This workshop introduces the concept of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) with its four concrete skill areas: Knowledge, Motivation, Interpretation and Behavior.

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Pornography is part of a global injustice and abuse of women and children and is not simply an issue of a man’s personal struggles with temptation.

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My book on depression could serve as a resource for pastors and elders when looking for mental health resources. Available on under title This Poison Called Depression

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“God gave you two ears and only one mouth for a reason!” my Sunday School teacher declared, looking at me intently to make sure I understood. Years later, working in the field of "mission," those words are immensely helpful.

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I recently asked the CRC Pastors’ Facebook Group what they wanted to tell CRCNA staff about our connection to classes. There were many responses, but here is the main nugget: show you care about us.

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One day Art Briles was celebrated as the new assistant head coach for the Hamilton Tiger Cats, a professional football team in the Canadian Football League. The next day the appointment was rescinded. Why?

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Sonrise CRC in Ponoka, AB, is seeking a full time pastor. 

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On September 5th, Faith Formation Ministries sent out the first edition of the new CRCNA Youth Ministry newsletter! Find relevant content, resources, and stories from the trenches.

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IN: Deacons, IN: Elders

In light of the recent spate of Article 17 terminations, this is an article worth wide dissemination. I see far too many pastors being pushed out far too quickly for often ill-defined reasons. 

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When a woman from Grand Rapids felt called to reach out to a neighborhood community of refugees, she took it step by step. Read her story of scattering seeds of faith and be encouraged! 

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I would like to find a program to assist our visual team with preparations for Sunday services. What are people's thoughts on Easy Worship? Is there another program you'd suggest? 

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Learning from Children with Disabilities. Children can be teachers, including children with disabilities. In this issue, Breaking Barriers readers tell stories of lessons learned.

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I understand the security CAPTCHA provides but wonder if there might be another security option which would create easier access to this site?   

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These two resources offer studies to help young people grow in their journey of faith formation. Both resources provide strong Biblical teaching, in-depth questions, and activities for practical application.

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Shoreline Christian Reformed Church, located just north of Seattle, WA, is seeking a full time pastor.

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How does your church handle the background check aspect of Safe Church policy?

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The Financial Shalom Project not only provides grants for pastors facing financial challenges (i.e. education costs), we also offer grants for pastors looking to sharpen personal financial skills. Apply today! 

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Children both amaze and inspire me to be a better person. As I see Christ in them, I know God has placed them in my ministry not only to learn as students, but to teach as well.

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Ebenezer CRC in Trenton, Ontario is looking for a senior pastor.

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Here’s a fun exercise to strengthen your question asking skills: practice developing questions by writing three different types of questions during your personal Bible study. 

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Ruth, who has longed to dance all her life, finally accepted his offer and told him she would be hanging on to him for dear life.

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