Bethany CRC has various choir robes available for purchase. 

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The King’s University became involved with Khadr’s case after his lawyer presented at a King’s conference. Students and professors became involved in initiatives such as prayer groups, correspondence, rallies, and tutoring.

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Grace and Peace Community (CRC) in the Hermosa/Humbolt Park/Belmont Cragin neighborhood of Chicago, IL is searching for a part time Children's Pastor.

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When one part of a community struggles, the entire community is incomplete. Our hope is that this workshop will help Christian citizens to work with their refugee neighbours for justice.

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World Renew invites you to join us in ending hunger by holding a special service in your church. Check out these Canadian Foodgrains Bank resources.

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At this year’s synod, a group of 35 women from churches and ministries in Canada and the U.S. gathered for dinner for our first Women in Leadership forum. I was surprised when we ran out of chairs! 

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We are seeking a church planter for the Scarborough/Pickering/Markham area. It is one of the most ethnically diverse and multicultural areas of the Greater Toronto Area. 

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Gratitude somehow builds up in us during the ordinary and good times of life so as to make us less likely to be defeated when the bottom falls out on us in this or that area of life. 

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Imagine approaching a church as a total stranger and asking permission to use the facility for a memorial service and luncheon, within the next 48 hours. Two weeks ago, I was the stranger. 

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This is the fifth sermon of a six message series written by Pastor Jack Van de Hoef based on the book Live by World Renew and Micah Challenge.

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This annotated bibliography includes many newer materials and resources, while keeping some old standards, such as Mental Health Ministries, Pathways to Promise, and NAMI FaithNet.

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“There’s no single way to do intergenerational engagement. There’s no hard and fast rule or one silver bullet. It’s all about experimentation and failure, even,” says Amanda Bakale, a pastor at Community CRC in Kitchener, ON. 

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The free online webinar, Worship in a Diverse World, with Sandra Van Opstal is now available for you to watch and learn from!

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What struggling Christians desperately need to hear is not merely that God affirms them, regardless of their sin. What struggling Christians desperately need to hear is that God empowers them toward life in the Spirit.

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Two verses for teachers on the cusp of summer. 

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On Wednesday, July 26, at 11:00 am EST, Pastor Josh Friend will present on the joys and challenges of including all abilities in worship in a FREE one-hour webinar.

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There is a group of us on Facebook who have decided to form a small group. Has anyone else done this? If so, do you have suggestions that might help as we begin our group?

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Alberni Valley Christian Reformed Church in Port Alberni, British Columbia, has a full-time or half-time opening for a Worship Ministry Coordinator and other church ministry work. 

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This is the fourth sermon of a six message series written by Pastor Jack Van de Hoef based on the book Live by World Renew and Micah Challenge.

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"Ten Ways to Care for Creation" includes ideas such as starting an intergenerational gardening project, holding a storytelling series, and much more! 

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Does anyone have guidelines for a congregation to set up a scholarship fund for (young) members who show an interest in education towards full or part time ministry?

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