Using YouTube Video During Worship?



We are considering using (infrequently) some YouTube videos that have contemporary songs put to lyrics ... idea is to use them to help the congregation learn new songs with the words displayed on our video screen.

My questions are;

Are there any copyright/licensing considerations? Our church has CCLI, LicenSing, OneLicense, and CVLI licenses.

Thanks for your responses.

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Yes,  CVLI for most - you will have to double check to make sure that they are covered under that particular licence.  Since your church has the most popular blanket licences, you should be able to cover most of the songs.  

As a church music director, I would hesitate to use a YouTube video to introduce songs.  Having the praise team or choir learn the song is much more realistic.  Because you will never sound like the youtube video, unless you have the exact same people playing using the exact same instruments.