Does the CRCNA use a system of "ratification" like other denominations?


I have observed that a number of denominations work with a system of “ratification” whereby a significant decision of the synod or general assembly must first be approved by the classes or regional assemblies before it is deemed to be in effect. Does the CRCNA have similar procedures?

This question is from a real-life situation to which Dr. Henry DeMoor has responded to based on his extensive knowledge of the Christian Reformed Church Order. The first answer given has been taken from the Christian Reformed Church Order Commentary written by Dr. DeMoor.

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No, it does not. Our rules seek to ensure that minor assemblies have sufficient time to consider important matters before synod meets and to present any viewpoints they may have by way of overture or communication. Any item in the printed Agenda for Synod is “fair game” in this respect. Once synod is constituted, of course, the minor assemblies are all present by way of delegation to make a final decision.