What is a good online tool to use for our annual time & talent questionnaire?


Our church has recently begun using online sign ups via email for various needs. www.signupgenius.com   We have had great success with this.  We are realizing that people are willing to commit to things when then have a calendar in front of them at home.  

We are in the process of gathing our information for our annual time and talent questionnaire  We believe that we will get more responses if we make this time & talent survey available online for people to fill out.  I've heard of www.surveymonkey.com, but I'm not sure if this is the right thing for us.

Has anyone used this type of thing before?  Have you had success?

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I've used a few different survey tools, and SurveyMonkey is a fine one. Not cheap, but also not terribly expensive if your church will use it a lot.

Another option is Google Forms. It's much more basic than something like SurveyMonkey, but it's also free. And their feature set is slowly improving. For example, they now have page routing based on response (i.e. if someone answers X, show them additional questions. If they answer Y, skip those additional questions). Check it out.

It all depends on your questionnaire and how complicated it is. If you're able to post a link to it, that'd be great to see what it looks like.

Anyone else with experience using SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, or other similar tools?

I have just found www.wufoo.com  I think this might be our answer.  Easy to set up a form and the back office looks like it is exportable into Excel.  I'll let you know how it goes.