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This week the results of the Diakonia Remixed survey were posted.  Thank you to those who took the time to fill out the survey, as these 333+ responses are being used to shape the discussions about our deacon roles.  (If you have not yet completed the survey and would like to you can still do that here)  

The Deacon Task Force (Diakonia Remixed) is now exploring these results to get a good picture of the current landscape of diaconal ministry.  Concurrently they are looking at the theology related to the role of deacon, synodical reports, our creeds and confessions, and resources available for deacons.  The work they are doing is thorough, and you can read all about it by going to the Diakonia Remixed website. (Look under November 2011 update).

I glanced through the reports and I had two reactions.  The first was HOPE.  I see so many opportunities for us as deacon teams to raise the bar in our communities, to bring about positive change, to be leaders in our churches AND our neighbourhoods.  That  fills me with excitement!  (Particularly when I read this article highlighting a different kind of diaconate -  City Net, in Southern California) The second response was SKEPTICISM.  (I'm being honest here).  When we work with terms of 3 years, how can we ensure that the work of a deacon team is not "lost" when there is a shuffling of people. How does that turnover affect our potential for building long lasting relationships/programs?

Take a look at the reports yourself.  What thoughts do you have?  Anything strike you as interesting? Strange? Encouraging? Challenging?

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Melissa's questions about terms for deacons gives the Office of Deacon Task Force the opportunity to preview some of their work.  Read the blog post:  Diakonia Remixed: Terms for Deacons