Director of Ministry to Children and Youth at Fresno, CA CRC


Fresno CRC is looking for a part- or full-time director of ministry to children and youth to lead our whole church in doing ministry for and with our growing cohort of children. 

The Director of Ministry to Children and Youth will serve Fresno CRC by equipping the whole church to minister to children and youth 

  •  nurturing their personal faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  •  nurturing their faithful participation in worship,
  •  preparing them to profess their faith publicly, and
  •  equipping them to assume their Christian responsibilities in the church and in the world.

The director is responsible for all aspects of ministry to children, unless the council directs otherwise.

Required qualifications

  1.  Believe that the Bible is the Word of God revealing Christ as the Son of God sent to redeem the world, love and trust him as the one who saves you from your sin, embrace him as Lord of your life in repentance and joy, and commit to lead and serve at Fresno CRC in a way that conforms with the doctrinal confessions of the Christian Reformed Church.
  2.  Possess a genuine love for Jesus Christ and his church, for children, and for parents.
  3.  Possess a genuine passion for reaching children and families that do not know Jesus Christ.
  4.  Be able to build relationships with and provide leadership to volunteer staff, working with various church groups, teams, and staff.

Minimum Education/Experience Required

  •  Experience directing church ministry to youth and children and/or have completed relevant post-secondary education.

Desired Personal Characteristics

  • Regularly engages in the spiritual practices of personal prayer, Bible reading, and weekly corporate worship.
  • Maintains a vital, maturing walk with God.
  • Models love, faithfulness, availability, teachability, and obedience.

General Duties and responsibilities
A. Children’s Activities: Coordinate, supervise, maintain records, and annually assess the vitality of the following children’s programs. Also recommend to the pastor and the elders curriculum and resources for ministry to children.

  1.  Children’s Worship, including supervising paid teacher(s).
  2.  Sunday School
  3.  Vacation Bible School
  4.  Cadets (collaboration with volunteer Cadet leaders)
  5.  For future development: GEMS (collaboration with volunteer Cadet leaders)
  6.  For future development: Youth Group

B. Other Activities: Coordinate with the organizers of the following church activities to incorporate children into the church’s whole ministry:

  1.  Worship
  2.  Neighborhood Service Projects
  3.  Evangelism
  4.  Fellowship Events

C. General Congregational Leadership: 

  1.  Recruit, train, and encourage teachers, leaders, and volunteers in children’s ministry, and incorporate the whole church into ministry to children by encouraging mentors to form and maintain discipling relationships with children. 
  2.  Follow the church’s Plan for Ministry to Children and Youth (2019), discuss with the pastor recommendations for adjusting this plan, and envision and discern ways to expand the children’s ministry.
  3.  Coordinate the church’s implementation and adherence to a Safe Church Policy.
  4.  Explore and evaluate the need for alternative ministry methods and support to ensure that children of all needs are being incorporated into worship and Fresno CRC programs. This would include families and children with specialized needs.

E. Other: If the position is to be full-time, other duties will be added to this job description in collaboration with the applicant based on the applicant’s gifts.

The Director of Ministry to Children and Youth will work in collaboration with and will be directly accountable to the pastor. The Director will also have a council liaison of his or her choice to which concerns can be reviewed and encouragement given. Performance reviews will be conducted no less frequently than annually by the pastor. 
Hours: part- or full- time

Pay: salary; negotiable; paid monthly  

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]. More information can be found below. 

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