Director of Youth and Family at Christ Community Church (Sheboygan, WI)


Christ Community Church in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is searching for a full-time Director of Youth and Family leader who is in love with the Lord, humble, Spirit-led, relates well to all generations, has a heart for prayer, and is eager to engage with the youth. This person must be ready to work hard and embrace our family just as we will welcome this person with open arms for what we expect will be many years of growing together. 

If this opportunity interests you, please email your resume to [email protected]

Director of Youth and Family

  1. Loves God
    1. Must be a disciple of Jesus and working to grow in relationship with him
    2. Demonstrates a servant heart, willing to put others first
  2. Loves God’s Word and can apply it in teaching, discipleship, youth and family ministry
    1. Can articulate and lead according to the Christian Reformed Doctrine. 
      1. Sign the Covenant for Officebearers in the Christian Reformed Church
    2. Teach a youth curriculum that aligns with what we believe
    3. Demonstrates to the youth and families how to live within a Christian Reformed worldview
    4. Engages in conversations with CCC (Christ Community Church) members that promote Scripture from a Christian Reformed point of view
    5. Willing to teach membership classes
  3. Becomes an active participant of CCC, attends regularly and engages in other worship elements
  4. Regularly meets with the youth
    1. Has a youth group night which encourages young people to critically engage culture from a Christian Reformed perspective
    2. A time in which the love of God is clearly the foundation
  5. Relatable and in relationship with the youth
    1. Is able to engage young people “where they are at” while walking with them and pointing them toward where God is calling them to be
    2. Maintain a social media presence
    3. Be at Christian School extra-curricular events
    4. Be an encourager
  6. Develop/Maintain relationships with the schools
    1. Willing to lead chapels.
  7. Organize youth and family events
    1. SERVE Trips 
    2. Camp Calvin
    3. Winter Retreat (Fort Wilderness)
    4. Vacation Bible School (VBS/Mega Sports Camp) 
    5. Develop and grow programs within the church
  8. Oversee and recruit volunteers per safe church policy
  9. Regularly meets with families and develops relationships with the whole family
    1. Encourages Biblical family dynamics
  10. Works well with the pastor, is under the supervision of the elders, and works alongside the Youth Team
    1. This position offers a great deal of creative freedom, but is ultimately overseen by the elders of the church, who have the final say
  11. Other
    1. Commit to developing and implementing a plan for ongoing professional education and spiritual growth that will serve to enhance effectiveness in our local ministry
    2. Must pass a background check
    3. Network with other youth leaders (“Therefore Go” youth groups)
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