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Inspire 2022 Workshop: Why Creation Care Matters to Christians


This post is one of many conversations taking place in anticipation of Inspire 2022, set to happen in Tinley Park (a suburb of Chicago, Illinois) on August 4-6, 2022. Sign up to receive Inspire 2022 emails, which include the latest news on speakers, special opportunities, registration, and more. We hope to see you there! 

As part of God’s creation ourselves, what can we do to show our love for God and our neighbor by caring for creation? How does our relationship with God transform our relationship with Creation? What kinds of things can we do every day that will make real world differences on this issue? What can we do to inspire friends and family to join us in caring for creation? This workshop will help you to discover answers to these questions and encourage you to continue to live up to our moral call and duty to care for creation and the environment.

Through interactive activities and discussions, participants in this session will learn about the scriptural roots of creation care as found in the bible, the impacts that a changing climate is having on God’s creation, and lastly, how you, your church, and your community can engage in the work and mission of the Climate Witness Project. Experience a deepening of lived faith that invites you into learning about the vast ecosystem we are living in and how our actions have the potential to either harm or promote the flourishing of God’s creation and our neighbors.

This workshop will also highlight specific case studies of churches moving to take significant action and what motivated them to get involved—for some it started with saving money on energy bills, for some it was compassion towards partner churches around the world, for some it was the will to put past advocacy experience into action for future generations, and for some it was a simple Christian consciousness and theology of creation.

All are welcome to this workshop—whether you are just beginning to understand creation care, wanting to start a creation care team in your church, or simply curious what all this is about, we would love to have you.

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Hello there! When is this workshop taking place? As part of Inspire or beforehand? Thank you

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This workshop will take place as part of Inspire 2022. Workshop options will be available after registration opens later this month. Stay tuned! 


I am excited about this session!