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Some of the most important people in the sanctuary or worship center are those operating the sound and video technology - wouldn’t you agree? Many of you expressed the need for a training session on sound technology in worship. In May of this year Worship Ministries hosted this training given by Greg Scheer at Pathway Ministries in Byron Center, MI. Below is the link so that you can share it with your team. Please share it with anyone who can benefit from watching.

Watch this training below. The pdf of the handout for the training is also below, and will be helpful as you watch and listen. We apologize that the audio quality is sometimes poor in this recording.

Worship Ministries | Spring 2015 Workshop

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The audio is badly distorted.  Someone forgot to set the gain properly :)

The startup/shutdown sequence is reversed in the handout.  The mixer should always be powered on before the amps to avoid popping when the mixer/processors start.  When shutting down the speaker should always be shut down first for the same reason.