Part Time Music/Worship Coordinator - RiverTree Community Church (RCA) - Wyoming, MI

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RiverTree Music Coordinator

Who are We Looking For?

Someone committed to the core essentials of the Christian faith (as represented in The Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds), and who is committed to mutual respect and unity in matters that aren’t part of that Christian core.

Someone who agrees wholeheartedly with RT’s missional core values (learn lots more about us at

Someone who exhibits a real, ongoing, growing relationship with God.

Someone with a heartfelt, God-given passion for worship.

Someone savvy in AVL – audio, video, and lightning – and able to coordinate that team (familiarity with Easy Worship software is a plus, but not required).

Someone who is a gifted musician, singer, and worship leader, ideally someone who plays at least two different instruments (guitar being the most important) and who is a vocalist.

Someone who is organized by nature, good with details and follow-through, able to administrate.

Someone who is a servant leader and team facilitator, who can coordinate weekly worship teams and leaders and who seeks to empower our laity to run and steer our music and AVL teams. This then also means we DON’T want someone who will centralize the music and AVL teams around themselves or who have a top-down understanding of leadership.

Someone comfortable with a more contemporary or blended worship style, and someone who can appreciate and float easily between different musical styles (acoustic, electric rock, gospel/blues, etc.).                                                                                                                       

What will They Do?

Work with the Music Team to coordinate the music of each Sunday or special worship service, ideally choosing songs that tie in thematically with the service’s overall focus.  

Work with the AVL Team to ensure their success and address their needs.

Coordinate rotating worship teams, which entails volunteer recruitment and development, among other things.

Play and sing regularly on Sundays.

Lead worship regularly on Sundays, and be a key support for other worship leaders when he/she does not.

What will We Do for Them?

More-than-fair monetary compensation for their ministry.

A supportive, encouraging core of committed worship volunteers, who take enough responsibility for the worship and AVL ministries at RT that the Music Coordinator doesn’t have to go it alone or carry too much weight.

A positive, collaborative, permission-giving relationship with our Pastor.

A creative, risk-taking church willing to try new things and step outside the norm.

A church centered on reaching those disconnected from God and being a blessing to our surrounding community/neighbors.

To Whom are They Responsible?

Like all staff at RT, their ultimate supervisor is the Pastor, who is in turn responsible to RT’s Steering Team (church board of elders and deacons).

The most direct supervisor is the Music Team, comprised of three key music volunteers who have served in this capacity for years now; thus, this is a position that reports to a peer group.                                                      

How Much and How Often?

10+ hours a week, rate of pay TBD. This makes it a good fit for college and graduate students, or as a 2nd job, or those seeing a quality part-time post.

Anticipated Starting Date: Sometime in April 2016, likely mid to late April

Application deadline: Sunday, 3/27. However, earlier applicants will be shown priority in the interviewing process.

Send resume and cover letter to:

Dr. Christian Shearer (Pastor)

RiverTree Community Church (Reformed Churches of America)

2840 Timberlane SW, Grandville, MI, 49418


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