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Thought I'd post the worship order/song set with comments for the service we did for Embrace AIDS week (we did it on June 6) at Immanuel CRC in Fort Collins, CO. We take a thematic approach and use a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. This particular week we had piano, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and mandolin. There was one lead vocalist and the pianist and acoustic guitarist had vocal mikes.

As they came into the worship space, worshipers were given a red ribbon with the name of a Faith Alive Clinic AIDS patient written on it.

"Fade with Our Voices" by Jason Gray (presented by worship team)
[This song has a justice/deed ministry theme. "Does our worship have hands? Does it have feet? Does it stand up in the face of injustice?"]

Call to Worship (based on Psalm 98; as suggested by the Embrace AIDS materials)

"He Reigns" by Peter Furler ["It's the song of the redeemed rising from the African plain..."]


"Arise, My Soul, Arise" by Charles Wesley using the Indelible Grace tune by Kevin Twit.
[The line "My name is written on His hands" is in the first verse. This theme which is also the sermon appears throughout the service.]

Confession of Sin and Assurance of Forgiveness (a litany using the Embrace AIDS materials)

"Before the Throne of God Above" by Charitie Lees Bancroft and tune by Vicki Cook from Sovereign Grace Ministries [The line "My name is graven on his hands, my name is written on his heart" ties this song of assurance to the theme.]

Ministry News
Embrace AIDS Litany (as suggested by the Embrace AIDS materials)
Firstfruits Offering (show CRWRC video clip during offering)

Children's Message: Tattoos
Scripture: Isaiah 49:15-16
Message: Your Name is Written on My Hand
Prayer (led by HIV/AIDS Awareness Team member)

"He Knows My Name" by Tommy Walker
Celebration of Holy Communion
"You Are My King" by Billy Foote (presented by worship team)

2 minute silence with Photo Montage from Step into Africa materials from WorldVision
"Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying" -- a cappella soloist, one verse

Second Offering for CRWRC and Faith Alive Clinic in Jos, Nigeria

Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service PH # 603 (with mandolin accompaniment)
Word of Blessing
"Fade With Our Voices" (reprise)

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 Thank you so much for posting this! We are always looking for resources on this topic to share with churches who want to participate in our World Hunger or World AIDS Day campaigns.


Thanks for this Terry! 

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