It’s easy to listen to world news and hear all about crisis situations: Churches are bombed, governments are overthrown, terrorism rises, murders and kidnappings increase. Sometimes you get an urgent prayer request from your missionary. Other times you read about political unrest in a country where your youth group will be volunteering. Did you know that CRCNA has a crisis management team that monitors and evaluates these sorts of situations to help keep missionaries and volunteers safe?

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This letter comes from the Bible Society of Egypt. Hopefully you will find it helpful in understanding the increasingly complicated situation in Egypt and in knowing what to pray for all Egyptians.


"Dear friends,

The very fact that until the...

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When I first chose to go on a January class term to Uganda, I was a bit apprehensive. Not because I was nervous to fly across the ocean, face the mosquitoes, or ride down the (sometimes very) rough roads, but because I had no idea what to expect. I had taken enough development classes to know the disaster stories...

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This past week a neighborhood teenager put a message on Twitter that said, “You know you’re living in a ghetto when the church vans come in for spring break.”

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Is short term missions (STM) a great means of discipleship or a huge distraction from the actual work of missions?  One thing is sure: STM has become a huge phenomenon.  One analyst counted about 500 short term missionaries in 1965 compared to 1,500,000

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I've always been a reader and would love to hear what you've read lately on the topic of global missions.

I'm reading Toxic Charity right now - good stuff.

Then there are the old standbys:

When Helping Hurts

Serving with Eyes Wide Open

The Hole in our Gospel


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How do improved seeds, funding from the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation, and work from a World Renew staff member help a local church to grow?

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Back in November of 2010, this blog appeared in slightly different format.  It must have touched a nerve because it was followed by 50 comments, one of the largest numbers of comments ever on the Network.  I'm repeating it now because we are looking at creating a webinar on this theme.  

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In 1998, newly married, my wife, Nelly, and I attended a small French- speaking church, Eglise St. Marc, and became friends with the many missionaries studying French to minister in French- speaking West Africa. Although we had no intentions of becoming cross-cultural missionaries, we were young, idealistic and ...

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From June 7-9, young adults from across North America gathered to worship God and learn from one another on how to engage 18-30 year olds in the Christian Reformed Church. These young adults, leaders within their congregations, are passionate about their faith and concerned about declining membership...

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It is often said that CRWM is the “word” ministry of the Christian Reformed Church and that World Renew is the “deed” ministry. However, anyone in ministry knows that you cannot have one without the other. Any word ministry must also have action; and deed ministry must be accompanied by word. . .

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When Helping Hurts has become a classic book for those who work with the poor or in missions. It's been the subject of a blog post and a webinar here on the Network. The one question that keeps coming up, both at the conferences and when I talk with those who have read the book, is "What do we do now?"

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I long for the day when our synodical agenda includes a discussion on how we can help our churches engage in effective ministry. The church relations staff of Back To God Ministries International, CRWM, Partners worldwide, and World Renew recommend a helpful set of principles, yet many churches are not aware of them. Synod could give these principles a lot of exposure...

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How can we be good neighbors to the Muslims who live next door? Should we be afraid of Islam? Do Muslims worship the same God we do? How can I share my faith with my Muslim co-worker? These are the kinds of questions a lot of us in North America are asking. We hear a lot of different answers and we often don’t know whose opinions to trust.

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“What do you think you can possibly do to encourage the people in El Potrero? You do not know the language, the culture, the environment! You are from a middle class suburb trying to help some poor farmers in a small community in Honduras! How can you, of all people, encourage them?” 

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Hi there, I'm Wendy Hammond and I'm going to be the new "lead" guide for the Global Mission Network, although Steve will still contribute from time to time. I also hope to post guest submissions from a variety of  mission organizations that represent our denomination - if you have anything you'd like to see, or something to submit, please let me know!

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About two and a half years ago I was asked to fill a one year role as guide for the Global Mission page of the Network.  When the first year was done I thought I might just do this forever.  It has been a lot of fun sharing ideas with you about the Global Mission of the Church and hearing some of your thoughts in return.  After a quarter of a decade, it seems time to hand over the reins to someone new who

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Three weeks ago my older brother was killed when the light plane he was piloting crashed.  His daughter gave a beautiful tribute to her dad, who was a retired fire chief.  In her view he was the "king of the life-saving heroes."  Later in the service their pastor spoke.  He commented on the daughter's title for her dad.  He said that my brother would not have

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Christian Reformed World Missions office staff are working with hundreds of volunteers.  One of the issues we have faced recently is getting background checks for volunteers to check for any history of criminal activity or abuse.  Do you think this is a good practice, or not?

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Back in 1920 when Rev. John De Korne travelled to China as one of the first group of Christian Reformed missionaries to China, he could hardly have imagined that his great grand daughter would travel there 90 years later to adopt a 13 year old Chinese orphan...

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Is it time for God’s church in North America to wake up to a new reality?   A large unreached population is present right in our midst, right now - our Muslim neighbors.  At our upcoming Salaam Project Conference on April 28 from 8am – 12pm at Calvin CRC, Grand Rapids, MI, we are going to discuss why this is the time and the place for God’s church in North America to

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The popularity of the Kony 2012 video has brought worldwide attention to post-conflict Northern Uganda. You might not know that World Renew has been working in Uganda since 1982; Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) began partnering there in 2006. Partners Worldwide is also working there to help those affected by the LRA.

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Do you have a Muslim neighbor? Or doctor or dentist? Many Muslims are immigrating to Canada and the United States and are moving into our communities. How much do you know about Islam, and are you prepared to reach out to your Muslim neighbor in a loving way?

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Reports about missions in the news typically feature short term visits by people with big hearts but who sometimes have very little background understanding.  Long term missionaries, if attended to at all, are often seen through the lens of The Poisonwood Bible.  It doesn't always happen, of course, but

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Missionary giant Hudson Taylor said, "When we work, we work. When we pray, God works." Discover ways to mobilize your church to pray for both local and global missions.

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One thousand Blessings by Ann Voskamp.  This is an amazing , transformational read, beautifully written.  Ann Voskamp writes about her journey from depression and doubt to a life full of God's Grace through the use of gratitude.  It will change your life.

Freda Kennedy

The 7th Edition of Operaton World's Handbook is a fantastic resource; all updated.  Find it at IVP.

I'm glad to see this topic - much discussed but not by the right people, and never resolved - picked up again on this page. I found chapter 7 in B Fikkart's book When Helping Hurts quite helpful in outlining pros and cons.  I'll be glad to join the conversation; with a couple of stories I've picked up along the way.


A man with a mission:  a missionary? 

Mission-ary  -   someone sent ,

Missionem - act of sending.

A Christian missionary can be defined as "one who is to witness across cultures."

Maybe it doesn't matter what you are called.   Maybe it just matters what you do? 

Thanks, Greg, very helpful!

Yes, we are brothers and sisters with all of humanity, including Muslims, as sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. And we also hope that one day soon we will also be brothers and sisters in Christ with many from Islam.

Thank you,

Ben Meyer


Your date has been fixed.

In refering to brothers and sisters, I am thinking more of Isaac and Ishmael. We are all image bearers of God and worthy of love for each other, rather than animosity and tension. There is a jihadist agenda pushing us towards hate that I am trying to counter. To clarify,  I did not mean to infer that we are in any way brothers and sisters in Christ (at least not yet).

We were newly married in 1989. Then the numbers should add up:)

Hi Greg,

May God bless the Muslim world through the Salaam Project!  I enjoyed reading your article; however your phrase "brothers and sisters" in reference both to Christians and Muslims at the end of your article caught me off guard.  Can you clarify?


Ben Meyer

CRWM Guadalajara, Mexico 

Hi Greg,

  The years aren't quite adding up for me.  Are you sure it was 1998.

The Reformed Church of Zambia is our partner in your country. 



