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We have about 80 used hymnals that we no longer need. We are Kuyper College on the East Beltline in Grand Rapids. Please email if interested:

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Our facility is undergoing renovation and we have 25 16.5 foot oak pews, and 6 shorter ones of various sizes.  The cushions are dark red.  We are located in the Chicagoland area.  Please contact me for pictures if you are interested.

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Our congregation is seeking an organ in good working order.  Our old Allen digital organ is starting to fail us, though we do wish to continue to play a few hymns on an organ each week during our Sunday service.  If your church has a good organ that is just collecting dust, and especially if...

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We have 52 church pews that we would love to give to a church that could use them.  They are various sizes, the majority being 18 foot.  They come with hunter green pew pads.  You would need to arrange for pick up.  We are located in Waterford, Michigan.  Please email for more information. ...

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We have a pulpit available to any church who would like it.  It is fairly modern in design, made of white mellamine with oak edging.  The sides are rounded and the front is cut out in the shape of a cross.  It is fairly large and heavy, so not ideal for a location where it will be moved...

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Let me know. We doing THE STORY this year and have one banner but could use more. 

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