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Yesterday I heard a report on the radio that you can save 30% on email ink costs if you use the Century Gothic font instead of Arial.  However, Century Gothic line space is larger so you might not want to consider this for a bulletin or newsletter--then it is more paper. 

What eco-friendly ideas are hot at your church?  Our church is encouraging people to receive the bulletin by email and read it at home before Sunday.  The order of worship for the 9:00 service goes back in the rack so the 10:30 service utilizes the same worship folder.  Our newsletters also can come by email.  Our missionary reports are now available on the church website and a few copies available for pickup instead of going in every mailbox.

Speaking of church mailboxes, here's a great tip we picked up from another church.  We use "binder clips" for each name label on the mailboxes.  When the order needs to change, just loosen the binder clips and move them to their new alphabetical location.  Another eco-friendly idea.

Looking forward to you sharing your thoughts on using less resources.

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Our church prints the order of worship separate from the announcements. So emailing the announcement section would be perfect (keeping hard copies on hand for those that prefer it). Thanks for the great idea!

Since our weekly bulletin is very popular and is used a lot quite a few are printed. Our bulletin editor does sent it out on request by e-mail.
I keep an e-mail list for members and each member may ask me to send out messages. It can cover more detail for events, member's health news or other data found important to share this way. It has not been abused.
The church has gmail address where all members are welcome to access it. I ask all organizations which send letters, brochures, magazines etc to do this by e-mail. I can easily label each message and if required alert the person by e-mail if something important has come in. A short note in the bulletin indicates the source of messages received that week.
Although relatively few people access it, the material we receive is available 24/7
As we rent facilities, we do not have mail boxes, but almost everyone has an e-mail box.
Our web sites (public) contain our offering schedules with links to each organization we support as well as mandates of each committee with links to resources.
Our secure web site contains an updated e-mail list, duty roster, directory, and Elder group assignments. About 5% of our members access this material monthly.

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