CRWM and CRWRC do not start new churches; rather, we work with denominations that are already in the country. To learn more about what the CRC is doing in Zambia, you can visit these links:

Dear bothers in Christ,

My name is George Mwale and am based in Zambia,i would like to kow the possibilty of establishing the Christian Reform Church in Africa and and in my countyr Zambia and other parts of Africa as a way of spreading the world oF God,

I would be very greatful to heraing from you soon

George Mwale


I'm so glad that VIS is able to help Grand Rapids-area churches take the next steps. Not everyone is ready to jump in to the Communities First methodology. Those that do find it very rewarding - watch for an upcoming Network blog!

Hi Wendy:

Great article and GREAT book. I also was able to attend an all day seminar last fall with both of the authors. I really appreciate their desire to help churches think differently about how we help others. Diaconal Ministries of Canada and CFA are both great resources.  Volunteers In Service (VIS) is also a resource for the deacons and through our work with them, we hear about the concern of just meeting immediate needs. VIS spends time meeting with deacons and having discussions on what next steps would look like and how to begin the process of thinking of benevolence beyond the immediate need. VIS believes that being in relationship with someone is at the core of helping. Thanks for the article. 

The second edition is an improvement. Chalmer's is learning from the feedback and addressing the readers concerns.

Most of the work on these principles was done by Karl Westerhof of CRWRC.

Thanks for your leadership Steve.

Welcome, we look forward to the information that you will share with us.

Welcome Wendy.

Thanks for the introduction, Steve, and all your hard work that you've done for the global missions network. I will hold you to your promise to provide some guest blog posts :-)

Morton (see above link) and Matson anticipated that young earth creationist would reinterprete what constitutes a "geological column", either to duck the truth that intact columns exist or to reinterprete them according to rediculous flood analogies that have noempirical basis in fact.  Morton in particular shows how this is not only completely deceptive but demonstratively false according to the scientic evidence.

It's obvious we will get no were when people keep changing the parameters on this topic.  It was supposed to be a simple yes or  no question.  It seems as far as you are concerned that despite the evidence, only some creationist believe they exist.  You are not one of them. I suspect nothing could change your mind.  even

Rinsen, I agree with you that some creationists believe that the entire geologic column is represented in a number of places on earth.   The unknown is really whether all of the sedimentation from each geo period is represented or not.   When erosion occurs, it is difficult to demonstrate how much erosion has occurred.   The thickest layers found on earth for the various periods when added together would make a 200 mile long column.  This might not be the maximum, since even those thickest layers could theoretically have eroded some.   The deepest column presently would be about 16 miles.   So it is possible that some of those "intact" columns could have had some erosion taking out portions of various time periods, even though the major time periods are still represented.  So for example if the Ordovician period lasted 80 million years, there may still be several millions of years not represented in that column for that period. 

So that may be a technicality about completeness of the column.   However, I agree that some creationists believe the entire geologic column is represented in a number of places on earth at a scale that satisfies them. 

just to save you some trouble if you want to research it

Dr. Karen Bartelt
Dr Bartelt is an Associate Professor of Chemistry

at Eureka College, Eureka, IL 61530  

"There are very few parts of the world that contain a complete geologic column, though there are at least 25. I would encourage anyone interested in the geologic column -- young earth creationists in particular -- to visit Glenn Morton's excellent and under visited website, especially the article entitled "The Geologic Column and Its Implications to the Flood." One has to go no farther than North Dakota to find a complete geologic column -- no textbook needed."

Dr. Karen Bartelt Professor of Chemistry
at Eureka College, Eureka


"What the young-Earth creationists would need to find in order to overturn the well-established and well-justified concept of the geologic column is something like a mastodon in Devonian sediments, or an ostrich in the Ordovician. Until then, I’ll accept Cambrian-Ordovician-Silurian-Devonian… as an observation that is in need of an explanation."

which degree in science?  which area of expertise?

