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Last week someone requested information on how a church puts together a "package" when calling a minister. I knew I had used a form from the denomination previously and went on a quest to find it. The "Letter of Call" is available on the CRC website. Sometimes churches forget all the costs involved with a call to a new minister, and this sample is certainly helpful in preparing that Letter of Call. 

I was intrigued by the sentence below the delineation of costs: "We also promise and oblige ourselves to review with you annually in the light of the synodical Ministers' Compensation Guidelines the adequacy of this compensation prior to the adoption of the church budget..." Since our office recently sent out a disability salary survey to pastors for 2009 and after the new year will again send out a salary survey for 2011 salary information, I am reminded  how important it is that the denomination receives accurate salary information from each church so we can analyze the data and assist the churches in providing updated annual compensation information. Thanks, pastors, for answering salary information twice but I hope you see the value (and difference) of both surveys.

Has your church used the "Letter of Call?" I'm also wondering how you budget the business expenses in automobile expenses, other travel, continuing education, and hospitality. Do you have a line item in your budget and the pastor submits receipts to obtain reimbursement for these expenses? Or do you give your pastor an automobile and continuing education allowance that is not handled through expense reimbursement?

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The Letter of Call doesn't seem to be there at the link anymore.  If I can figure out where it is I'll let you know.

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The Letter of Call link is now working again!

Concerning the "Letter of Call". I was able to locate the file, but it is a PDF and I would prefer a word document in order to fill in the required information on the computer. Is there a MS word document available? If so where is it located.

Any and all help would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

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I am not aware of the availability of the Letter of Call in Word format instead of pdf.

I have a Letter of Call in a Word format.  E-mail me at [email protected] and I will send it to you.


It looks like both the US and Canada "Letter of Call" samples are now available in a Word format here