What's the best way to keep staff leadership and elected church leadership connected?


For those of you with a sizable staff, I'm wondering how you keep staff leadership connected to elected church leadership. Specifically, do you have staff members present at any of the church leadership meetings (council, elders, deacons)? If so, are they present for the whole meeting or just a part? Thanks!

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Hi Tony,
At Brookside we also have tried various things to connect staff and church leadership. Our Worship Planner has attended some elder meetings as a way to report and connect on worship. Our Youth Coordinator and Care Coordinator have regularly attended our elder meetings and deacons meetings also to report and participate on a regular basis as appropriate. We are currently considering aligning two of our staff positions with 1) the deacon role and 2) the elder role and therefore that staff person would always participate with that leadership group. Great question. Have other churches tried a different kind of leadership team? The goal of Brookside in their staffing is to work with our Reformed structure in a larger church setting.