Betty Wieland leads a Coffee Break group, writes and edits study materials, and served as the Coffee Break Director for many years. Read what she's learned about Coffee Break.

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A Learning Community is a great way for people to share best practices, news ideas and discoveries! Let's take a look at the benefits and the barriers of this type of community. 

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By searching Pinterest, Ariana finds up-to-date crafts or activities that fit her Story Hour class. Read about some of the creative ways she's incorporated crafts and activities into the telling of Bible stories. 

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Leaders have been asking: "Will there be new Discover Your Bible studies ready for next fall?" The answer is: Yes! 

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Do you have a picture of your small group? If not, it's time to take one! We'd love to share a picture of the smiling faces in YOUR small group on the Coffee Break page.

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As a parent of a young child, there have been times when I can’t help but wonder, "Is it really sinking in?" However, a recent event erased my doubts about his grasp of Christ's love for him. 

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How do your groups use Discover Your Bible, Infuse or Discover Life Bible study series? That's what we would like to learn more about!

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A diverse group of women will gather at the Courtyard Marriott in Brandon, FL (near Tampa) April 1-3 for a time of learning and sharpening skills in order to help others discover the Bible. 

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Rho Hee Suk is a missionary to Hukuoka, Japan and first heard about Coffee Break from friend. Now, she rejoices as she sees people come to Christ through their participation in Coffee Break.

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The Coffee Break group in Platte, SD has been using the new printable version of Discover Your Bible in creative ways to meet special needs or the preferences of group members.  

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Have you ever had trouble finding leaders for your Story Hour/Little Lambs Ministry?  Perhaps you could consider your pastor! 

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Silver Spring Coffee Break, in Maryland, recently introduced the Coffee Break Bible discovery method and materials to a Bible study group in a local apartment complex.

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We'll be posting a series of blogs on Coffee Break Ministry innovations. These groups have made small changes to the core practices to connect with more people. What are your innovative ideas?


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Bible memory is important. When working with young children, add motions to the words to help embed the truth of scripture into a child’s heart. 

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Coffee Break Bible discovery groups have impact reaching from Grand Rapids to Nepal. Learn about the leadership events taking place to develop local and global leaders. 

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Enjoy this recording of a webinar on how to lead English as Second Language (ESL) Bible study.

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Coffee Break is both global and local. Check out the Christmas 2015 newsletter for ways you can help your neighbors near and far!

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“This is what Coffee Break is all about...studying Scripture, changing lives, growing closer to God, encouraging one another and loving the women right where they are.” 

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What new ideas have your tried in your Coffee Break Ministry? Have you come up with a new way to recruit leaders? Share your innovative ideas below! 

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The Fall 2015 issue of the Coffee Break Newsletter is now available! This issue has inspiring stories about the impact of Coffee Break in lives, families and communities. 

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God’s love is rippling into and out of the Coffee Break ministry. Look no further than the story of young mom who came to Elmhurst, IL, from Poland and found a relationship with God. 

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Faith CRC in Pella, IA, welcomes children each week to Story Hour and Little Lambs. Read about the ripple effect of this program on the children, families and volunteers! 

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Come face to face with the Christ of Christmas and discover the real meaning of the Christmas story. Discover Christmas is a four session study that's great for small groups, families, and more! 

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What can a Bible study or Coffee Break leader do to encourage the influence and impact of the Word in the lives of group members? Here are a few of my ideas; I'd love to hear yours, too!

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Does your Coffee Break group do a warm up before going into the study? If so, would you be willing to share ideas of video clips, songs, or speakers that you use?

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