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We will bow our hearts in prayer on December 5 (time to be announced) in a conference call, as the Black and Reformed Leadership Network continues to unite, minister and grow in our calling. 

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Rev. Dr. Eugene Callender left a lasting legacy of evangelism, social justice, and imparting wisdom to African American leaders in the CRC. Frankly speaking, I'm able to serve in the CRC because of leaders like Dr. Callender. 

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One last post for our Black History Month series! The CRC Office of Race Relations is thankful for Rev. Sheila Holmes and her contributions to the Christian Reformed Church.

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"When I have the opportunity to be in a room with a diverse group of people, hosted by the CRC, and hear courageous conversations about race, I am hopeful." 

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This Black History Month, let’s hear the Black CRC story, as told by Black CRC members themselves.

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In his article "Through African Eyes"  http://www.firstthings.com/article/2015/10/through-african-eyes

John Azumah, professor of World Christianity and Islam at Columbia Theological Seminary.relates how North American churches can embody cultural imperialism with a very paternalistic...

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I have a personal passion for leadership and young people. For this reason, I raise the question: What are we doing in our churches to intentionally raise up young Black and Reformed leaders?

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In the wake of the Charleston shooting, many parents are wondering, "How can I talk with my kids about this? How much can they handle? How soon?"

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I pray that Black and Reformed Members and Churches use The Network as a Forum to discuss issues, needs and concerns. 

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Sheila is the new President of the Board of Trustees in the CRC. She is the first person of color and woman. This is quite an honor!!!

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This questions is vital to the survival of all congregations, not just predominantly Black Reformed congregations.

Open honest discussion concerning all congregations who have Black/African American/African National members is needed. And after open honest discussion substantive action is...

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I got this from my pastor and thought others might be interested: Presented by Rev. Dr. James C. Perkins Hosted by Judson Press DATE: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 TIME: 10:00 a.m. E.S.T. REGISTER: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/736948737 MORE: Can't attend, but interested? Register to...
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At Inspire 2017 Richard Mouw made reference to a quote from Lewis B. Smedes.  Whenever I hear Lewis Smedes' name, it reminds me of a time shortly after the above Banner article was written and he contacted me for two reasons:  to ask how his longtime friend Eugene Callendar was doing and for his phone# and also to encourage me as an African American woman pastor serving in the CRC. I graciously received his call, and am grateful that he took time to bless me!  I remember some of his words, but most of all I remember how he made me feel!

Laura, I appreciate your words and wisdom because I know you're tried and tested! I'm late responding but now is as good as ever. You mentioned "legacy and tradition." I'm looking forward to our Black brothers and sisters to provide leadership in preserving and celebrating our legacy and tradition in informal and formal ways, along with others. May God's vision for all peoples be our vision! The best is yet to come! Thank you again for sharing!

Thank you, Sheila!--in so many ways. So happy to see Pastor Stan's name in your honor roll. What a saint! Blessings!! jcs


Love this, Sheila! Especially this..."If only people would understand that God is in control—we all have to learn to daily submit everything we are to Him."

Thank you Fronse for your response to this challenging and relevant question.

As we look at what is being exposed in our country today (more specifically racism and police brutality), it is so important for our churches to know how to biblically, contextually and culturally help raise African American next generation leaders. We have a powerful role to play in raising up our young leaders and modeling good leadership before.  There is a place for them to serve mightily in advancing God's kingdom. We have to help them discover their God-given gifts, strengths and callings at an early age. It requires intentionality.

You are right about the importance of adult influences and the need for healthy role models in every arena of life. They are impressionable and some are faced with many negative, unhealthy role models.

We pray for God's guidance and the Spirit's power.  I am thankful for the many years of the Black and Reformed Youth Conference and its educational scholarship for young people.  I believe there are other encouraging stories about the good things our young people are doing in God's work.  Every seed we sow will reap a harvest!

Rev Posie, This is a very challenging post and question. There are built in church structures to involve adults, fewer for youth. Each minister and council has opportunities to ensure Youth development.

How? From early childhood, parents and council can form youth to be leaders by including and encouraging youth participation in church events, planning and worship.

The greatest words to build self confidence are "You've done well." Children achieve when they have structured kindness based encouragement. Let youth plan an event, not be told what to do.

yes, constructive criticism is sometimes needed and should be done in love.

Cadets is the structured group that can be a base. Juneteenth, MLK, KWANZAA are cultural events for Youth and family participation.

one last comment: our children and Youth sitting in the pews hear adult tone and tenor very well. Thus we must prayerfully consider how WE speak and act around them. They take their ques from us.

Yes the theological thoughts of former Missional African churches need to be listened to, heard, recognized as we wrestle with our own responses to North American Openness Movements.


Thanks John for your article (or articles) in which you are critical of our American culture and the way it seems that many American churches (including Reformed and Presbyterian) are following such culture.  Could it be that our culture is perhaps more on track than the church on many issues, and therefore the church ends up following culture?  If I remember correctly it was the southern USA (the Bible belt) that advocated for slavery and the liberal north that fought against it.  It was also Christians who were in the forefront of opposing mixed racial marriages.  It was also Christians (the church) who opposed women leadership, whether in the church, family, or society. And on these issues, as well as others (such as creation vss. evolution), the church gave (or gives) Scriptural support for such positions.   I think society, although listening to the church for some time, has lost all confidence in the church to give moral or meaningful direction.  Eventually the church (and the CRCNA) will probably follow culture (and rightfully so) on the issue of homosexuality.

Great response Fronse! Appreciate your support and work in the CRC and beyond! 

Pastor Sheila is a wonderful person and leader in the CRCNA. Prayer for her wisdom and leadership will be my way of supporting her in her new and important role. Encouragement from our membership will uplift and affirm her efforts greatly.

Thank you Bill. Great response. In terms of prayer support, what comes to my mind is John 15:4, "Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me."  An e-mail or phone call might also be a source of encouragement.

The same as the last 3 or 4 board presidents have been treated? As well as Americans treat the president of the USA?

A blessed and happy 2011 to all who witness for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's Great Commission.

Thanks, I believe that too.  God bless you



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