Are There Examples/Samples for CRCNA Bylaws?


Our Bylaws are out of date and a mess. Are there examples, samples, or guides for CRCNA Bylaws (not articles of incorporation)?

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A sample bylaw is now posted under the Church Admin & Finance section.  

Sheri, thanks for all the helpful posts that you've provided on various CRC web pages. I'm a member of a Michigan CRC congregation. We're in the process of creating both Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Under Synod Resources it appears that we can get a running start by filling out the fields in the Michigan Articles of Incorporation Filing Form pdf file, and then append the Attachment to the Articles of Incorporation Filing Form MS-Word document, which can be modified by anyone having MS-Word on their PC (very helpful!).  So I think we have a clear path ahead for Articles of Incorporation.  But what about Bylaws?  The sample on the CRC website is quite long; we've seen another actual set of Bylaws that is both sides of one sheet of paper (three paragraphs).  Is the CRC sample available in MS-Word format?  That would help a lot!  Thanks.


Hi Ken, thanks for this. I checked with Sheri and these Bylaws are not available in Word format but she is checking with some other churches to see if they have Bylaws that we could turn into a sample that would be available in Word. Stay tuned!  


Hi Ken, 

Sheri has now shared sample bylaws in MS Word format.


We have just adopted new Bylaws. Our Bylaws sit at the mid-level of policy, between the Articles of Association, which establish us a a congregation and a legal entity in Michigan, and the nuts and bolts of policy, handbooks and the like. Our model depends on a distinction between governance and ministry, as outlined by Dan Hotchkiss in his book Governance and Ministry. It is not a strict "Board" model for council, as Hotchkiss mainly describes, but aligning our elders and deacons with the ministry teams on the one hand, and keeping governance functions (finance, facilities, HR, Safe Church, administration) along with holding up the vision of the congregation with council, we have found a way to work efficiently and purposefully with all three of these distinct bodies. I would be pleased to share this work, but  I do not see a place to upload a document here.


Hi Rich, 

Thanks so much for this helpful comment and your desire to share your new Bylaws. One easy option would be to create a new post (i.e. Sample Bylaws). 

Thanks again!


I was wondering if you can share those document with us. We are in the process of recreating these guidelines.

Thank you.