It's off topic, but ... what did that have to do with anything?  who denies that there's some very thick layers?  who is the uniformitarian here?  who denies sudden floods and rapid burials of fossils?  How many more straw figures you going to put up, John?

Okay, I think I've proved a point, though i'm sure you will disagree. (not being a scientist, I am vulnerable here.. I could have been pointed to a place where even the secular scientic community admits there is no intact column in it's entirely and that Matson is so wrong-- whew!).   

Here's the next question:  You can also get info from Matson:   why are the sentimentary layers of our great oceans, the places where the biblical flood supposedly received all the water and wash out from the land,  the thinnest layers on the planet?

See you next week.  I am relentless.

Rinse 'n, I don't think you are really listening to what I said.   The article you quoted speaks for itself, and it contradicts itself.  If you can't see how it contradicts itself, then that is your problem.   I have a degree in science, as well as some postgraduate studies.  And a B.A. as well.  You have not answered my question:  Is an incomplete column still a column?   They (not I) claim that their geologic sequence columns are all missing a layer somewhere;  all have gaps. 

There are creationists who claim the column exists, and other creationists who do not.   Why should I choose one over the other?  I am just going by what they say about it.  Matson contradicts himself. 

John... I take it that despite the evidence presented by your own fellow creationists, you don't believe it exists.  I am absolutely flabbergasted.  You have lost all credibility with me for that one fact.  I deliberately chose Matson's article because he anticipates this "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" reaction yet you remain unconvinced.  Have actually you checked out these many places where the column is apparently complete and in order?  Have you checked it out and discovered that these geological surveys were a pack of lies?  Here again, this why we get so discredited. We pretend we've got all the answers (at least better answers than the E folk),  yet we need salve for our eyes and clothing for our nakedness.  We are the naked emperor here.  

The reason I have energy is that I have been following this column for some time, watching you spout all sorts of creationist drivel and leading people astray (scientifically and biblically). When I couldn't take it anymore. I registered. I made a provocative statement that would entice you out of the woodwork, and then I attempted to get you to make one of your absolute claims and hold you to it with the evidence. Instead, you descend into relative:  some do, some don't. That's waffling. This is not a theory we are talking about. we are talking about an (repeatedly) observed fact.  John,you MUST have some aquaintence with science.  What are your credentials in this area? 

Please stop insinuating that I must have a problem with my faith life.. your bait and switch tactics won't work with me.  You are attempting to make something out of nothing and it won't work.

What's interesting also is how thick a single geological layer of rock can be.   For example, carboniferous rock (often limestone) can range from 300 ft to 42,000 ft.  thick.  42,000 ft is more than the height of mount Everest.  One layer, formed over a period of only 60 million years (out of 4,000 million).  Displacing most other layers completely.   Does this fit with a uniformitarian approach?  

We know, and have seen in certain places, hundreds of feet of sediment laid down in less than one year.   This is also evident in the fossil record.   Sediments can be laid down very quickly, and layered by water.  Yet, the geo-evolutionary perspective presented is always that of mountains slowly eroding to form sediment that eventually layers over the flat lands and creates more fossils.  Which type of sediment formation have we actually seen more of?  

I am asking on behalf of my brilliant son, who gave up along time ago. 

You inability to answer yes and no perplexes me.  Please don't google bomb me either.

I asked specific questions and I want your own answers.

we are trying to get to the bottom of a truth...your probing to my belief in the real Christ was related how? are avoiding. You claimed outright that the geological column doesn't exist

in reality.  Matson showed you that it does.. in many places..especially where the strata

are not disturbed by mountain folding, etc ... Matson goes onto show how even though in

some place some strata are missing, because they were never laid down or because of

erosion, it's always the very same sequence.  It's a remarkable fact of life.   As Matson

points out, the odds of that happening are astronomical, especially when

each main strata has it's own characteristic stamp (eraly,middle,late). 


Instead of mining in his article for anything you can use against him, please answer yes or

no:   Does the geological column actually exist?  And if it does, why did you lie about it? 


