inconvenient. 

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I want us to wrestle with conversations that may be difficult. I want us to enter together into the beautiful mess of reconciliation. I want us to have a candid conversation, as family, about race.

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A warm welcome to newly appointed editor of The Banner, Shiao Chong! We are curious. . . If you were the newly appointed editor of The Banner, what would be the headline or topic of your next editorial?

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Escazú Christian Fellowship (ECF) has begun an international search for her next pastor – a dedicated Christ-follower gifted by the Spirit as a shepherd, preacher, teacher, and leader.

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I wonder, can we imagine Jesus doing the things we will do today? Might we be able to say because I painted this room, because I cleaned this kitchen, “Today I feel a little bit more like Jesus.”

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When we feel safe, we can be curious, learn, and grow—attributes that we especially want to foster in our children and youth. As faith communities, we need to invest time and resources into safety. 

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Katy and her husband shared this blessing that they speak to their children nightly. Speaking this to children not only blesses them but it reminds them (and us!) of why we tell these stories.

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A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in The Network Survey. We received an overwhelming response and your feedback is incredibly helpful. So without further ado, let's get to the results! 

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In talking with Christians who are sponsoring Muslim refugees, I sense that they are sensitive to not using coercion in their witness. But sometimes they are also holding back from a robust witness. 

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As a family, we learned to put something back in its original place so he could find it again, and not to move the furniture without telling him. Yes, we learned the hard way to make those issues priorities.

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Congregations always have a culture. You won’t find it written down in mission statements or council minutes but walk into any congregation on a Sunday morning, and you will gradually gain a sense of who is welcome. 

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South Kendall Community Church in Miami, FL, is looking for a part-time Operations and Communications Coordinator. 

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It happens all too often. . . an act of violence and terror strikes a community and the mayor calls the community to prayer. So who plans the service? This is something worth thinking about proactively.

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간질과 함께 살기. 성인의 약 2 %가 그들 일생에 간질을 갖이며, 이들 중 1/3이 한번 이상을 경험한다. 여기의 이야기들은 (온라인에는 더 많이) 개인이나 혹 경험 발작이 그들이 사랑하는 사람들이 경험한 간질을 적은것이다.

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It was not until we moved to a new town and a new church that I really saw and felt the contrast between a young, homogenous (in age) community and one that spans many generations. 

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The Spring 2016 issue of the Coffee Break Newsletter is now available! This newsletter seeks to encourage you to share what you are learning about Coffee Break and Story Hour/Little Lambs leadership.

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The Leadership Training Event (LTE 2016) for church leaders will be held on Tuesday, September 13 from 6 to 9:15 pm, at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. 

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