Long-Term Disability Coverage?


What if your minister became unable to serve because of illness or disability?  Would your church know where they stand as far as short-term or long-term disability coverage in providing for this minister?

In the Christian Reformed Church, many churches consider themselves "self-insured" for a short-term disability.  This would mean that your church would cover salary and benefits for a disability if your pastor was out for 6 months.  Does your church understand that you would take on this responsibility? Or have you purchased outside short-term disability coverage?  I understand that in Canada you can pay for short-term coverage also through the government. If your church would cover a short-term disability, would your coverage be at a % of salary for the 6 months? Do you have this documented before an incident occurs?

If your minister of the Word is a participant in the CRC Ministers' Pension Plan, long-term disability coverage is included with active participation in the Plan provided annual salary information is received.  Do you know what that coverage includes as the administration of the church? The highlights of the Canadian and US Plans are located on the pension page of the CRC website if you ever want to review the long-term disability income protection highlights.

Does your church provide long-term disability coverage for staff or your ministry associate in addition to the minister?  We want to be good stewards of caring for our staff and providing for needs in times of crisis.  This could be a good time to bring this up at church and review your coverage.

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