Worship & Graphic Arts Internship - Cottonwood Church in Jenison, MI


We are excited that you are interested in working with the worship ministry at Cottonwood church! The primary focus of this position is to assist the Worship Director with the number of tasks that are required to run, promote and grow the ministry at Cottonwood. You will take your primary direction from the Worship Director but will be counted on to assist and answer to the Church Administrator with other tasks that are required on a weekly basis. This is a part-time role and will be expected to work 12-16 hours per week. You can find detailed qualifications and responsibilities below.

If you have questions, or would like to apply, please go to our website below.


  • Must be a mature Christian who gives evidence of genuine commitment to Christ and his church.
  • Must possess a commitment to the vision of Cottonwood Church and have an enthusiasm and excitement about how the administrative processes at Cottonwood could grow the church and the kingdom.
  • Should model enthusiasm and excitement for the programs of Cottonwood.
  • Should be an effective communicator with good interpersonal and organizational skills accompanied by the ability to lead and motivate people.
  • Skills in marketing, advertising, communication and design elements.
  • Proficient with the Microsoft Office suite of products is required.
  • Adept at using various technologies that are useful in developing worship programs.
  • Knowledgeable on all available Social Media platforms that are in use today.
  • Must attend Cottonwood Church.


  • To partner with all the Cottonwood Staff and Program Leaders to ensure there is a healthy process in place to help support the vision, goals and ministry of Cottonwood Church.
  • To use the current technologies in place at Cottonwood to develop templates for sharing information during the worship services.
  • To develop brochures, pamphlets etc. for special events that occur on Sundays as well as during the week for special events.
  • To assist both the Worship Director and Church Administrator in creative development of content for our Website, Social Media communication.
  • Be the person for creating videos for professions of faith testimonies and weekly announcements that we can share on our YouTube channel, website, Facebook, etc. to keep our congregation informed on what is going on each week.
  • Creating and maintaining Webpages, Web Banners for events that are occurring at church.
  • Create mailers to send to the community for special outreach events i.e, VBS, Park Nights, and Summer Celebrations, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.
  • Do miscellaneous errands that are required on a weekly basis in the church office.
  • Must have Graphic Design knowledge and training.


  • Shall be responsible to the Worship Director and the Church Administrator
  • The term for this position will be 1 year with annual review for renewal
  • Shall provide a monthly status report to the Executive Committee.
  • Performance will be evaluated on an annual basis by the Executive Committee.
  • Shall attend all staff meetings.
  • Shall establish and maintain office hours in relationship to job responsibilities.


This is a part-time position and will be compensated appropriately based on experience, education and other factors.

There are no healthcare benefits provided with this position.

Reimbursable expenses will be paid upon completion of expense report with supporting receipts.

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