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The appearance of this site created some interesting conversation (here and here) about the relation of global and local mission. The terms themselves are often not used in the same way. Some use global as a synonym for international. Others understand it as a term that embraces both international and domestic. This site was developed with the first understanding, but change is coming.

A number of you have pointed out that we can't ignore our neighborhoods in order to do mission far away and think we are fulfilling the great commission. Absolutely true! The question for me was whether it would work to have one site that dealt with all sorts of mission, or whether an international missions, including Word and Deed, media ministries and business as mission, was already an overwhelming project. At the end of the day I decided we had to try to integrate, even though it will be a challenge. We will be developing new topics, articles, resources etc. over the next few months in order to make this daunting vision a reality. AND, we need your help. Please provide your suggestions in response to this blog and we will get to work on them.

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