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As the new year starts, it is also the start (well, restart) of my stint as a guide for the Church & Web Network. What would you like to talk about? I don’t have nearly all the answers, but I can definitely pose questions, find some information or sources of information, and solicit discussion.

Below are some potential topics I’ve come up with (in no particular order). Not all necessarily seem to directly fit within “church and web” (the name of our network), but technology touches us in the church in many ways and I think we can broaden the meaning of our network to include much more than just what we loosely name “the web.” Some of these are pretty far out, but I want to encourage consideration of whatever comes to mind. Anything spark some interest? Any other questions or topics you’d like to discuss? Let me know!

- Theology and technology
- Technology and ethics
- Is there a “Christian” way to use technology?
- Blogs
- Video games
- New and/or useful technology products
- New and/or apps and programs
- Social technology (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, etc., etc.)
- “Wearable” technology (e.g. Google glass, the new watches, etc.)
- Technology and music
- Church websites
- Technology security and privacy
- Communication technology
- Using technology to build relationships
- Audio-visual technology
- Mobile technology
- 3D printing
- Virtual reality
- Augmented reality
- Robots
- Drones

Write your thoughts and ideas in the comments, or you can suggest a topic(s) using this form.

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