Elizabeth Guillaume-Koene

Joined On: April 29, 2010
About Me: 

I have been working in the classis level of church life for almost eight years. While attending Tyndale Seminary in Toronto in 2003 I began working half-time for Classis Toronto as their first Ministry Coordinator. I still work for them half-time but my life has changed significantly in the last seven plus years.

A few months before beginning with Classis Toronto I married David Koene. We are now the proud parents of two boys, Job 4 years old and David is two, and are looking forward to another addition this summer.

In the last seven years I also finished my MDiv at Tyndale and took the required courses for the EPMC program at Calvin Seminary.   I was called by Hope Fellowship this year and was ordained May 27, 2011.  Now I serve Classis Toronto as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament.