Do Sermon Note Pages and Clipboards Help Students?


We'd like to equip our students, who are transitioning from Sunday school to remaining in the worship service, with tools to help them stay engaged. Does your church use clipboards, sermon note pages, or handouts that encourage students to listen and respond to the worship service and message? 

We'd love to include a place for students to write down their questions and submit their finished pages if they want. We could encourage wondering questions through the handout. We want to be sure that we're not simply providing activity sheets that distract students from the service. We'd love to know if you have any experience with this. Thank you!

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At our church there is a fill in the blank sermon guide available to everyone.  I take the sermon guide and make a four page booklet for the older kids - the cover has a word search using words from the sermon guide, inside is the sermon guide and a part about how to pray since we are doing a series on prayer right now.  The back page is random - a place to write a question about the service, a dot to dot to fill in, interesting facts about a sermon series, etc.  I want it to be a combination of useful and fun because we all remember how 'boring' church was at that age :-)   Sometimes we have had a contest and they bring their filled in sheets to the welcome centre and they could get a simple prize like a sucker.  

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I love that the booklet is connected to that week's sermon and includes more info for the series, thank-you for sharing!