SheLeads is coming to Grand Rapids this Saturday, October 28. It's not too late to register for this outstanding opportunity! 

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IN: Prayer

In prayer we ask for gifts of grace. The gift of presence from the Almighty. Prayer is a plea for something we can’t do for ourselves. Art and prayer both require an act of the will.

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Please feel free to use and share these prayer cards for SERVE projects in your church!

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Jesus calls us to love our neighbor. Part of loving our neighbor is creating systems, budgets, policies, that create a community where all people can live abundantly, starting with their basic needs.

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The Climate Witness Project now has teams in 71 churches and more than 450 partners working hard to educate people on climate change, advocate for more just policies, and steward energy well. Learn how you can get involved!

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I keep a growing list about why seminary education is more than just helpful—it is vital for church leaders and the church. Here are three of my top reasons for attending seminary. 

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On the Reformation website you’ll find worship resources, educational resources (articles, study guides, videos), and a calendar of events to help you understand and commemorate this important anniversary. 

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This sermon on Isaiah 58 is part of a series based on the book Live

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Does anyone have a sample 'Terms of Use' page for guest WiFi at their church that they'd be willing to share? 

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In contrast to God’s beautiful design, the sex industry takes an incredible gift and uses greed, violence, and coercion to exploit God’s image in people, and to destroy God’s design for relationship.

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Barrhaven Fellowship CRC in Ottawa, Ontario, has Children & Worship materials to sell.

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I am looking for a copy of Songs for Life CD, Volume 1. 

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In many church circles, people are trying to move the church into becoming an Acts 2 kind of church. A church that reflects the church found in the Bible. But there's something missing here. 

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I am looking for a connection to a Swahili Bible supplier. Can you help?

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Check out latest issue of Race Relations Canada newsletter, a reflection on Canada Day. 

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Check out the new Race Relations US-Midwest newsletter, a reflection on soul care from Viviana Cornejo. 

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Hace algunos años atrás solía dejar un día al mes donde lo usaba para un retiro personal donde salía y dedicaba mi tiempo a escuchar.

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Check out this selection from Race Relations' US-West newsletter for June, a reflection on Ephesians 2 with suggested questions for discussion. 

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If leadership takes trust, then the important question is, "How is trust developed?" Lt. General George Flynn mentions five characteristics required of leaders looking to build trusting relationships. 

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이번 주제—장애가 있는 목사님들. 장애들을 생각하는 목회자들의 장애와 목회의 상호 작용을 다룹니다.

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A few years ago Providence Church (Holland, MI) harnessed the energy of HGTV and remodeled a home while also raising thousands of dollars for a Uganda missional move. Here's a to-do list if your church is interested! 

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