My name is immaterial.. However,as you can see, I must be of Scandinavian      origin.

Rinse and hang:   yes I am aware of group think, and fully aware of it in many different contexts.   For that reason I tend to be as hard on those I "group" with, as on others.  

I didn't ask my questions about what you believe or don't believe in scripture in order  to be "fear mongering".   I asked it to understand how you differentiate between what you believe or accept, compared to what you do not accept.   If "science" says that there is no way that the flood could have happened, do you then accept the science and reject the story as mere fable?  If science says there is no way that Moses could have parted the red sea, then do you accept that conclusion?   If science says there is no way someone could be raised from the dead, do you then accept science and reject the resurrection?  The Bahai's take everything about the resurrection symbolically, and deny Jesus physical resurrection just as they accept evolution;  how are you different from that? 

The fear mongering is just in your own mind.   These are real questions, not rhetorical accusations. 


In regards to radio-active dating methods you should check out these two sites, highlighting that sometimes methods have an error range of millions and hundreds of millions of years.  " fu"   on C14

or: fu   on other rock dating methods.   (you have to get past a bit of humour first). 

Rinse and hang dry  - is that really your name?   My previous post is out of sequence because you added three other posts.  In response to your accusation of me not reading the entire article, you are mistaken, I had already read it and I referred to it too.  You should read this statement matson made, "Some of the geologic periods may be missing, either because they were never laid down at that location or because they have since eroded away.  "

I read that already.  You should read the third last sentence in that paragraph. 

Here's a chapter by chapter breakdown of how Sanford's argument falls apart.

It's also a delightful dialogue between two people eager to get at the truth but sometimes get distracted by their own examples. My money is on the penguin.

Good question to ask, though -- why did Sanford publish this in a popular, paperback format with a UFO on the cover -- pssst... I think it sells better.  

You need to read more broadly, John.  And don't dismiss people as "not one of us"

just because they have a different interpretation of the Creation story... You just might

have ex-communicated St. Augustine.

"In reality, the geologic column does not actually exist anywhere on earth, except in the minds of evolutionists, and in school textbooks "


John.. that is completely false...  I guess you could wait to get to the end of the article before asserting your point of view.

I will help you with a quote to jar your memory...But It makes everything you say suspect.  You are willing to falsify/ignore the facts.  This is one of the reasons many our brightest young minds are abandoning the church... they not longer put up with such disregard for the truth and demogogary.

"John Woodmorappe, a young-earth creationist, has admitted that representative strata from the Cambrian to the Tertiary have been discovered lying in their proper order in Iran, by the Caspian, the Himalayas, Indonesia, Australia, North Africa, Canada, South America, Japan, Mexico, and the Philippines! (Woodmorappe, 1981, p.46-71. See especially, pp.62 & 67). Furthermore, Glenn R. Morton, a professional geophysicist, has reported that portions of Alaska also contain strata representing all these geologic periods lying in their exact textbook order. (Phone conversation between Edward Babinski and Glenn Morton, as relayed to me.) Sometime later he identified three wells for me in McKenzie County, North Dakota, which had penetrated all the geologic periods in their correct order. Morton also indicated that the East China Sea, the Juixi (pronounced jewshi) basin in China and many more areas could be added to the list. So, the geologic column definitely does exist! That is to say, there are a number of locations where every period of the geologic column from the Cambrian on up is present and in proper order. (Wherever we find relatively undisturbed areas without any of the obvious signs of mountain building, that strata is always in the textbook order. Some of the geologic periods may be missing, either because they were never laid down at that location or because they have since eroded away. However, the relative order of those present is preserved. See Topics G4b and G4c for a discussion of missing and out-of-order strata.).""




To Rinse and hang dry:   The article by matson identifies "creationist" geologists as the ones who worked out the geologic column.   True, they believed God created.   But they believed also in a kind of blind watchmaker kind of god, who set things in motion and then merely watched it happen.  They are not creationists in the sense of how the bible describes creation. 

