If the purpose of the making an item in Sunday School is for the kids to keep the item long term, we are doing a bad job. Most of the stuff kids make and take home barely gets looked at. In fact, much of it barely gets home. So why do we bother?

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When Sunday School curriculum focuses on morals and good behavior we are missing an opportunity to teach children about God. Should we be surprised then when teens are Moralistic Therapeutic Deists?

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I’m writing to ask for your help with an issue that affects all Christian Reformed churches. Faith Alive, as you know, is the publishing ministry of the CRC. But like many denominational publishers, Faith Alive is facing significant financial headwinds in today’s tough economic times.

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Sometimes the 9th and 10th grade students are not ready to engage with the Heidelberg Catechism. This makes the Sunday School hour crawl by for everyone and the teacher feels like she hasn’t connected at all. Have you been there?

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Sunday school leaders like you disciple children who are at the very beginning of their Christian journey. When the Holy Spirit works in their hearts, these children begin to respond to the call of the gospel.

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The reason we teach Sunday School is to teach kids who God is and to bring them into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. But how do we do that?

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Resource, Activity or Game

Trying to summarize the Bible in just a few words could be an interesting activity to use in Sunday School with adults or teens. Older children and teens could rewrite the Bible story they studied that day using just nouns and verbs.  Could a Bible story be reviewed by summarizing it in ten words?

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Psalms are important for kids and teens being raised in a postmodern culture, a culture where sometimes facts take a back seat to feelings. Our kids and teens need to know that they can bring their emotions and their responses to God in an appropriate way.

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Encouraging parents in their role as faith nurturers doesn’t have to take a lot of time—it can be as easy as getting resources in their hands. Karen DeBoer plans to share resource ideas that families can use at home to talk about faith and read God’s word together.

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How do the church’s elders provide “encouragement, instruction and accountability” for the congregation as they think about welcoming children to the Lord's Supper? Harderwyk Ministries in Holland, MI recognized that some of their families are ready for their children to participate 

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Barb has heard many heartbreaking stories over the years. People have told families with a person with a disability, "Sorry - try the church down the road, they might have something for you there" or "Your family can come, but not that child. We don't have anything for him here."

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Resource, Article

Faith Formation is something those of us who work in Church education think about quite a bit. But measuring faith is very difficult.  Robert J. Keeley suggests that there are four accents that show a vibrant faith: creed, community, call and hope.

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All the stories you’ve been telling your kids each week at church and all the stories you’ll be learning together after Christmas are part of that big story about what God has done, is doing, and will continue to do.

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One of the cool parts of the new Dwell curriculum from Faith Alive are the picture cards for each lesson. The teachers post  these cards on the walls of the classrooms, adding another story card each week. As the year goes on, these story reminders surround the class.

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I’m always looking for ways to incorporate a good children’s storybook Bible into the times I spend with children. Each Bible story is skillfully summarized in kid-friendly language with illustrations that send the imagination soring. I love to pause after each page to wonder a little about the story

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This Sunday I am taking my camera to church. I will take pictures of the kids singing or working with their teachers. This is a great way to remember the relationships we are building, preserve church memories and build an awareness of the practices of people of faith.

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Is there an age when video instruction is appropriate and an age when it is not? Is Sunday School a time when kids ought to dis-engage from the technology that is so pervasive in other parts of our lives? Or are videos a tool that we can and should use to deliver the best instruction possible?

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Christmas Eve is about… children, costumes, choirs, carols, candles and candy canes and coordinators. Behind the scenes of our Christmas Eve pageants or dramas are volunteers or staff  who have their own families and personal events to plan...

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Resource, Book or Booklet

The October 18, 2011 issue of the Christian Century magazine has a list of five essential books on Children’s Ministry. I think the list is a good one and it includes two Christian Reformed authors. As you look at the list, what books would you add? What other favorites of would be on the list if you had made it?

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Last week I received an email from First CRC of Detroit asking if I had a kid-friendly version of the Ten Commandments. Their pastor had been preaching on the Ten Commandments in worship while the kids have been also learning about the 10 Best Ways to Live in Children’s Worship. When I followed up I found that they had written their own kid-friendly version...

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All of us in church ministry know that we need to be thinking about Christmas and the Christmas program by now or we’re in big trouble. How can you plan for programs that accomplish what you want while minimizing headaches?

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Sunday School teachers need to know when things are working and when they’re not. But even knowing that isn’t enough. Teachers need to have a clear grasp of what the objectives are for the lesson -- what it is that you want your students to be able to do after the lesson.

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For three weeks the Sunday School kids have been learning a song from Cambodia called “Now I Know.”  The text is a great reminder that we are children of God.

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When our kids were younger, we read the Bible as a family at dinnertime. At least we tried. As our kids got older that got harder. Maybe your family is like mine. I recently was asked if I had any idea what percentage of families are doing family devotions. I don’t know the answer but the question got me thinking ...

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I'm looking into having a Sunday School Easter program instead of a Christmas program this year. (There are so many other special activities that occur during the Advent and Christmas season for kids to participate in.) Has anyone else done an Easter program? Can you recommend any good resources...

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