A Coordinator’s Guide to DWELL Flex: Everything You Need to Know to Equip Your Leaders


Launched earlier this month, Dwell Flex is a new multi-age, multi-setting segment of Dwell. These simple sessions (sample here) are built to meet the specific needs of churches this fall. This post includes some important details to keep in mind as you begin using this resource.

The full list of stories included in Dwell Flex can be found on our Welcome to Dwell Flex page. Starting with Jesus’ birth, the sessions move through the New Testament in a rough chronological order, but as each session is stand-alone, you can use them in whatever order works for your unique situation.

Parents or leaders using Dwell Flex will need a few things to be able to lead the sessions. Here are materials you’ll want to make sure they have on hand:

  • Dwell Flex Story Symbols. These can be downloaded from the sidebar on Dwell Digital or from the Leader Support page under “Downloads by Level.” The download is a pdf that includes all of the symbols. Easily locate the symbol for each session by finding the page number that matches the session number.
  • God’s Big Story cards. You can lead the sessions without these, but it really helps to have them. Leaders are instructed to refer to particular cards in the “Respond” part of the session.
  • 5 Ways Resources. The sessions also mention 5 Ways to Pray with Kids and 5 Ways to Retell a Bible Story with Kids. Leaders might find it helpful to have hard copies of these resources for easy reference while preparing and leading the sessions.
  • Printable Pages. Occasionally the session will link to a printable page in the Easy Extra part of the session. Leaders who have a Dwell Digital login will be able to easily access and download these materials, but if you’re sending the sessions to parents, you might want to download and include any printable pages for them. Parents can absolutely lead the session without these pages if you forget, but they are fun extras that are nice to include.

If you’re planning to share the Dwell Flex sessions with parents to have them lead at home, you might consider sending a monthly packet with everything they’ll need to lead each session. The sessions are designed to print easily from Dwell Digital. We’d recommend including the following each month: printed copies of the sessions, the corresponding story symbols, and any printable pages from the Easy Extra activities. Or you can print the session to a PDF and email that to parents, along with the story symbol and printable page.

We’ll also be releasing a new 5 Ways resource each month for the coming year, focusing on a variety of faith practices. These would be great printouts to include in your monthly packets, encouraging families to focus on a different practice each month. Check out our Dwell at Home page to see the first resource, 5 Ways to Practice Sabbath with Kids, and follow our Dwell Facebook page or Dwell Leaders Lounge group to be the first to know when these new resources are released.

Whether your Dwell Flex leaders are parents or regular children’s ministry volunteers, it’s important to set them up for success. In addition to providing these important materials, we recommend you share  A Leader’s Guide to Dwell Flex with anyone planning to lead the Dwell Flex sessions.

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