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So you would like for your tween or teen to be a Christian? What are you doing in your church or at your home that will support your child? If you have high expectations, then you need to give high support.

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On September 7 from 8am – 2pm at Sunset Cove Resort on Rice Lake you can join in the 2nd Ontario Cadet Fishing Tournament. Cost is $45/person which includes lunch. Funds raised will go to the Calvinist Cadet Corps for ongoing program needs and training. For more information or registration forms...

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November is an important month for training Cadet counselors. During the first two Saturdays in November, there are regional conferences in Michigan and Ontario that can provide valuable training for nearly half the total Cadet counselors. For more information visit: http://www.calvinistcadets....

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The first thing you need to do to be successful is to find out about your new Cadet. Who is he, beyond his name? What abilities does he have? What are his strong points and the “positives” which you can build on?

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Huron & Erie Council (Southwestern Ontario, Canada) is putting the final preparations together for our 27th annual fall Conference.  We need you to register quickly so we can give you your preferred workshops, whether it is GEOCACHING, BLACKSMITHING, SPINNER BAIT MAKING, or PLAYING TO YOUR...

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Our Cadet club has been shrinking for the last several years. We have terrific co-ordinator who truly loves the ministry and the boys, but it seems like each year there are less and less boys who attend. I am wondering what other CRCs have done to promote their Cadet clubs and increase their...

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Our website has been updated. Here's the link to see our regional training page.


The 2015 date is September 12. It will be held at Rice Lake again, however at a different location on the lake. For more information, go to and click on club resources and then events.

A few basic things before the periferals.... read the bible with your kids.  Discuss it with them.  Don't wait till they are teens to do this.  Sing with them.  Pray with them.  Don't flaunt your relationship with God or make it a show.  Don't hide your relationship with God or be embarassed by it.  Confess your obvious sins.  Repent.  Let your feelings and sincerity and priorities be obvious.  Pray for them.  

Beverlee, thanks for sharing your painful experience. It's important for people to talk about these experiences so that others know that they are happening and can do something about it. So Del, thanks so much for this offer and for making this clear statement on behalf of the whole Cadet corps, that boys, whether or not they have disabilities, are welcome!


Neither sure of your location, nor familiar with all the facts with the exception of your comment- so it is difficult to reply.

I am a Regional Training Coordinator for the North Region, fancy title for unpaid volunteer staff member of the Calvinist Cadet Corps who works with Cadet Counselors in Alberta, Montana, and Colorado- and pretty well adjacent area (there are 8 of us that do this activity in the US & Canada).

I cannot speak for your local club, or Cadet Council- but I can with confidence tell you the Calvinist Cadet Corp seeks to include all boys- no matter their condition if at all possible.

If you are so inclined, and have not contacted someone beside your local club, contact me at:

The Cadet Corp follows a simple rule generally when it comes to boys; "Suffer the little children not, for such is the kingdom of God."(this rule was laid down by a rather credible source:-)

If at all possible, inclusion should be the rule- unless there are circumstances that prevent this physically on the part of a Cadet Club; if so- then truly you should have been aided in finding an alternative that could embrace your son.


Del VanDenBerg

North Region Training Coordinator

Calvinist Cadet Corps. 

 I have a son with disabilities and when he was phased out of Sunday School at my home church, I requested that he be allowed to enter Cadets. I was told "we have other places for children like that !"

Needless to say, I was sad and so very angry. When my son was baptized, the congregation promised to help in raising this child in the church. There was no caveat/disclaimer stating "providing he is not disabled."

Oh to walk in someone else's shoes...just as Christ walked in mine- laughing, weeping, learning, rejoicing, quietly.

M.R. DeHaan, Our Daily Bread, once wrote- "The acid test of loving is giving," followed by a great quote- I'm not sure if it was his, but it perhaps sums up Ron's article in a most beautiful way-

You can give without loving, but you can't love without giving!

The challenge in Cadets, as in all the rest of our church programing is just that- giving and loving.  Ron followed that rule, and it remains a wonderful vision for us today.

Living for Jesus for over 25 years...still on the journey yet:-)

We are just starting up a group.   Without changing the actual name, we are promoting it as Christian Cadet Club.   We have a small church, but it seems the boys are interested, also in bringing non-church friends.  When I talked to some individually, their eyes just lit up!   We decided to start it now, rather than wait till fall, because some of the winter activities such as hockey are slowing down, and cadets can do more things outdoors in the summer than in the winter, and the evenings are light longer.    Hopefully this initiative is God's will, and our ministry will flourish and grow boys  into men of God. 

Dear Grace,
I am a DCE (Developer of Counsellor Eduction) with the Cadets and have been involved with cadetting for more than half my life stemming from cadet, to Jr. Counselor to Couselor. In response to your questions, comments and concerns I hope my reply will help. It is not just your church. In the entire program across North America we have been slowly shrinking. We have been looking into this effect for several years and we have accounted it to three things. One is a demographic that is effecting the entire denomination not just this program and that is that family sizes are smaller than the norm has been in the past. This has effects on all youth ministries in the CRC today. There just isn't as many youth. The second reason we have found is we are in competition with alot of other extra curicular activities and loosing boys to those activities weather it be football, soccer, hockey ect. That leads to the third and that is lack of understanding by the parents/churchs about what the program is truely about. The goal of cadeting is to have Men mentoring boys in ALL aspects of life Spiritual, Physical, Mental, and Social. Because of all the activities surrounding cadets alot of parents and observers do not see the spiritual end of the program. As for what is being done to correct this trend or a better way to put it would be to inspire growth is also being looked at at all levels of cadeting. One way is advertizing to the community. There are many ways to do this and also many materials available from the cadet head office in Grand Rapids that is specific to promotion of a club. All cadetting is great ministry to the community. One thing that most churches are doing now is alot of outward promotion to the community. I know personally in my club we have about 50% from outside of our church. Not necessarly unchurched but just from outside our church. We also have put together a program wide visioning commitee to also look into ways to increase growth. We have looked at the name change issue and at the Congress 2009 it was decided not to change the name. Now personally in my oppinion that won't hurt or help the program and I don't think it will make a difference in already existing clubs. If you want more promotion idea's I would suggest that you call the Corps office at (616) 241-5616 xt. 4, or have your Head Counselor talk to the DCE's and Cadet Congresman in his area. If you are an independant club have him contact the independant club consultant or feel free to email me for more information.

In His Service


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