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New, and newly revised, Discover Your Bible studies are on the way! In addition, the materials will be made available in multiple formats. Read this article to learn more!

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Are you involved in small group ministry? If so, The Leading Bible Discovery manual can help you facilitate better discussion by asking questions that help others apply God's Word to their lives!

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One member of a cluster expressed her experience this way; “Since we are a small church, and I am the only leader of Coffee Break at the moment, the cluster is like having a leader’s meeting..."

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It’s important to embrace a time of rest and renewal for yourself. You may also be wondering, “What about the connections I made with my little ones? How can I keep those strong over summer?”

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Just as a gardener continues to nurture the plants in their garden as they grow, a small group leader also provides ongoing care to their members—even when they’re apart!

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Jesus used questions to engage people in God's story. This article, from the new Coffee Break newsletter, provides helpful ideas for all types of small group leaders who lead Bible discovery conversations.

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To help attendees and leaders walk in the sandals of the people in the Bible stories, Director and Small Group Leader Julie Baker uses maps, photographs, and her experiences...

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Women who attend Coffee Break at Olympia CRC can “expect to meet new friends, share a cup of coffee, laugh, cry and discover new insights from the Bible” in a casual setting where “no one will call on you...

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Have you ever watched a makeover on TV where the beauty expert pulls someone from the audience and gives them a refreshing update? Well, Coffee Break is turning 44 and we think it’s time to push the refresh button!

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This webinar recording highlights the benefits and learning aspects of two Bible story curricula for preschool age children.

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Plans are underway for a “refresh” that will energize Bible discovery, invigorate small group leaders, and enliven the evangelistic mission of sharing God’s Word with our friends!

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Each week 65-90 women gather together for Bible study in a church that’s located close to the largest transitional shelter in the state of Massachusetts.

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Bible engagement is critical for spiritual growth. What kind of small group enviornment encourages Bible engagement? What kind of leader can help cultivate such a group?

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Small Groups carry a lot of weight in churches. We expect that if people participate in groups they will grow and change. What change are we working toward and how do we know if it happened?

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A quality Koosh ball is my favorite tool to illustrate small group the communication opportunities and challenges.Buy a Koosh ball. Take the ball to your group and throw it around.

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Discussion Topic

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a couple of people regarding Coffee Break being used for ESL (English as a Second Language)  groups in churches.  I admit that this is not my area of expertise, and yet I do agree that ESL can use the Bible very effectively to teach English.  I know of a...

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My wife's small group is finishing up the first study book of "The Gospel of Mark" and they will need the next set of books to continue on. I tried to find where I can order these on this website but to no avail. Please direct me to where these can be ordered. 




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Perhaps some of you have read the dialogue on the Small Groups Forum, about Women’s Ministry.  If not, I encourage you to go there, and read through the post by Freda Kennedy, as well as all of the follow up comments.  There are some great ideas percolating there.  The concept that is being...

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Last month we completed the new Infuse Bible study "Jonah" from the Faith Alive Resources.  It took 10 weeks for us to discuss the four chapters - there was a lot of discussion material.  We loved to chat and discover how our lives are affected by the topic of forgiveness.  Hopefully, more...

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Who's Coming to Dinner?  ...and you shall always eat at My table.  2Sam 9:7b

In Ontario, we're planning our bi-annual Coffee Break Conference - for all women, not just Coffee Break members - its actually our Inspirational Women's Conference.  The theme of the day, will be reflecting on the...

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On Sunday, while visiting the church of my youth, I had the chance to sit next to my uncle, who has recently been widowed.  He welcomed me with enthusiasm, acknowledging the loneliness that lurks when your partner is gone.  As the service began, I noticed how Uncle John sang with gusto the words...

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Hi, my name is Michelle Hoyt and I am a director and small group leader for Coffee Break in South Windsor, Connecticut . We have about 40 ladies attending our study on Thursday mornings.  I am a busy mom with a part time job and am trying to come up with ideas for our special Christmas brunch we...

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This morning, my Google news alert brought me this this story about Racine CRC's Coffee Break program: 

The Word: Coffee Break Bible study groups bring together people of different churches

I'll bet they get a bunch of new people from this kind of publicity!

What do you think...

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Aunque este título es el nombre que lleva el material de estudio bíblicos para grupos pequeños, es también además un método de estudio. Descubriendo Tu Biblia es estudiar juntos la Biblia a través de preguntas que nacen de la Escritura y que a través de las preguntas, aprendemos a aplicar las...

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Recently, someone challenged me to consider what Coffee Break might look like if we took it out of the church. I wonder...

Imagine, 3 or 4 women (the group should remain small), sitting together, week after week, in the same coffee shop, sharing the things of the Lord. Imagine...

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