His comment that C14 has nothing to do with dating geological ages is a gross exaggeration.  It may not be the method used to date anything millions of years old.   But it is the method used to date things within the last 10,000 to 20,000 years.  So it is the beginning of the radio-active dating process. 

The problem with coal and other carbon artifacts is that all the C14 is not actually decayed away.   With better equipment, it is now detected.   Zeroing in instruments with carboniferous coal in the past merely assumed it was gone. 

Index fossils seem to a valid tool to correlate to strata.   However, this only says that certain strata (a type of rock layer) contained these fossils.   It says nothing about the age of the strata, nor the age of the fossil.   Therefore the index fossils are not useful for dating strata.   As an example, a certain layer contained fossils of the coelanth.   It is dated by evolutionary theory to be very old.   Other layers above that, and thought to be younger, do not contain the coelanth.   Yet, the coelanth fish still exists today.   So why do the younger layers not contain fossils of the coelanth?  

This same problems exists for many other fossils of animals and plants that still exist today. 

In reality, the geologic column does not actually exist anywhere on earth, except in the minds of evolutionists, and in school textbooks.   It is a theoretic arrangement of layers, which has monstrous gaps in any particular location on earth.   Matson's statement that the geologic column has been found in places on earth, is then clarified by his statement that "some of the geologic periods are missing either because they were never laid down at the location or because they have since eroded away."   Perhaps it is semantics, but....

The validity of various radio active dating methods is always dependant on assumptions.  Matson has made some good arguments about uranium-lead in zircon correlating to different layers somewhat consistently.  However, others have disagreed: 

" "The crucial problem with these methods, in accordance to the invalid assumptions, is the fact that Uranium minerals NEVER exist in a closed system, only and always in open systems.....    "Yet another factor to take into view is that the daughter products were most likely present from the beginning. There is no way possible to know whether or not the daughter components were actually absent from the original system. This possibility is evident in the case of modern volcanic eruptions. Sidney P. Clementson performed detailed studies on modern volcanic rock, and endeavored to obtain their radiometric ages. All of the uranium-lead ages he produced for the volcanic rock he studied were vastly older than the rock's true age. A majority of the tested rocks put forth ages of over a billion years, when in fact it was known that the rocks had been formed in very recent times." " 

I should point out that generally Hovind is not used as an authority, although he has made some very good points over the years as an educator.   People like Ian Juby, who have actually examined many fossil sites and geological strata, and others such as Bob Gentry, have examined some of the E-theory claims in much more detail.   Have you seen Bob Gentry's work on zircon crystals?

I will look at the rest of the article later. 





John, while you are reading and responsing to that article...

"...where dating is revamped to suit the fossils contained in the layers. I am not a conspiracist, but I have seen the impact of group think."  

Specifically, I would like to see the evidence for this claim in the first sentence of that quote. In the second sentence, I am guessing that when you see "group think", you tend to leave yourself out of that subgroup.  Only evolutionists are "group think" victims. I would wager the opposite, since through Christian publications, rallies promoting ID speakers, and social media like this one, the same examples, spins on evidence, and slogans are flung out to the masses, often without critique. And to ensure compliance in case someone does have a question, there is the quick threat of being a "Christ denier", i.e. " Would it lead you to deny that Jesus made the lame walk, the blind to see, and deaf to hear? "   That is fear mongering, my friend. It won't work with me but I am certain it works for many.  They must tow the line.


Jeff .....still thinking on your query, but wonderment takes a longer time than indignation to express itself. So might be Monday before I can give you a worthy reply. I got a sermon to finish and my head is elsewhere.thinking... ...  think         ... .. still thinking ...... 

J.C. used to be a scientist.

Still sounds like one.

But he has turned into

an apologist.

  Y'all good people should read Genetic Entropy      by   J.C.Sanford; very scholarly work both scientific and math'l..

Would open a lot of eyes!!

and don't change the subject...*s* 


this make any sense?  or is is it skewed and prejudiced?

