Lead Pastor at The Journey, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


The Journey (www.myjourney.ca) has been blessed by the faithful and gifted ministry of staff throughout its history. We believe all in the church are gifted and called by Jesus to serve one another and be sent in mission, and also recognize the power of employing staff to dedicate their best energy to ministering to us and leading us in mission. Since January 2018, we have spent time listening to God and discerning who we are as a community and as individual children of God.

We are now ready to call a Lead Pastor whose primary focus is our communal discipleship—discerning where Jesus is asking us to go, identifying where we are, and steadily leading us to faithfully obey. This discernment comes not just from personal reflection but from the whole church, especially the Leadership Team. This leadership of obedience comes in many forms, from direct teaching to empowering others to lead. 

The Journey is exemplified by gifted individuals with active ministries in their contexts, along with experiences of shared ministry. We feel we’re a set of incredible ingredients just waiting for an inspired baker to combine into an amazing recipe. We’re looking for a pastor who values ministry outside church walls and equips us for it, while also finding more ways to combine us in shared ministry with each other.

What You’ll Do:

  • Steward our communal discipleship, discerning, challenging and encouraging
  • Lead our communal teaching, including but not limited to preaching
  • Join the life of our church, engaging in life-on-life with us
  • Mobilize us for ministry and mission by investing in leaders
  • Help us develop just enough structure and programs
  • Perform priestly functions, including weddings, funerals and baptisms

Who You Are:

  • Deeply in love with Jesus and actively being discipled by Him personally
  • More committed to seeking God’s kingdom beyond church walls than building our own kingdom
  • A mobilizer; an experienced leader who can grow and disciple other leaders
  • An equipper: an effective communicator and teacher
  • Ordained or commissioned in the CRC, or committed to pursuing either

Our Need:

We see several areas currently underserved that are important for our health and development:

  • Vision – Holding a picture of what we could be (where Jesus is calling us) and leading us consistently in that direction. This includes “up, in and out” -- how we move in greater love with Jesus, each other, and our neighbours.
  • Discipleship and leadership development – Bringing missional challenge and the support to move forward. 
  • Organizational development and mobilization – We’ve struggled throughout our history to balance centralized and decentralized ministry and mission. We seek a leader who will work with leaders and teams for growth throughout the Journey. 

Interested applicants are invited to contact us by February 29, 2020 at: [email protected].  

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