Innovate: Coffee Break & Story Hour


What new ideas have your tried in your Coffee Break Ministry? Have you come up with a new way to recruit leaders? What fun craft ideas or activities have your used as an icebreaker or to build community? How have you adapted the study materials? How have you adapted the children's curriculum? 

We are collecting innovation! 

I googled innovation and found this definition: 

"in·no·va·tion (noun)

  • the action or process of innovating.
  • synonyms:change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis,breakthrough; More
  • a new method, idea, product, etc."

Please leave a comment below or email [email protected] to share YOUR innovation ideas! 

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Just wondering if there have been any thoughts on any of this? Most specifically story hour/little lambs...

though anything would be interesting really 


The Winter Coffee Break Newsletter will feature some innovations. You will find the articles on this Network site. Stay tuned. 

What kinds of new ideas are you hoping to hear about?

Well, I suppose I'm most interested in how people are approaching Story Hour/Little Lambs. We have all the curriculum, but I have a hard time really using more than a general outline because I tend to find it a bit dated. I was wondering if anyone had any different ideas or ways that they're incorporating the actual curriculum or if other people are doing something similar to the way I've been doing it. Also, how do other people recruit volunteers to help?

I guess I don't really have anything specific about Coffee Break itself, though I am interested in what people might do if groups start to get too big (and how many people leaders typically have in their groups) and the groups have existed for a while so people have become attached...