What is Your Name?

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Calling kids by name sends them the message that they aren’t just one of the crowd, but are known and valued individually (not only by you, but also by God). It's also key to creating the kind of community where kids feel loved and accepted. Use these easy ideas to get to know the kids in your group. 

Listen closely to how kids pronounce their own names. Kids can be reluctant to correct an adult. Those with unusual names (like Jolanda, for example), are used to responding to all sorts of inaccurate enunciations, so it’s a great relief when someone gets it right!

Play name games to help all the kids get to know each other and you. Have kids share their names and add a motion, a favorite animal, a rhyming word, or anything else that will get a few giggles and get stuck in your head.

Use this memory trick: the first time you meet a kid, make a point to use his or her name three times throughout your time together. 

What tips would you add for quickly learning the names of kids and parents?

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