Church Order Article 73


Church Order Article 73 (along with many others) was amended by Synod 2015. See Acts of Synod 2015 pp. 663-668 (available at the CRC website under Synod Resources). The amendments were proposed by a Study Committee appointed to study the offices of elders and deacons.

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You are making a statement of fact, but I do not see where you want to go with it. Can you clarify?

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I was just asked to tell someone when Art. 73 was amended.


Thanks for posting this, Henry. Appreciate that others on the site who search Article 73 will now be able to find this helpful information! 

Ben Oliveira sends his best. He misses you and your wife, Ina. He has a question, in 74 d, is the reasoning for the wording because there is a concern that elders and deacons would be circumvented? Or, is there another explanation?

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The best thing to do here is for Ben to read the Agenda of Synod 2015, the report on deacons and elders.  It has an explanation for all things being proposed and is a much more trustworthy source than the memory of a 71-year-old geyser.