Rinsen, I do not reject out of hand the geological time scale.   I merely question it.   There are instances where dating of certain rocks and layers has huge ranges, and where dating is revamped to suit the fossils contained in the layers.  I am not a conspiracist, but I have seen the impact of group think. 

You said, "we are faced with a God who assembles creatures "as if" they shared the same genetic script but actually, they don't. This is supposed to be an explanation?  Just like the various fossil strata  appear to be extremely old, and predictably laid down in layers going from more simple to more complex  "  

Actually creatures do share genetic building blocks, yes.   I did not say that they do not share the same genetic script in various parts.   They obviously have some similarities and some differences.   If they did not have differences they would be the same species, or even identical twins, etc..    What I did say was that these similarities in dissimilar organisms by themselves do not prove inheritance of origin.    They may demonstrate a similarity of planning and design. 

It is also interesting when looking at genome size, that some fish and amoeba and some plants have a much larger genome than mammals (homosapiens).   While other plants, bacteria, insects, and some fish have a smaller genome than homosapiens.   For example one measured amoeba genome was 670Gb in size, one fish genome was 130Gb in size, two plant genomes were about 130Gb in size, and the human genome is 3.2 Gb in size.  Some  bacterium had a genome three times as large as the human genome, while others were much smaller or similar to human genome in size.   From a genetic perspective, I'm not sure how that supports the simpler organism vs more complex organism theory. 

The fact that some fossil layers are old.... but what is old?   Is a thousand years old?   Is ten thousand years old?   Once a fossil layer is formed it does not visually look older.  Neither do the fossils.   So they are determined  old because of  fossils of strange animals we do not see anymore today, and because of radioactive dating....  but radio active dating is based on assumptions about parent rock materials.   When carbon material is still discovered in rocks supposedly millions or hundreds of millions of years old, then the carbon dating method is deemed invalid for that rock layer, but.... the carbon 14 is still there in amounts much larger than it should be.   When volcanic rocks less than ten years old are measured by Kr-AR methods to be millions of years old, then the method is deemed invalid, because the rocks are obviously too young to be measured.... but why does the method then not date them as young, instead of old?   How can we prove the assumptions for radio-active dating are actually right, outside of the previous preconceptions about the age of the rocks. 

It is interesting that fossils in the rock layers are generally also sequenced by size to some extent. 

When we have fossils that transect layers of rock that are "dated" as millions of years difference between layers, then how do we justify or explain the existence or survival of these fossils (half exposed and half buried) during the layering process?

You also said, "  The theory of evolution had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the findings of carban dating ..."    Well, you are partly right.   Without carbon dating, the theory of evolution was still orginally postulated.   But the theory of evolution had difficulty with shorter time frames of time, since mathematically the probability of evolutionary processes based on what we see today, required ever increasing amounts of time.   The radio-active dating methods began to give validity to these longer time periods.   But, the radio-active dating methods were based on certain assumptions about uniformitarianism for earth processes.   For example, one assumption is consistency in the rate of  formation of C14 in the upper atmosphere over time.  

You might find it oddly liberating if you were to really examine all the fundamental assertions of the E theory.  

I assume you believe at least some of scripture.   How do you decide when your perception of observable facts trumps scripture?   How do you know that your interpretation of observable facts is correct?   Would your observation of observable facts lead you to deny that Elijah, Elisha, Jesus and Peter raised someone from the dead?   Would it lead you to deny that Elijah's prayer for three years drought was answered;  was it going to happen anyway?   Would it lead you to deny that Jesus made the lame walk, the blind to see, and deaf to hear?   

John... I am so sorry you reject out of hand the rigorous work of creationists who first mapped the the Geological Times scale.  It has stood the test of time.  Moreover, radio dating is a different way of  confirming age... and guess what? It's consistent with what the Christian geologists already discovered. The theory of evolution had NOTHING whatso ever to do with the findings of carban dating.  You sound like a conspiracist.


I would like to get to Jeff's questions. But I have salesmen to meeet amd people to bury.  Soon