Thank YOU!


You probably don’t hear it enough so let me say it again, “thank you”. 

Thank you for leading us in worship during this Advent and Christmas season.  Thank you for making the story we know so well become real to us once again; for pointing out that the Messiah is our savior too and he continues to call us to worship and serve him.  Thank you for helping us get away from the rush and worry of the world, vainly looking for that perfect gift to focus instead on the perfect gift already given.

Thank you for all you did that we never saw.  For all the time you put in selecting music, choosing themes, planning worship services, studying passages, deciding on visuals, recruiting volunteers… time spent before we even began to think about the season.  Thank you for all the time you spend rehearsing alone to get those conducting cues just right, the registration set, or that flurry of 32nd notes to seemingly float off the page.  Thank you for the time you took to rehearse with the musicians, singers, actors, and dancers; for your patience with children who were impatient, instrumentalists who didn’t rehearse ahead of time, choir members who wanted to take rehearsal time to network.  Thank you for being our resident musician, theologian, peace keeper, wise sage, counselor, and friend.  Thank you for all of this and the many things I didn’t mention. 

Most of all thank you for doing all of this so that we may join together to give God the glory he deserves.  Soli Deo Gloria.

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