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This has become something Iv'e started thinking about lately as im spending more and more time in our churches tech ministry expecially durring the summer months.   This is not something thats just come about either.  I've been blessed enough to have started in my church at the young (at least to most) age of 12 running sound, Im now 25.  I have been blessed with 12 years in the sound ministry and am still fully involved.  I started origionally running it 2 Sundays a month, then went to 3 plus 5th Sundays, then even 4 for awhile.  Then someone new, who knew nothing about it, took over as lead tech so I gave him 2 of the Sundays.  Eventually per his idea we got a tech for each Sunday, and he kept his and took 5th Sundays, as well as started to do the Funerals and weddings. (Up to this point I did all that too)  Fast forward a 1/2 year.  I start doing my Sunday wich was moved as well as 5th Sundays and Most funerals.   Then we started hosting our summer evening service in the fellowship hall, because of air conditioning.  I mix 95% of services and other events down there.  On top of mixing, because I'm the one who knows about all the equipment, I am responible for up keep, getting perchase approval, and  purchasing the actuall equpment, even the 9 volts to use in the wireless.  I still am not even the head of the tech committee but know the most about all the stuff including the power point computer and projector.    Also a point I feel I should also make here is that I also spend around an hour in my church a week, setting up for Sunday worship, even when it's not my week, so when the praise team gets there every thing is ready.  Being honest im the only tech thats there before praise team.

The church Janitor recently asked if I was paid, becuase I spend time at the church durring the week.  When I said, "No" he couldn't believe that.  Since next to paid staff, I'm the only one who spends time of my own at the church durring the week, expecially when I have to move stuff around for events.  I wondered if thats common?  In all that time no "gift card", no "Thank you" card,  no kind of compinsation just to even say thanks.  I mean all the staff gets fruit baskets at christmas, or cookies from sunday school kids, or pie from the gems, even the janitor and grounds people get that stuff.

I Love doing what I do, 100% But this is a "thankless Job" if you will, and sometimes just a little appreciation would be nice. Im not asking allot, i dont think but just wondered:  

First: Do any of your churches do anything for that kind of person, and if so what do you do?

Second: Is that a position worth paying, if so around how much? (If your church pays a tech, put that as well as $)

Third: Is a person like that really appreciated?

Fourth:  How would you make sure not to loose them?


Thanks for your time in this matter, I'm just seeking some oppinions:

Brian Hilbrand

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    Well my situation was different.  I noiticed after joining our Church that there was a lack of any tech advancement.   I kind of stuck my nose in and they ended up asking me to join the sound team.  I ended up changing lots of things, adding digital recording, video and ironing out other issues.  I spend a number of hours each week editing audio and video and making sure stuff is ready for next Sunday on the sound, video side.   So they offered me $200/month stipend and to join the staff as part timer.  Last year they offered to up the stipend, but I didn't feel comfortable with that as I had origianally intended to just be a volunteer.   I regularly get thank you notes and a few gift cards and feel very appreciated.  But even if I wasn't, I would still do the work as it needs to be done.  I expect somone more qualified will take over someday and I will find something else to do around the Church.


   You must be doing a great job, because as a behinds the scene person, the better you do your job, the less people notice.    Maybe cause a squelch every now and then or take a month vaction....   May God bless you for the service you provide.


I certainly feel for you. Our church doesn't pay its sound and projection technicians either, although I'm the staff person who puts the projection slides together, so that part is paid. We have recently hired a technical staff, who is learning the ropes, but will someday be in charge of the sound team volunteers. I think many churches are in a bind on this matter, because there are so many volunteers who go above and beyond. However, that is no excuse for not recognizing that sound technicians are indispensable, are usually the first to arrive and the last to leave. That you are not thanked for your efforts is inexcusable. The other staff and the musicians who benefit from your work should certainly be taking the time to thank you, and maybe someone needs to put a bug in your property committee's ear to ensure that gift baskets are given.


We don't pay for sound techs, but we thank them often in person because they come in early to set up every week (We are a mobile church).

In past churches, the church required that funerals, weddings, etc (anything not church sponsored) have to hire a church sound tech to run the equipment.  It wasn't much $25-50.  It did acknowledge that many of them had to sacrifice to help out (take an hour or two off work).

I work at the same church as Rick (Sherick) De Baan. I just wanted to add that for Weddings and Funerals, our facilities rental contract requires that an authorized church person run the sound & tech, and the contract stipulates they will be paid and how much for working at events that are not regularly scheduled worship services.

As Rick noted, he is paid a small stipend, but his responsibility also extends to keeping our church office computers running and helping all our staff with technology and intergrating technology in worship; not just Sunday morning responsibilities. Those who serve on the sound team and other tech-related jobs related to worship, serve as volunteers and are unpaid.

I am so saddened that you are not feeling appreciated by your church. The work you are doing is important and is I'm sure you are a great blessing! I think you would be doing a service to your church leadership to speak with them about how you are feeling. Whether it's simply lack of appreciation, or perhaps that you are overextended with how much you serve (you are BUSY!), I would hope that they would respond well to your concern.

I hope this is not the case, but it's possible that a church where a volunteer is not feeling appreciated may have other volunteers who feel the same, and they may need to think about whether they are actively working to thank and appreciate all their volunteers. It's also possible that there is a culture like this and someone just needs to be reminded of all you do!

You seem to have a heart to serve, and it is my hope that you will rediscover joy in serving God's church.


Update to this: I now have a title as "Sound Set Up Coordenator" where I set up for anything thats at church like before, but with a title.  That being said, I have since got a gift card for gas, also as long as I have it set up, I am now haveing the others run the sound out in the fellowship hall.  All this lets me breath a little and enjoy just attending with out running sound every time I'm in the building.

I didn't mention this above, but what I have found to help breath as well is for the past few years have been takeing the 4th Sunday morning every month and going to a friends church, ( A differnt one then mine) and getting away from my church to just hang with a friend.  By that knowing I cant be approached about a problem, or can you do this or that, plus I get to see my friend :)  Thank you all for your nice comments and prayers if any were offered, these things as well as them makeing it an actual title showed me they know my efforts!!

Now the new "Sound Set up Coordenator"


PS I'm also still enjoying my church just like before.  I'm not saying I wasnt appeciated before, but I've feel it more lately.

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