All of us in church ministry know that we need to be thinking about Christmas and the Christmas program by now or we’re in big trouble. How can you plan for programs that accomplish what you want while minimizing headaches?

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Sunday School teachers need to know when things are working and when they’re not. But even knowing that isn’t enough. Teachers need to have a clear grasp of what the objectives are for the lesson -- what it is that you want your students to be able to do after the lesson.

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For three weeks the Sunday School kids have been learning a song from Cambodia called “Now I Know.”  The text is a great reminder that we are children of God.

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When our kids were younger, we read the Bible as a family at dinnertime. At least we tried. As our kids got older that got harder. Maybe your family is like mine. I recently was asked if I had any idea what percentage of families are doing family devotions. I don’t know the answer but the question got me thinking ...

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I'm looking into having a Sunday School Easter program instead of a Christmas program this year. (There are so many other special activities that occur during the Advent and Christmas season for kids to participate in.) Has anyone else done an Easter program? Can you recommend any good resources...

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I often find myself in conversation with other church ministry staff and the topic of curriculum often comes up. We talk about ease of use, how well the activities work, and how the materials help us connect to parents but it is surprising how often the theology of the curriculum does not come up. Theology matters -- even to 5-year-olds. 

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Resource, Article

Imagine a room full of wide-eyed kids, amazed by the stories of Scripture; activity, variety, and discovery choreographed seamlessly into a lesson that captures the imagination and inspires! Consider these ideas for keeping your kids engaged and focused right from the start.

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I think the first time I saw one of them was in front of the Dominos Pizza. But now I see them all around – people standing just off the street holding signs for businesses. Once I even saw one dressed like the Statue of Liberty. The world is getting so noisy that we need to have people standing by the street to get our attention – it’s the only thing that 

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Here is a book I have used many times and keep returning to it when I need a new idea. Each page is packed with art ideas that can be used in working with children and teens in Sunday school.

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What time does your Sunday School program meet? Our Sunday School meets for an hour before church. We meet from 9:15 to 10:15 on Sunday morning with worship at 10:30.  This time has its pluses and minuses.

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As I scramble for volunteers, I look at the church directory and ask myself “Who am I missing?" I continue to be surprised at who God has in store for me to work with in our church education ministry.

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Resource, Policy or Guidelines

As church leaders we have expectations of our volunteers that often go unstated because they're just "common sense" or because that is the way it has always been and everyone knows it. But sometimes our common sense isn't the same as someone else's.

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Does summer fly by at twice the speed of winter? Before long we'll be kicking off a new season of ministry. Maybe you're already ahead of the game. If not, now's the time to get everything in order for a smooth launch this fall. Here are some things to consider.

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Resource, Brochure or Pamphlet

This 2-page guide with the heavy title, "Autism Spectrum Disorders [ASD]: Supportive Strategies for Crisis Prevention," presents a positive strategy and practical ideas for teachers and applies easily to including kids with ASD in Sunday School, GEMS, Cadets, youth group and other church activities.

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We want to do the best job we can as teachers. We want to think carefully about our lessons and how we teach. The most important first step in being a great Sunday School teacher, though, is showing up... 

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My husband and I have been leading the Sunday School program at our church for a while now. We have been really blessed by having a group of teachers who keep coming back year after year. We took a few minutes to think about what are some of the most important things for the care and feeding of Sunday School teachers...

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We sometimes like to change things up in worship or in church school because we often crave new things but it is good for us to remember that rituals are not just boring routine – they are things that often make us feel 

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Sometimes I see art as something to take up some extra time. But it is much, much more than that – it could be the time we spend doing art in Sunday School has the biggest chance for a lasting impact.

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While reading a book about creation, one of the first pages in the book had this question: “Who named the animals?” Immediately many of the kids responded by saying “God”.  When you’re in Sunday School “God” is a pretty safe answer to most questions, right?

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If you’re stuck inside making plans for the next year when you’d really rather be at the beach, remember, the payoff will be there when the teachers and kids show up in a few months

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Next week I will be attending a colloquium for grant recipients at Calvin College.  During this time I hope to get new ideas, spend time in worship, and talk with Christians from many churches and denominations.  This time reminds me that God's work happens in many different ways in many...

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Faith formation is a daily reality that doesn’t stop for any season. That’s why I’m excited about the new summer articles on the Nurture blog with great ideas for families to use this summer.

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Many of us treat church education like drivers’ training – once you get your license you’re good to go and you never ever have to take one of those classes again. But church education should not be like that. So maybe what we need is a commencement ceremony

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The church is much bigger than just our town or country. God’s people live all over this world and people from all over the world write songs too. By singing songs written by people from other parts of the world we can better understand them, what is important to them and the challenges they face.

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In Sunday School we are usually spilt up by age groups like in schools.  There are good reasons for that. As we grow we can learn at age appropriate ways with our peers. But have we been using the school paradigm too much?

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