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I am wondering if there is a place on The Network that gives suggestions on how to do a baptism service where one parent is a professing member and one is not?

October 17, 2017 1 1 comments

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Shoreline Christian Reformed Church, located just north of Seattle, WA, is seeking a full time pastor.

September 7, 2017 275 0 0 comments

How does your church handle the background check aspect of Safe Church policy?

September 7, 2017 100 0 5 comments

The Financial Shalom Project not only provides grants for pastors facing financial challenges (i.e. education costs), we also offer grants for pastors looking to sharpen personal financial skills. Apply today! 

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Children both amaze and inspire me to be a better person. As I see Christ in them, I know God has placed them in my ministry not only to learn as students, but to teach as well.

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Ebenezer CRC in Trenton, Ontario is looking for a senior pastor.

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Here’s a fun exercise to strengthen your question asking skills: practice developing questions by writing three different types of questions during your personal Bible study. 

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Ruth, who has longed to dance all her life, finally accepted his offer and told him she would be hanging on to him for dear life.

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Will your church remember the persecuted Church in Egypt in your worship service on Nov. 5 or 12, the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church? Free bulletin inserts are available. 

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Hope for the Sold, an abolitionist charity that fights exploitation, has several events coming up this fall in Canada. Check out the following opportunties! 

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The Ultimate Frisbee community, like any other group coming together over a shared affinity, has its own special values. As we integrate into these communities, we have an incredible opportunity to live out our faith.

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At Sherman Street Christian Reformed Church, we seek to be a living testimony of God’s grace and justice in the city.

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Churches that are below peak membership but haven’t rightsized systems and structures look organizationally frumpy, exhaust members, and reduce their Kingdom impact. Here are some ideas to right-size a smaller congregation! 

September 6, 2017 613 0 3 comments

We have been active in a worshipping community for most of our lives. We know how to do “church.” But there is something remarkable about trying to find a new one.

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My name is Josh Benton and I'm a pastor from Hudsonville, MI, who is available for call. I'd love to chat further if your church is looking for a new pastor. 

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Imlay City Christian Reformed Church is in search of a full-time pastor. 

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Here are four things that you can do in your church to help break through the noise and use your online presence better.

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I'm looking for study materials for a young adult (post-high/college age) group that is newly forming at Wayland CRC. I'd also love to hear how churches are connecting with young adults. Any suggestions? 

September 6, 2017 139 0 4 comments

One of the frustrations expressed at Synod 2017 was that calls for the church to serve the poor and the oppressed and to advocate for justice are too often expressed without reference to the church’s gospel mission. 

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IN: Elders

Someone recently asked me the question: How did I know it is God’s will for me to be an elder? The answer is intertwined with my story as an elder and the story of Hillside CRC.

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The recent "Nashville Statement" is profoundly damaging to our Christian witness, and theologically wrong in it's elevation of human sexuality to an issue of salvation.

September 5, 2017 665 0 32 comments